Month: April 2022

  • News and Analysis 4/30/22

    As the Eid approaches, The IDF and the settlers continue their reign of violence: Israeli Forces Raid Al-Aqsa Mosque, over 40 Palestinians Injured (Aljazeera) Deadly West Bank Attacks Follow Israeli Raid on Al-Aqsa (Aljazeera) Israeli Forces Raid Homes, Detain Seven Palestinians in Salfit, Attack Residents (WAFA) Despite the absurdity of the excuse that the beach […]

  • News and Analysis 4/27/22

    “Israel has had six months to substantiate its accusations and it has failed to deliver”: Israel/Palestine: UN Experts Call on Governments to Resume Funding for Six Palestinian CSOs Designated by Israel as ‘Terrorist Organisations’ (UN) Why should Muslim and Christian Dalits be denied constitutional protection granted to Buddhist and Sikh dalits? The Case for Extending […]

  • News and Analysis 4/24/22

    In a rare change of pace the AP covers a 19-year-old’s death at the hands of the Israeli bureaucracy, but neglects to mention that her tragedy is just one of thousands: Associated Press Caught Whitewashing a Palestinian Toddler’s Death (Israel-Palestine News) Implying that raping Muslim women is a religious obligation, Das told the media “I […]

  • News and Analysis 4/22/22

    “Police also fired rubber bullets from a close range at a group of journalists documenting the clashes, the witnesses said,” shooting one photographer “in the throat”: Al-Aqsa: At Least 75 Palestinians Injured as Israel Storms Mosque (New Arab) In France, “laicité” poses the greatest threat to “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”: A Vitriolic Election Campaign Marked by […]

  • News and Analysis 4/19/22

    As many predicted, the Israeli attacks on Muslim worshippers has provoked a rocket attack from Gaza which has given Israel an excuse to pound Gaza with airstrikes: Confrontation in Gaza: New Missile Attacks from Israel on Palestine (as) The State Investigation Agency has threatened the author of a 2011 opinion piece favoring Kashmiri independence with […]

  • News and Analysis 4/16/22

    Is Israel seeking to provoke another war on Gaza, as it did last year? Raid on Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque Raises Fear of New Conflict (Aljazeera / MSN) Israel Killed Five Times as Many Palestinians in 2022 than It Killed in the Same Period in 2021 (Reliefweb) Hussain “plans on implementing the Marrakesh Declaration, which … […]

  • News and Analysis 4/13/22

    “[T]he reclusive Taliban leader, who carries the religious title of ‘Commander of the Faithful,’ has ignored repeated calls — even from many Afghan Islamic clerics — to reconsider his decision”: Muslim Scholars, Activists: Taliban Ban on Girls’ Education Not Justified (VoA) “Three years after trade was halted across the ‘Line of Control’ between India and […]

  • News and Analysis 4/11/22

    It is not the imams, but “the administrators and executive leadership, all of them male, that created obstacles and were the most resistant to change”: Despite No Lockdown, Muslim Women Continue to Be Locked Out from Mosques this Ramadan (New Arab) The unarmed widowed mother of six was among those killed in the wake of […]

  • News and Analysis 4/9/22

    Human Rights Watch says Kuwait’s deportation of the Muslim Brotherhood members Egypt has  branded as “terrorists” was a violation of “Kuwait’s obligations under international law”: Egypt: Imprisonments for 14 Muslim Brotherhood Leaders (Middle East Monitor) According to media reports, “police officials present at the site did not intervene to” stop the assault: Carts Overturned, Muslim […]

  • News and Analysis 4/6/22

    In Israel, journalism is a crime: Israel Charges Palestinian Journalists with Incitement — for Doing Their Jobs (The Intercept) As Iran increases its cooperation with IAEA,  the U.S. and Israel must decide whether they more concerned about preventing an Iranian nuke or punishing Iranians: Iran Moves Machines for Making Centrifuge Parts to Natanz -UN Nuclear […]

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