News and Analysis (7/29/13)

Has Egypt found its new pharaoh? …

… “Several thousand supporters of Egypt’s ousted Islamist president began marching on a military facility in Cairo on Monday in defiance of an army warning to stay away, risking a new confrontation after dozens were shot dead at the weekend” …

… and “President Adly Mansour has authorised his PM to grant the army powers to arrest civilians … [which] some people see … as an ominous sign – a prelude to a crackdown on the protest camp around the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque”:

“[P]rotesters set on fire two buildings – one belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and another to the” Justice and Construction Party,  the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing:

“Muslim-American civil rights groups are criticizing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for vetoing a bill … passed the bill June 27 as a check against controversial NYPD policies that critics say violate the civil rights of Muslim and other minority New Yorkers”:

Sisters in Islam’s concern that a fatwa on the participation of Muslim women “in the Miss Malaysia World 2013 beauty pageant” exemplified “by Islamic officials here beyond the faith’s intent” when the nonbinding legal opinion “was gazetted as law, making it an offence punishable with a three-year jail term” and/or a $932 fine:

“This is the silliest directive ever! Somehow I don’t think the world have to stop just because we’re fasting. Fasting in Ramadhan is an awesome time between me and my beautiful God. It has nothing to do with non-Muslims eating in restaurants? Sorry MUIB! This is a #fail. Lets stay positive and be a more tolerant society!”:

Fox News feels no need to explain the train of Christians, Jews, and atheists it has paraded to explain Islam over the years, but when the a scholar with “a PhD in the sociology of religion from UCSB and a masters in theological studies from Harvard” writes a book on Jesus, they make his Muslim identity the focus of the discussion:

“We are not all alike. One cannot blame an entire nation for crimes committed by individuals. Also, her destiny is similar to mine” – Almir Salihovic, a Bosnian Muslim massacre survivor married to Dusica, a Croatian Serb:z

“Liberals and candidates from some of Kuwait’s more marginalized tribes have won seats in a parliament which may prove more cooperative with the ruling family after opposition Islamists and populists boycotted the election”:

“Prominent conservative lawmaker Ali Motahari recently said that this June’s presidential election brought national reconciliation and … that Mousavi and Karroubi be freed. Hardliners have repeatedly called for the execution of the two leaders but Khamenei’s remarks suggest that Iran’s ruling system has softened its stance”:








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