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News and Analysis (6/29/19)

Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Donald Rumsfeld called the Guantanamo detainees the worst of the worst, but NCIS special agent Robert McFadden found “not one approaching even the most liberal interpretation of a ‘high value detainee'”:

“Muslims … have played a key role in swinging elections”:

“A military court denied the appeal of a former Parris Island drill instructor sentenced to 10 years in prison for abusing three Muslim recruits, including … [one] who died during boot camp in 2016”:

“Iran said Friday (Jun 28) it had formally lodged a complaint to the UN Security Council over a US drone it says violated its airspace”:

“A French city closed two public swimming pools after seven Muslim women ‘inspired by Rosa Parks’ defied a citywide ban to swim in their burkinis on Sunday”:

Both Shias and Sunnis are appalled by an Australian preacher’s attempt to press Muslim sectarian tensions into the service of right-wing Islamophobes:

“Analysts say that Iran often keeps tabs on al-Qaeda and there have been al-Qaeda members inside Iran at various points, but they have often been under house arrest”:

Although the bill lacked the 60 votes needed for passage, 50 of the 90 votes rejected the notion that President Trump, in Sen. Schumer’s words, has “a blank check to pursue another endless war in the Middle East“:

“Mr. Colaneri and Mr. Crysel both admitted … to agreeing to … essentially kill members of the Islamic community in Islamberg, And Mr. Vetromile … admitted to his role as it related to the acquiring … explosive devices”:

News and Analysis (6/24/19)

Monday, June 24th, 2019

Rather than pursue “Iran’s capitulation on behalf of Saudi Arabia and Israel,” the U.S. should cooperate “with European partners … [to constrain] Iran’s nuclear activities and reopen channels of communication with Tehran” …

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Trump that the “hawks did not have the president’s best interests at heart, he said. And if Mr. Trump got into a war with Iran, he could kiss his chances of re-election goodbye”:

Pence said, “We’re not convinced that it was authorized at the highest levels,” but would not elaborate:

In 2015 Trump tweeted “Sheldon Adelson is looking to give big dollars to Rubio because he feels he can mold him into his perfect little puppet.” So for how long can Trump resist the puppet master? …

… “We are putting major additional Sanctions on Iran on Monday”:

Democracy in Turkey is not dead yet: the AKP has conceded Imamoglu’s victory in Istanbul’s mayoral election rerun:

The Kushner plan consists of “pitches from … programs that the Trump administration cut, which is cruelly ironic. … [T]his is basically convincing them to take economic incentives in exchange for their rights” …

… and in ignoring the Israeli occupation to focus on financial, educational, and bureaucratic aid, Kushner is like a quack oncologist who prescribes a get-rich-quick scheme to a patient who has come in to be cured of cancer:

If you think that being a white, non-Muslims, native born American citizens protects you from border patrol abuse, think again:

Iran’s “unlikely spy chief … is emblematic of the multiple power centers vying for control within Iran“:

News and Analysis (6/20/19)

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Tom Cotton and Tucker Carlson push and pull Trump in opposite directions on war with Iran …

… but the Constitution says it is a decision only Congress can make:

“The vote is particularly significant now, as Trump administration officials briefed Congress Wednesday on what they said are connections between Iran and al-Qaeda” (!?!) …

… but “[i]t is not clear to what extent possible U.S. military strikes on Iran will play a role in debate on the $750 billion measure or, for that matter, in a separate vote this week on blocking U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia”:

“‘Trump Heights’ is illegal in international law in just the same way as Gaddafi’s repression of his people or Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons were illegal” but a U.S. veto on behalf of Israel prevents economic sanctions:

John Kerry’s response to State Dept. aides attempting to convince him “to pressure Sisi to allow the Red Cross access to detainees in prison … [was] ‘Give me a policy the Egyptians will not scream at me for'”:

Central to their approach are assassinations like “the signature strike” to kill “anyone who fit a certain profile—a man of a certain age, for instance, with a phone that had been used to call someone on a list”:

“[T]he so-called ‘Revolution of Smiles’ … was first and foremost a revolution of the Algerian youth, which is not surprising in a country where 70 percent of the population is under 35″:

“[W]omen, children and ordinary Iranians who were not part of the Islamic Republic’s decisions seem to be those most directly suffering as the country’s economic decline [has] broad social and public health impacts”:

News and Analysis (6/18/19)

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

“The public prosecutor said Mursi had collapsed in a defendants’ cage in the courtroom shortly after addressing the court, and was pronounced dead in hospital at 4:50 p.m.” …

… “The Egyptian government has a duty to explain his unfortunate death and there must be proper accountability for his treatment in custody” — Crispin Blunt, chairman of the UK’s Independent Detention Review Panel:

This precedent not only threatens the property and religious rights of Christians, but of Muslims as well:

Some would say this Georgia neighborhood neighborly response to this immigrant woman whose son was charged with terrorism is an “anomaly.” We think it was American:

“Al-Kadi has presented sufficient evidence from which a reasonable jury could find deprivation of a clearly established constitutional right” — Minnesota U.S. District Court Judge John Tunheim:

Pompeo’s absurd claim that the Taliban takes orders from Iran may be part of the plan to assert ” legal authority to take military action against Iran” in a two decades old law “intended to authorize the war in Afghanistan”:

“[T]here’s a deep division in Iran; but for the Revolutionary Guard to have done something like this that is embarrassing to the supreme leader would be very surprising”:

“Iranian officials announced their uranium stockpiles will soon exceed the limits the country agreed to as part of the 2015 nuclear agreement,” Thanks, Trump:

The 1988 shooting “down an Iranian airliner … killing all 290 people aboard that airplane … [including] 60 children … vividly displayed … how the U.S. government will brazenly lie to evade liability for its criminal misconduct”:

“[S]ome analysts… imagined it turning into what Israelis call a ‘victory picture’ for the U.S. administration…. Right now, almost no part of that vision seems likely to become a reality”:

News and Analysis (6/15/19)

Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Claims Iran planned an attack on tankers face doubts from experts, allies, circumstances, the crew of an attacked vessel, and almost everyone outside the U.S. & U.K. governments except the ever gullible mainstream media …

… and even some U.S. legislators are concerned about the shaky case being made for war …

… but autocrats in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are thrilled:

The condemned neighborhood “is adjacent to a forest, also located on privately owned land that was expropriated from its Palestinian owners in 1970” on which settlers will be allowed to build campgrounds and a zipline:

“Some 240 Israeli and Jewish academics and intellectuals have sent a letter to the German government urging it to oppose the motion … due to it being ‘based on the false allegation that BDS as such equals anti-Semitism'”:

Rather than demand Palestinians sell their inalienable rights for some billions of dollars, convert Israel-Palestine from an apartheid state plus an illusory state into a single state with equal rights for all:

Florida’s governor has “also endorsed Benjamin Netanyahu for reelection, said Netanyahu could run in the U.S. if things didn’t work out over there, and held a meeting with Cabinet officials in Israel”:

If Iran deems an issue “‘significant non-performance’ by its counterparts, it can treat it as ground ‘to cease performing its commitments under the JCPOA in whole or in part’ until others are brought back to order”:

“I found myself having to decide whether my humanity prevails, when I saw what happened to the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, or my Israeli loyalty would prevail. And I chose my humanity”:

News and Analysis (6/13/19)

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

The neo-Nazi organ that “falsely claimed that [Dean] Obeidallah planned and executed the horrific terrorist attack that took place at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester” must pay the comedian/activist $4.1 million:

Authorities’ failure to investigate the “beating that sent her to the hospital with a broken nose and a head injury forced her to do the investigative work herself, uncovering surveillance video … near the crime scene”:

“Russia advised the Sudanese military to use fake news and videos to portray demonstrators as anti-Islamic, pro-Israeli and pro-LGBT”:

Follow Me, Akhi is deeply researched, surprising and considerate. It portrays the online world of British Muslims as diverse, rich and fraught – but above all else innovative, exciting and criminally under-reported”:

Hindu nationalists used the Pepe the Frog image “favored among American white supremacists … to glorify the 1992 desecration of the Babri Masjid mosque … that triggered riots … killing of hundreds of innocent Muslims” …

“… After decades of standing behind the Palestinian people, India under the [BJP] has tilted in Israel’s favour as the Hindu nationalism of India finds common cause with the ethno-nationalism of the Zionist state”:

“Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue said he wished the department had recognized that the deaths of Deah Barakat, his wife Yusor Abu-Salha and her sister Razan Abu-Salha were about more than a parking dispute” …

… and after a victim’s father’s wrote that “[i]n no just world should he be able to murder children and not face the words of the families whose lives he has destroyed,” the killer “withdrew his request to leave the courtroom”:

Israel’s well-documented disinformation campaign might as well have been a model for the alleged Russian troll campaign that gets the media attention:

News and Analysis (6/11/19)

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

“After a closed trial, the men, who included police officials, were handed sentences ranging from five years to life imprisonment for their crimes against the 8-year-old girl, which occurred in … Jammu and Kashmir”:

“What we are trying to do is really to bridge the gap and create a conversation between the two parties as escalation is not going to benefit anyone in the region”:

“The government reportedly pays nearly $1 billion in subsidies annually to bridge the gap in real electricity costs and what consumers are billed”:

“While Iranian women were blocked from entering the stadium and violently attacked by the state security force despite holding tickets, Syrian women were allowed to enter”:

“[T]he U.S. government — knowingly or not — aided in the flow of falsehoods perpetuated by opaque sources targeting U.S. citizens and attempting to discredit journalists and other commentators”:

The plan is to give Gazans a bit of Egyptian land while Israel gobbles up Arab East Jerusalem and most of the illegal West Bank settlements “leaving roughly … 3m Palestinians in a scattering of cantons”:

Influenced by Muslim friends, the soccer star says Islam is “really a religion that opened my mind…. Islam is just this – respect of the humanity and everything”:

“The suspects reportedly wanted to ‘kill Macron, Muslims, blacks, Jews, and homosexuals'”:

News and Analysis (6/9/19)

Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Their letter asks if Brits are “willing to give up on our principles of fairness and equality for all, in order to placate President Trump, even going so far as to exclude our home secretary solely due to his Muslim heritage”:

Hezbollah has “endorsed the Lebanese government’s stance to enter direct negotiations to settle the border dispute with Israel,” and now the U.S. “and Iran may explore direct talks for the first time since … Trump took office”:

Preconception are challenged by “ruins … of the world’s first superpower, … quality craft-filled bazaars, bliss-inducing bathhouses and mosques so mind-blowing they might just convince … atheists … to believe”:

The White House has relied on a nonexistent “persona run by a team of people from the political wing of the MEK,” according to “a high-ranking defector from the MEK who said he had direct knowledge of the operation”:

“Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Vladimir Safronkov, said after the closed-door briefing that no evidence had been presented linking Iran to the attacks”:

“Opposition and protest groups had called for workers to stay at home after security forces … kill[ed] dozens and deal[t] a blow to hopes of a peaceful transition after ex-president Omar al-Bashir’s removal in April”:

“Their prime goal must be to get the US and Iran to engage in direct talks. But this will not happen without the US lifting some of its sanctions”:

Analyst gives reasons there is “no chance” the U.S. will meet the seven conditions for successful negotiation, yet if it could, it would result in “a win-win situation both for Trump and Tehran”:

“Ministry of Health statistics puts acid attacks at 60 to 70 cases every year.” Although the legislation passed 161-9-9, “it needs to be endorsed by hardliner-dominated Guardian Council before being implemented”:

News and Analysis (6/7/19)

Friday, June 7th, 2019

The murder of scores of Sudanese demonstrators by pro-government paramilitary forces sparks international condemnation:

An FBI informant accused of framing a Muslim immigrant for money laundering owns the limo “company that put a car on the road, despite bad brakes and a history of failed inspections.” killing twenty people:

Her reputation already damaged by “her failure to speak out against ethnic cleansing [and] imprisoning journalists,” Myanmar’s now makes common cause with Viktor Orbán’s soft fascism on immigration and Islam :

Suspicion of vaccinations in Pakistan will not be reduced by the revelation “that used syringes are being repacked, which may not only grow significantly the number of HIV cases but also other diseases”:

“In effect, the Trump administration has moved the red line for military escalation from the issue of nuclear weapons to a wide range of more commonplace Iranian activities”:

Palestinians ask, “‘All these ministers, what service do they provide to the people anyway?” as the PA has cut in half “the salaries of many employees in recent months due to an ongoing financial dispute with Israel”:

“Over the last two decades, Iran’s top partners for scientific collaboration were the [U.S]., Canada, the [U.K.] and Germany…. Iranian and American scientists have coauthored thousands of articles in scientific publications”:

The accused’s wife protests, “It would be impossible to surreptitiously block women’s fallopian tubes during caesarean sections, when a half-dozen staff members were on hand”:

“Mousavi dismissed Trump’s comments as ‘repetitive, groundless and paradoxical,’ and said they did not merit a response”:

News and Analysis (6/5/19)

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

“While the growing popularity of the Eid selfie has contributed to promoting a positive image of Muslims…, it has not … capture[d] the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the Muslim world”:

As usual Saudis and Iranians split on the date of the Eid in the region, but “Jordan and Egypt did not follow in lockstep,” dividing Palestinians:

“The fact that Pompeo so easily conceded the perception — and likely the reality — that the plan was strongly structured and tilted toward the Israelis is striking” — Aaron David Miller:

AI objects that “Amirsalar Davoudi is blatantly being punished for his work defending human rights. Setting up a Telegram channel to expose human rights violations is not a crime” …

… and the Center for Human Rights in Iran urges parliament to “address these violations of due process and the Iranian Bar Association [to] take the lead in defending its own members” …

… yet Iran has “expressed the readiness of the authorities in Iran to receive any Lebanese delegation at any time for the extradition of” Nizar Zakka:

Abraham Sumanthiran, a senior lawmaker from the Tamil alliance, said it was “unfortunate that Muslim ministers succumbed to pressure from racists. Yesterday us, today you, tomorrow a new ‘other””:

Politicians in “[b]oth Israel and the U.S. need Iran … need to be able to point to Iran as a threat, as a menace, as the source of terrorism and evil in the world. … The fact that Iran is none of those things is beside the point” …

… as Larry Wilkerson explains “how the Trump administration has began using [State Dept.] briefings as vehicle for ‘outright lies’ about Iran”:

… and Riyadh failed to get the OIC to condemn Tehran directly in the final communique” while “the GCC and Arab summits, where Riyadh did succeed to single out Iran by name … carr[y] little to no strategic weight”:

A RAND Corp. analyst says that continuing to condition negotiations on Iran “acting like a ‘normal’ country … is not likely to entice the Iranians to the table, especially as maximum pressure policies continue on the ground”:

Abe’s upcoming trip to Iran highlights that Japan depends on the U.S. for protection and on Iran for oil so it has an interest in good relations with (and between) both:

It’s about its character’s spiritual journey, but “‘Ramy’ isn’t just about Islam, and its characters aren’t defined only by their faith. Instead, it’s attentive to a whole range of cultural experiences … worthy of storytelling”: