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News and Analysis 4/30/22

Saturday, April 30th, 2022

As the Eid approaches, The IDF and the settlers continue their reign of violence:

Despite the absurdity of the excuse that the beach was exclusively used by militants, the Court refuses investigation into the death of pre-teens playing football:

Ahmad and his friends refuse to allow the Israeli wall prevent their religious observance:

A women’s group is demanding that “demanded that the photos be replaced by the use of biometric information, such as fingerprints”:

The complaint alleging “war crimes against journalists … could lead to a formal investigation and prosecution”:

“Israel remains America’s favorite first amendment blindspot” — The Harvard Crimson Editorial Board …

… and Germany’s re-entry point to suppression of speech

A mosque that “appeals to women who are dissatisfied with mainstream American mosques and eager to take on more central roles in their religious development”:

Iran blames the move on “the lack of attention shown by the International Atomic Energy Agency for Israeli ‘vicious operations’ against Iran’s nuclear facilities”:

News and Analysis 4/27/22

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

“Israel has had six months to substantiate its accusations and it has failed to deliver”:

Why should Muslim and Christian Dalits be denied constitutional protection granted to Buddhist and Sikh dalits?

His complains that “in the absence of any member of his family or a lawyer” the boy is sleepless from “long interrogation after midnight”:

“Nearly three-quarters of registered Muslim Americans voted in 2020, according to a new report”:

The dossier “reminded her of growing up in East Germany (GDR) before the fall of the Berlin Wall during which both she and her mother were interrogated”:

“There are currently 579 Palestinians in administrative detention”:

“She’s keeping the peace while keeping her faith, stripping away stereotypes, hoping her story will help us all understand what we’ve never seen a little better”:

“The emerging patchwork of laws and policies codifying the IHRA definition may produce a second dispossession—of the right to speak about Israel’s violence at all”:

“Boxing fans see Tina Rahimi in her hijab and assume she’s an easybeat. It’s proving a dangerous assumption”:

News and Analysis 4/24/22

Sunday, April 24th, 2022

In a rare change of pace the AP covers a 19-year-old’s death at the hands of the Israeli bureaucracy, but neglects to mention that her tragedy is just one of thousands:

Implying that raping Muslim women is a religious obligation, Das told the media “I have no guilt for what I said”:

A feminist social activist and educational reformer has become a Muslim and founded the Women’s Liberation Party to “break … stereotypes and change the status of women in Tamil Nadu”:

As one man repeatedly hurled “racially abusive terms” at the English frontline paramedic, no one in the workplace objected and “others joined in”:

Notwithstanding communal clashes, there are Indian Muslims using Ramadan as a time to help their Hindu neighbors:

Another sign of deteriorating Iranian-Taliban relations:

Israeli violence continues:

News and Analysis 4/22/22

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

“Police also fired rubber bullets from a close range at a group of journalists documenting the clashes, the witnesses said,” shooting one photographer “in the throat”:

In France, “laicité” poses the greatest threat to “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”:

An organizer pushed back on the attempt to conflate the anti-apartheid event with antisemitism by pointing out their Jewish members and Jewish speakers”:

“Authorities have defended the demolitions by … claiming the [destroyed] houses and shops were built illegally on public land. But [victims] say only Muslim homes have been targeted”:

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor warns that Deutsche Welle’s firing of Muslim journalists “will only open the door wide to spreading the purge throughout Germany’s media:

India, which occupies more of Jammu and Kashmir than Pakistan, dares to call Omar’s visit to the Pakistani part a violation of India’s “territorial integrity and sovereignty”:

The U.N. Special Rapporteur says there is no comparable situation in the world today:

“The Holy Quran has over 1,100 verses touching upon the creation of the universe, the alignment of the stars and other [astronomical] ideas”:

There is “a shift in the dynamics of militancy in the West Bank, as armed factions play less of a role and individual grievances trump ideology”:

News and Analysis 4/19/22

Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

As many predicted, the Israeli attacks on Muslim worshippers has provoked a rocket attack from Gaza which has given Israel an excuse to pound Gaza with airstrikes:

The State Investigation Agency has threatened the author of a 2011 opinion piece favoring Kashmiri independence with “up to seven years imprisonment”:

“The United States has cautioned that it would step up pressure on countries that fail to sanction Russia but has yet to single out Israel”:

Such rulings are rare in a land where “judges and courts have often delayed decisions in lynching cases out of fear of retribution”:

An RSS supporter declaims, “They are only leaving the villages right now, there will soon be a day when they leave the nation. … We will now kill them”:

One scene in the new movie “offers a philosophical dialogue of rare and giddy delight—about law and obedience and their effect on the inner life”:

“Besides the spiritual deprivation, the closure severely dented the country’s gross domestic product and pinched traders … who depended on the pilgrims”:

Prisoners include 530 held without charge or trial, 160 children, 32 women, 549 serving life sentences, and 499 are serving a sentence exceeding 20 years”:

“Any use of subsidized electricity intended for households, industrial, agricultural, and commercial subscribers for mining cryptocurrency is prohibited”:

News and Analysis 4/16/22

Saturday, April 16th, 2022

Is Israel seeking to provoke another war on Gaza, as it did last year?

Hussain “plans on implementing the Marrakesh Declaration, which … includes seeking to end the use of blasphemy laws, apostasy laws”:

The BJP has adopted the Israeli tactic of punishing the families of individuals accused of throwing stones:

A truce and the resignation of Yemen’s “remote and ineffective president” provide cautious cause for hope:

A 14 year old boy and a blind mother of six are among the victims of Israeli raids:

“Trump officials regularly shielded bin Salman and others from justifiable condemnation for their involvement in the Khashoggi murder and the destructive war in Yemen, despite bipartisan rebuke over both”:

The site of “the ancient city of Anthedon, Gaza’s first known seaport, inhabited from 800 BCE to 1100 CE … features Greek, Roman, Hellenistic, Byzantine, and early Islamic building and antiquities”:

“With another runoff between Macron and Le Pen looming, France’s obsession with Islam continues to disenfranchise voters and undermine the true separation of church and state”:

Renowned for his “work on civil society, nationalism, authoritarianism, and democracy,” Bishara has written a “paradigm-shifting … new book … pumps fresh blood into the history-political literature on Palestine“:

News and Analysis 4/13/22

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

“[T]he reclusive Taliban leader, who carries the religious title of ‘Commander of the Faithful,’ has ignored repeated calls — even from many Afghan Islamic clerics — to reconsider his decision”:

“Three years after trade was halted across the ‘Line of Control’ between India and Pakistan-administered Kashmir, the impact is being felt by thousands of villagers in remote areas who had depended on free trade”:

The core issues have been resolved, but Biden prefers to let Iran go nuclear rather than abandoning a peripheral Trump policy:

Critics of the American invasion of Iraq warned that it would lead to Iran “extending its influence over Baghdad.” A award-winning Lebanese journalist’s new book explains precisely how this came to pass:

A Palestinian from Jerusalem finds himself “living in a surveillance society, not that different from the dystopian science fiction books and films” …

.. while the Israel continues its frequently fatal rampage of violence:

Feminism “struggles for a woman’s right to be whatever she wants, but if she decides to be Muslim and wears her (Islamic) garments, she’s put aside and oppressed by those (feminist) women”:

“[P]olicemen severely thrashed the women present in the house and took all the valuables. There were no male members present at that time”:

The National Commission of Women sought the priest’s arrest after his his arrest “after he made his shocking threats at a religious procession in presence of the police”:

“The CRA alleges that MAC activities, such religious Eid celebrations, are not religious but rather social. Imagine an audit concluding that a Christian charity could not hold a Christmas party”:

News and Analysis 4/11/22

Monday, April 11th, 2022

It is not the imams, but “the administrators and executive leadership, all of them male, that created obstacles and were the most resistant to change”:

The unarmed widowed mother of six was among those killed in the wake of Bennett’s grant of “full freedom of action” to the IDF …

… provoking a Palestinian general strike:

Imran Khan’s ploy to avoid a no-confidence vote failed, but he is already planning a comeback:

The double standard of suspending Russia raises questions about other human rights violators on the HRC; not just China, but the UAE, and Saudi Arabia:

A seven year old video of the Islamic State teaching children how to use weapons is falsely used as evidence that Indian madrassas are recruiting children for a rebellion:

Israel accuses Palestinians of vandalizing a tomb in which some believe the prophet Yusuf (Joseph) is buried:

Wallajah “serves as a pointed example of how decades of war, diplomatic agreements, Israeli settlement-building, laws and regulations have carved up the West Bank and whittled away at territory under Palestinian control”:

News and Analysis 4/9/22

Saturday, April 9th, 2022

Human Rights Watch says Kuwait’s deportation of the Muslim Brotherhood members Egypt has  branded as “terrorists” was a violation of “Kuwait’s obligations under international law”:

According to media reports, “police officials present at the site did not intervene to” stop the assault:

The Badi Sangat Ashram priest bragged that for each Hindu girl “duped” into “love jihad” he would “abduct [ten Muslim girls] in broad daylight”:

“Everyone was saying we support you and they are holding their signs of support and encouragement. I could have cried at the protest, it was just so much” — Muslim girl whose teacher called her a liar for claiming that she needed to pray at a certain time:

Investigators say that dozens of apps including Al-Moazin and Qibla Compass used “the most privacy-invasive software development kit they had seen in six years of examining mobile apps”:

“To truly achieve equity, we must meet the needs of our diverse population and also respect their major holidays” — Gwinnett school board chair Tarece Johnson:

The Charter of Makkah, “written, studied, edited and approved by over a thousand Muslim scholars from almost every sect of Islam” expresses “pan-Islamic … principles which support and promote anti-extremism, religious and cultural diversity”:

News and Analysis 4/6/22

Wednesday, April 6th, 2022

In Israel, journalism is a crime:

As Iran increases its cooperation with IAEA,  the U.S. and Israel must decide whether they more concerned about preventing an Iranian nuke or punishing Iranians:

McGill University accelerates its repression of student speech by threatening to terminate the status of a student group that opposes Israeli apartheid:

The order to allow fasters to leave work an hour early was withdrawn “after objections from the civic agency’s vice-chairman and BJP leader Satish Upadhyay who told officials that the relaxation on grounds of religion was ‘unsecular'”:

Last year, Israeli soldiers stormed the Aqsa, kicking out worshipers, throwing tear gas, and committing acts of violence; these events at the Aqsa during Ramadan led to a violent war in Gaza”:

How symbol of pious modesty has “been coopted into a political symbol”:

“The move ‘intends to prevent Ghaith from being in touch with Palestinian officials’, the Palestinian Wafa news agency said”:

Zelensky says that an “[a]bsolutely liberal, European” Ukraine has become impossible, and that he will “will not be surprised if we have representatives of the Armed Forces or the National Guard in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons” :