Month: June 2019

  • News and Analysis (6/29/19)

    Donald Rumsfeld called the Guantanamo detainees the worst of the worst, but NCIS special agent Robert McFadden found “not one approaching even the most liberal interpretation of a ‘high value detainee’”: The Prisoner of Echo Special (New Yorker) “Muslims … have played a key role in swinging elections”: In This Next Presidential Campaign, Let’s Include […]

  • News and Analysis (6/24/19)

    Rather than pursue “Iran’s capitulation on behalf of Saudi Arabia and Israel,” the U.S. should cooperate “with European partners … [to constrain] Iran’s nuclear activities and reopen channels of communication with Tehran” … Trump Was Right Not to Bomb Iran. Now He Needs a Strategy (Washington Post) Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Trump that […]

  • News and Analysis (6/20/19)

    Tom Cotton and Tucker Carlson push and pull Trump in opposite directions on war with Iran … Tom Cotton Wages Lonely Campaign to Attack Iran (Politico) Tucker Carlson Tells Trump in Private: No War With Iran (Daily Beast) … but the Constitution says it is a decision only Congress can make: GOP Lawmaker on Iran: […]

  • News and Analysis (6/18/19)

    “The public prosecutor said Mursi had collapsed in a defendants’ cage in the courtroom shortly after addressing the court, and was pronounced dead in hospital at 4:50 p.m.” … Egypt’s Ousted Islamist President Mursi Dies After Collapsing in Court (Reuters) … “The Egyptian government has a duty to explain his unfortunate death and there must […]

  • News and Analysis (6/15/19)

    Claims Iran planned an attack on tankers face doubts from experts, allies, circumstances, the crew of an attacked vessel, and almost everyone outside the U.S. & U.K. governments except the ever gullible mainstream media … As Trump Accuses Iran, He Has One Problem: His Own Credibility (NY Times) German Official: US Video ‘Not Enough’ to […]

  • News and Analysis (6/13/19)

    The neo-Nazi organ that “falsely claimed that [Dean] Obeidallah planned and executed the horrific terrorist attack that took place at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester” must pay the comedian/activist $4.1 million: First Lawsuit Against Daily Stormer to Reach Resolution (Muslim Advocates) Authorities’ failure to investigate the “beating that sent her to the hospital with a […]

  • News and Analysis (6/11/19)

    “After a closed trial, the men, who included police officials, were handed sentences ranging from five years to life imprisonment for their crimes against the 8-year-old girl, which occurred in … Jammu and Kashmir”: Indian Court Convicts 6 Hindus in Rape and Murder of Muslim Girl, 8 (NY Times) “What we are trying to do […]

  • News and Analysis (6/9/19)

    Their letter asks if Brits are “willing to give up on our principles of fairness and equality for all, in order to placate President Trump, even going so far as to exclude our home secretary solely due to his Muslim heritage”: Muslim Council Asks Why Trump Banquet Excluded Sajid Javid (The Guardian) Hezbollah has “endorsed […]

  • News and Analysis (6/7/19)

    The murder of scores of Sudanese demonstrators by pro-government paramilitary forces sparks international condemnation: Sudan Crisis: Activists Killed by Paramilitary Group (BBC) Sudan Crackdown: All the Latest Updates (Al-Jazeera) African Union Suspends Sudan over Massacre of Sit-in Protesters (Democracy Now) Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed begins mediation talks in Sudan (Al-Jazeera) An FBI informant accused of […]

  • News and Analysis (6/5/19)

    “While the growing popularity of the Eid selfie has contributed to promoting a positive image of Muslims…, it has not … capture[d] the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the Muslim world”: #BlackoutEid: Celebrating Being Black and Muslim (Al-Jazeera) As usual Saudis and Iranians split on the date of the Eid in the region, but […]

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