Month: March 2012

  • News and Analysis (3/31/12)

    As Israel violently suppresses peaceful demonstrations protesting Israel’s discriminatory land policy observed over the past 36 years … Gaza Man Killed by Soldiers as Thousands Protest Israel Policy (Christian Science Monitor) .. Danny Ayelon, sounding like Bashar al-Assad, defends state lethal repression by calling annual Land Day demonstrations  “political terrorism”: Israeli Deputy FM: Arab Demos ‘Diplomatic […]

  • News and Analysis (3/29/12)

    “This important historical, cultural and religious site has witnessed a terrible offense, which appears to be continuing as Israeli Antiquities Authority excavations persist. Rabbi Hier must realize the grave precedent he is setting by building in a historic Muslim cemetery, and agree to a different location in the interest of mutual respect and tolerance in […]

  • News and Analysis (3/28/12)

    Though the federal government says [that the FBI spying and recruitment] … efforts are completely separate, civil rights lawyers and some Muslims have complained that the FBI uses one to accomplish the other”: FBI Faulted for Muslim Files (AP / Philadelphia Inquirer) The Wall Street Journal refused to publish a letter from a Christian group […]

  • News and Analysis (3/26/12)

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s complaints about the military should not be over-interpreted; they are well aware that for the time being they will continue to rule only as long as the military allows them to do so: Muslim Brotherhood’s Row with Military Just Spat for Now (LA Times) Noting that today it has become common for […]

  • News and Analysis (3/25/12)

    Her husband came to the U.S. to help the army “U.S. Army, serving as cultural advisers to train soldiers who were going to be deployed to the Middle East” and now she has been beaten to do death by someone who left a note telling her to go back to her own country: Muslim Woman […]

  • News and Analysis (3/23/12)

    The Muslim targets are the canaries in the coal mine; “in the name of fighting terrorism, law enforcement agencies around the country have scrutinized groups that legally oppose government policies” … Documents Show NYPD Infiltrated Liberal Groups, Monitoring Organizers and Protests (AP / Washington Post) … and it’s getting worse. “The U.S. intelligence community will […]

  • News and Analysis (3/22/2012)

    Some three-fourths of the Arab respondents to an opinion poll reportedly believe the Turkish political system would be “a right model” for the “new Arab states” to emulate. The “Saudi model” barely polled in the double digits, although it is still ahead of the U.S. model: Surprising Arab Views of the “Turkish Model” (Council on Foreign […]

  • News and Analysis (3/21/12)

    The FBI arrested a Muslim merchant “the day before he was to participate in a press conference to detail what he charges are efforts to entrap him into some kind of terrorist-type activity and for introducing into his life a dangerous individual linked to fraud and murder”: FBI Entrapment and Preemptive Prosecution: The Case of […]

  • FBI Entrapment and Preemptive Prosecution: The Case of Khalifah Al-Akili

    (Washington, DC, March 21, 2012) — At a press conference at the National Press Club yesterday called by the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF). NCPCF Executive Director, attorney Stephen F. Downs provided details about how, on the pretext of an old gun violation, the FBI abruptly arrested Kalifah Al-Akili the day before he […]

  • News and Analysis (3/17/12)

    No one has claimed responsibility for the bombings of government buildings in Damascus that have killed 27, but the escalating instability is having global consequences from “rekindling US-Russia rivalry in the Middle East” to “jeopardizing the Iran-led ‘axis of resistance’ to Western interests in the region”: Syria Crisis Causes Iran-led ‘Axis of Resistance’ to Fray […]

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