Month: December 2008

  • News and Analysis (12/31/08)

    Olmert vows to continue warfare until “all goals are achieved” claiming, “Israel has restrained for years and given plenty of chances for a calm”: Israel Rejects Gaza Ceasefire (Guardian) We say Obama’s apologetic for Israel is worse than silence: Obama’s Gaza Silence Condemned (Al Jazeera) Israeli action polarizes Muslim communities, challenging alliances and further hindering […]

  • News and Analysis (12/30/08)

    With children among the victims, Israel defends its “kill them all” policy with the argument that “everything is connected and everything supports terrorism against Israel,” ignoring the fact that “the original, legal owners of the Israeli land on which Hamas rockets are detonating live in Gaza,” and boasting the bloodshed is only the first of […]

  • News and Analysis (12/29/08)

    Humanitarian crisis rapidly deteriorating: Food and Medical Supplies Grow Scarce in the Gaza Strip (Washington Post) Rather than his promise for change, Obama’s policy quickly resembling that of the Bush Administration: Obama Defers to Bush, for Now, on Gaza Crisis (NY Times) Israeli strategy hopes to avoid empowering Hamas in the way they empowered Hezbollah […]

  • The Tragedy in Gaza

    Israel claims that it has learned from its 2006 disaster in Lebanon, but I suspect that any lessons it learned were tactical rather than ethical. Today I was interviewed by Radio Free Europe on the crisis in Gaza. The interview centered on three basic questions: the nature of the American reaction, whether the Israeli attacks […]

  • News and Analysis (12/27-28/08)

    Single day casualties match those during the first intifada; Israeli destruction includes a Mosque they describe as a “base for terrorist activities” …: Israeli Warplanes Pound Gaza (Washington Post) …However, its “excessive use of force” is not likely to have positive consequences for Israel … Arabs Throughout Middle East Protest Israel Airstrikes on Gaza (LA […]

  • News and Analysis (12/26/08)

    Escapees are suspected of having al-Qaeda links amid escalating violence, a PM’s cancellation of a trip to Iran, and political turmoil: Iraq Militants Escape Jail, at Least 14 Dead (Reuters) Iraqi Prime Minister Cancels Iran Trip; Attack in Mosul Kills U.S. Soldier (Washington Post) Iraq Unsettled by Political Power Plays (NY Times) “[E]ven as it […]

  • News and Analysis (12/25/08)

    PA deference to Israel brings a 2% growth rate due to tourism … Calm brings record tourism to Bethlehem (Christian Science Monitor) Bethlehem Enjoys A Festive Christmas (Washington Post) … while Gaza resistance is met with more death: Gaza Strike Dims Truce Hopes  (al-Jazeera) Egypt Says Israel-Gaza Truce Unlikely with Escalation (Reuters) Nato’s war on […]

  • News and Analysis (12/24/08)

    A parting shot from Bush that not only demonstrates a double standard in the treatment of Muslims and Jews, but insults both the Muslim and Christian victims of Charlie Winters’ violation of the Neutrality Act: Jailed for Aiding Israel, but Pardoned by Bush (Washington Post) No sign of peace in Holy Land: Gaza Rocket Fire […]

  • News and Analysis (12/23/08)

    After fighting in an illegal war, some people would rather die than sell others on taking their place: 4 Recruiter Suicides Lead to Army Probe (AP / International Herald Tribune) “It seems like these guys under normal circumstances weren’t going to do anything until a government informant initiates contact with them and incites them” — […]

  • News and Analysis (12/22/08)

    Police say “publishing statements, writing letters to international organizations and holding news conferences” are illegal activities, but human rights center officials say it is the shutdown that is illegal: Iran Shuts Down Rights Center (Washington Post) Jamaat-ud-Dawa is defended as “saviour” by some Pakistani Hindus — but some demonstrators came to protest high prices: Hindus […]

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