Month: January 2018

  • News and Analysis (1/30/18)

    There will be “extra vetting for these mostly Middle Eastern and African nations, senior U.S. officials said on Monday”: U.S. to Resume Refugee Admissions from 11 ‘High-risk’ Countries (Reuters) “As the State of the Union address approaches, one likely theme of the speech has become quite clear: President Trump wants to choke off legal immigration […]

  • News and Analysis (1/27/18)

    Embarrassed by publicity over the IDF encounter with the Tamimi family, Michael Oren spreads absurd and easily refuted smears of the family and refuses to provide alleged evidence of his libel as “confidential”: Senior Israeli Official Mocked for Bizarre Claim That Detained Palestinian Teen Is a Paid Actor (The Intercept) “So why is Gadot [a […]

  • News and Analysis (1/24/17)

    In the wake of the U.S. administration’s green light on the embassy move, Israel  escalates the violence and shooting to kill and banning human rights observers while the mainstream American media looks the other way: Israeli Army Shoots A Child In The Head “During Training” (International Middle East Media Center) Israeli Forces Kill Two More […]

  • News and Analysis (1/21/18)

    His attorneys argue that U.S. support of those rebels not designated as terrorists “is evidence that it believed the belligerency against Assad was legitimate warfare and that fighters against Assad were entitled to combatant immunity”: Suspect in Terror-related Case Claims ‘Combatant Immunity’ (abc News) O’Callaghan was unable to defend such absurdities as classifying people forced […]

  • News and Analysis (1/18/18)

    Because data doesn’t support the Muslim ban, the administration elected to doctor it … Trump Administration Skews Terror Data to Justify Anti-Muslim Travel Ban (The Intercept) … “two new independent studies issued this week show that … the number of Americans killed by white supremacists in the U.S. last year was far higher than those killed […]

  • News and Analysis (1/16/18)

    “There are very few sellers in the community who are willing to work with us on the idea of building a mosque,” he said. “Several said the land is for sale, but not for us”: Carmel Homeowners Demand the City’s First Mosque Move, but Muslim Leaders Say It Can’t ( He “picked up the Koran […]


    IS THERE MORE TO FREEDOM THAN A DREAM? Keynote Address by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D. Minaret of Freedom Institute at the Interfaith Council of Suburban Maryland’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Interfaith Memorial Service at the Christian Community Memorial Church January 15, 2018 [This address draws on substantial material from Dr. Ahmad’s paper on “Alternatives to […]

  • News and Analysis (1/13/18)

    “Hate crime reports and statistics don’t capture the full scope of hostility toward [American] Muslims.” Without religious liberty, “the law serves to maintain the second-class citizenship of Muslims”: In Trump’s America, ‘Acting Muslim’ Is More Dangerous than Ever (Washington Post) Despite his apology, Hoekstra’s assertion that he merely “mixed up countries” falsely implies that politicians […]

  • News and Analysis (1/11/18)

    “Until and unless the urban middle classes and the poor join in common cause—as they did in 1979—there will be no revolution”: What the Iran Protests Were Not (The Atlantic) “’Embarrassing performance from controversial ambassador,’ read a web headline at De Telegraaf, one of the country’s largest newspapers” … Trump’s Netherlands Ambassador Was Asked to Name […]

  • News and Analysis (1/9/18)

    “Eventually, colonised peoples bring to the fore a figure best suited to challenge the rotten values at the core of the society oppressing them. Ahed is well qualified for the task”: Ahed Tamimi’s Arrest Sheds a Disturbing Light on How Children Are Targeted by Israel ( From fake news of WMD in Iraq to suppression […]

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