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News and Analysis (6/11/18)

Monday, June 11th, 2018

“The Palestinians in the Silwan neighborhood are threatened with eviction” but “Government lawyers admitted Sunday that a Justice Ministry unit failed to investigate significant issues before issuing a title deed for East Jerusalem land to a Jewish trust”:

Despite the fact that “Israeli occupation forces prevented Palestinian males under the age of 40 from entering Jerusalem from the occupied West Bank” and no Palestinians at all “from the besieged Gaza Strip … to travel to Al-Aqsa”:

“[T]hose who call on Palestinians to pursue solely ‘non-violent’ means to achieve their aims are in fact the same people undermining the very basis of Palestinian non-violent struggle, repeatedly refusing to endorse the academic and cultural boycott”:

“The date for the emergency meeting will be announced in a few days. It is expected to take place next week” and “would be similar to a previous draft resolution submitted by Kuwait on … to the UN Security Council and vetoed by the U.S.” on a vote of ten in favor and one against:

Attempts “to disassociate himself from hateful views” ring hollow from the co-author of a “document accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of plotting to “destroy Western civilization from within’” using such insidious tools as“interfaith ‘dialogue’” and the First Amendment:

“The world has visited many terrible things on the Palestinians, none more shameful than robbing them of their basic humanity” …

… Jason Rezaian denies that his interview with Bourdain had any connection with the arrest of him and his wife, saying, “I think our appearance there … raised awareness in a different kind of way that nothing else could have”:

Trump withdrew from the G7 statement “which also called for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, came at the end of a two-day summit in Canada that was dominated by a trade dispute between Trump and the other world leaders” …

… without JCPOA, what’s to stop North Korea from sharing nuclear technology with Iran? What will induce Iran to join the UN Terrorism Financing Convention? …

… and with a newfound friendship between Trump and Kim Jong Un, what will distract administration hawks from pursuing war with Iran?

One player “faked an injury at sundown and as he lay on the pitch receiving treatment, his teammates were able to dash to the sidelines to drink water and snack on dates” but “Muslims who are traveling are permitted by Islamic law ‘to postpone their fasting’ until they return home”:


New and Analysis (6/9/18)

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Instead of inviting American Muslim community leaders the White House hosted “a number of Middle Eastern diplomats and senior officials, including representatives from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, [and] one American Muslim military chaplain”:

“Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinians, including one child, and injured 618 others, including five journalists, 26 children and 14 women, and added that 117 of the wounded were shot with live fire, among them eight who suffer very serious injuries” …

… and a bill calling for Israel “to be defined as a state of all its citizens” is so threatening to Israel’s apartheid essence “that Israeli lawmakers could not even allow it to be discussed in the full Knesset session” …

… In contrast to Israel’s efforts to drive out it’s Muslim and Christian populace, “homes of Jews (those not destroyed during the war anyway) are held by the Syrian government for their owners and their families in perpetuity hopeful that the Jews of Syria will return”:

“The benevolent TV host’s … work with Palestinians on a visit to the holy land in 2013 can be termed as highlight of his career where he ‘humanised’ the oppressed community for once in front of the American audience”:

“MLI was the opposite of a grassroots initiative: a program hosted and fully funded by an organization deeply embedded in the State, whose leadership, till today, continues to normalize the Occupation and conflate Islam and terror”:

Arab states that believe in regime change are dupes of an Israeli policy that knows, as a “former top Mossad official” Haim Tomer puts it, that “it is better to have the Iranians fighting among themselves,” just as Israel prefers Muslim states to fight among themselves:

Group threat theory posits that when majority groups feel threatened by “minority groups based on observation of a small group of deviants among them …[, m]inority groups … often feel threatened in turn because they view this prejudice as irrational or unjustified”:

“Stewart’s payment to Nehlen … came before Nehlen began openly making anti-Semitic statements but well after Nehlen had begun making viciously anti-Muslim comments and promoting fringe conspiracy theories”:

“[E]fforts to censor criticism of the Israeli government and advocacy for Palestinian rights do a disservice to the real problem of anti-Semitism in the United States”:

Trump’s welsh on the Iran deal means a weakened U.S. position in the region, hardships for American industry, driving India and China closer to Iran, more oppression in Saudi, increasing threats of greater nuclear proliferation, and even creates embarrassment on the soccer field …

… and drives Trump himself deeper into a fantasy world:

News and Analysis (6/6/18)

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

The Supreme Court’s decision is too narrow to forecast future decisions on line between invidious discrimination and freedom of religion and speech, yet it has obvious implications for the Muslim ban:

Solving the crisis in Jordan will require both new elections and (re)establishing relations with Qatar, Turkey and Iran:

“Past experience shows that economic pressure does change societies—but it mostly facilitates hardliners. Iran’s regime may be next”:

Netanyahu is willing to start a war with Iran not only without the support of Western allies, but even without a declaration of war by the security cabinet, in contravention of Israeli law …

… but the Netanyahu-Trump strategy risks realignment of world powers in a way that benefits nether Israel nor the U.S.:

Episode 7 of season 10 in which Roseanne’s Muslim neighbors’ house is blown up (not by their fertilizer) and they are deported was among the casualties of Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet:

“The inequality at many Johannesburg and Durban mosques has outraged some Muslim women‚ who say that not only is there a culture of patriarchy and sexism in the mosques but the conduct is against the teachings of the Qur’an” …

… while in the U.S. “Qal’bu Maryam — Arabic for ‘Maryam’s heart’ … represents a stark departure from orthodox Muslim tradition, welcoming LGBTQ congregants, allowing women to lead prayers and deliver sermons (called khutbahs), and encouraging all genders to pray shoulder to shoulder”:

EIB’s decision not to do business in Iran would be a victory for Trump were it not for the fact that EIB has never done business in Iran in the first place:

Resolutions for “prayerful, thoughtful and respectful engagement” by the Episcopal Church  include a push for BDS and a call for greater attention to the plight of Palestinian children including those being tried in Israeli military courts“:

News and Analysis (6/4/18)

Monday, June 4th, 2018

As the Israeli murder of Gazans widens to include medical personnel …

… Selling Israeli dates to Muslims to break their fast combines insult and injury; a customer defies French law to tell a store manager that “Israelis shoot Palestinians like rabbits. I don’t want to fund Israeli killing or Israeli occupation”:

Protests against dealing with inflation due to corruption with 5% plus tax increases on employees and 20-40% on companies challenge notions that the brutal crackdowns and bloody conflicts in the Middle East “have cowed the region’s public into accepting autocratic rule”:

Nothing in Malaysia’s constitution nor Islamic law prohibits non-Muslim ministers. The AG is not “involved in syariah proceedings” and Malaysia has already had three non-Malay-Muslim AG’s (serving for eleven of the nineteen years in the period from 1955-1974) :

Ironic justice: ways in which Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran agreement continues to strengthen  the Islamic state domestically and internationally while hurting interests of America and its allies…

… “It remains to be seen whether the U.S. withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, which can already be linked to an escalating proxy war in Syria, may also see a resumption of the shadowy covert war between Israel and Iran” …

… for Israel cannot count on NATO to side with it if a hot war erupts:

Zionist demonstrated their contempt for the U.N. partition plan by expelling 95% of the population of  Jaffa in attacks which the U.N. High Commissioner found to be ““indiscriminate and designed to create panic amongst civilian inhabitants. It was not a Military operation”:

The objection that upon reaching puberty “an adopted son cannot live in the same house as the mother or a biological daughter” is very weak since there is no reason that adult adopted children couldn’t enjoy the same accommodations afforded to live-in domestic help:

News and Analysis (6/2/18)

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

Maintaining its decades-long occupation depends on systematic suppression of dissent on both sides of the boundary fences. … Israel also tries to bully foreign nationals who document and monitor its human rights record. … In recent weeks, Israel has also denied entry to four leading American civil rights activists” …

… meanwhile Nikki Haley continues to serve as apologist for Israeli atrocities, vetoing a resolution to protect Palestinians while being the only vote in favor of a U.S.-drafted resolution blaming Hamas for the Israeli violence inflicted on Gaza:

“Regime change in Iran would bring a host of consequences, many of them unknowable, but almost all of them negative for America and the region. There is one outcome we can be sure of, however: Occupying Iran would be the death of America’s all-volunteer military and necessitate a return to a draft” …

… “Israel planned to bomb Iran and initiate an all-out conflict in the Middle East, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former head of intelligence, who said he believed the move may have been illegal” …

… but “Congress sent a message loud and clear to Trump: you do not have legal authorization to start a war with Iran … [and] amended the defense bill to state clearly that “the use of the Armed Forces against Iran is not authorized by this Act or any other Act”:

“One Western consultant, who was not involved in the project but who viewed SCL’s report, referred to the firm’s finding as ‘Machiavellian,’ calling it a manual for the royals to manage popular sentiment by figuring out where they should loosen their grip”:

“Malaysia should not be too close to a country whose internal politics are getting toxic…. Saudi Arabia is governed by hyper-orthodox Salafi or Wahhabi ideology, where Islam is taken in a literal form. Yet true Islam requires understanding Islam, not merely in its Quranic form, but Quranic spirit” — Defense Minister Mohamad (Mat) Sabu:

Fred “Fleitz was one of more than a dozen authors of a 2015 report from the Center for Security Policy that called for, among other things, using ‘shariah-adherent advocacy and practices as legal premises for deportation and stripping of American citizenship'”:

“[B]oth countries are subjecting education to the partisan political views of a government at the expense of an independent scholarly approach that ensures that students are exposed to the perspectives of all stakeholders or parties to a conflict”:

They were accused of being friendly with terrorists until “they showed up at the memorial wearing poppies.” Afterward, “the Residents Association went out of its way to disassociate itself from [the] antics” of racists and Islamophobes, and finally 700 “non-Muslims showed up at the mosque’s opening day, some of them bearing gifts”:

“Any move to downgrade the autonomy of the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem … could have potent symbolic resonance, suggesting American recognition of Israeli control over east Jerusalem and the West Bank. And while the change might be technical and bureaucratic, it could have potentially significant policy implications”:

“One senior European diplomat … said the U.S. withdrawal risked triggering a proliferation problem because its sanctions may halt work on Arak and Fordow. ‘It may force the interruption of the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear sites. It’s completely absurd,’ the diplomat said”: