Month: September 2012

  • News and Analysis (9/28/12)

    In Libya and Tunisia, crackdowns are planned those who would attack embassies; in America, of course we would never attack a diplomat–OOPS: ‘Run Away, You Scared S**t!’: Iranian Diplomat Chased Through Streets of New York After Being Confronted by Angry Mob (Daily Mail) California con men aren’t the only ones making fun of Islam, as Saudis […]

  • News and Analysis (9/26/12)

    “Siemens said its nuclear division had done no business with Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, suggesting that the Iranians, who are prohibited from buying nuclear equipment under United Nations sanctions, bought the booby-trapped equipment from third parties”: Iran Reveals More About What It Calls Foreign Sabotage (NY Times) “In view of [developments in Syria], I […]

  • News and Analysis (9/25/12)

    “It’s a catastrophic intelligence loss…. We got our eyes poked out.” The “consulate” in which Chris Stevens died turns out to have been just one building a compound from which the CIA was conducting covert operations targeting groups that included Ansar al Sharia which launched the attack against the  compound: Deadly Attack in Libya Was Major Blow to […]

  • News and Analysis (9/23/12)

    Morsi “said Washington earned ill will in the region in the past by backing dictators and taking “a very clear” biased approach against the Palestinians and for Israel. Successive American administrations essentially purchased with American taxpayer money the dislike, if not the hatred, of the peoples of the region’: Egypt’s President Wants More Independence from US […]

  • News and Analysis (9/20/12)

    Does  this mean we shall soon see signs onNYC transit saying “In any war between the civilized man and racists, support the civilized man. Support Palestinians Defeat Apartheid”? Or is freedom of speech only for bigots? Pro-Israel ‘Defeat Jihad’ Ads to Hit New York Subway (BBC) Cindy Garcia’s plea was rejected “in part because the man […]

  • News and Analysis (9/19/12)

    Do the Feds offer phony fatwas to radicalize American Muslim youth? According to the complaint “federal agents invented a foreign Imam who gave the bombing his blessing after Daoud’s own Imam at the Islamic Foundation and a second Imam told him ‘that type of rhetoric was improper and not consistent with Islamic belief’”: Defense: Teen […]

  • News and Analysis (9/18/12)

    Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and others initiated the lawsuit out concern that the “statute that authorizes indefinite military detention for people deemed to have ‘substantially supported’ al Qaeda, the Taliban or ‘associated forces’ would adversely affect their First Amendment rights: Government Wins Temporary Freeze of Military Detention Order (Reuters) “[T]he prosecutor’s decision to take legal […]

  • Statements to the Dundalk Eagle on the Recent Events in Libya

    Asked by the Dundalk Eagle for statements on the recent events in Libya, I offered the following: “It is a tragedy not only for America, but for the Muslim world that a man with the stature and record of constructive diplomacy of Chris Stevens was the victim of this terrorist attack. “Attacks on embassies ar […]

  • News and Analysis (9/16/12)

    Robin Wright says Chris Stevens “was less an advocate of U.S influence than of U.S. enabling” and “would almost certainly have urged his bosses to hold off on extraterritorial intervention” in Libya:   What Chris Stevens Would Want Us to Do in Libya (Washington Post) The cause of the death of the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris […]

  • News and Analysis (9/14/12)

    The tragic death of an outstanding American diplomat and the accompanying loss of sensitive information  … Revealed: Inside Story of US Envoy’s Assassination (Independent) … in a “lightly-guarded consulate in a quiet residential area” was more a consequence of the administration’s  failure to understand that not everyone in Libya welcomed foreign military intervention than a riot […]

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