Month: January 2022

  • News and Analysis 1/30/22

    With public opinion turning against apartheid and settler-colonialism, Israel has a new plan to secretly fund foreign organizations to “spread Israeli propaganda in the countries in which they operate”: The New Hasbara Campaign Israel Doesn’t Want You to Know About (972 Magazine) As Israel continues it wholesale eviction of people from and destruction of their […]

  • News and Analysis 1/26/22

    “He spent 11 days locked up before a local court granted him bail. Instead of freeing Gul, authorities charged him in a new case under the stringent Public Safety Act, which allows officials to imprison anyone for up to two years without trial”: ‘Systematic Fear’: How India Battered Press Freedom in Kashmir (Aljazeera) “The ruling has […]

  • News and Analysis 1/23/22

    “Ten civilians, including seven children, were killed in the attack, which the Pentagon initially touted as a successful strike against ISIS car bomb. The driver was actually a humanitarian worker who was transporting jugs of water”: CAIR Says Any Pentagon Officials Who Approved ‘Reckless War Crime’ in Kabul Should Resign (CAIR) After the Supreme Court […]

  • News and Analysis 1/20/22

    Rather than draw attention to the injustice of Aafia Siddiqi’s conviction, a mentally disturbed man who took innocents hostage at a synagogue has provided the government and media an opportunity to once again smear the imprisoned neuroscientist: Aafia Siddiqui, Political Prisoner (Counterpunch) If approved as a U.S. judge in the Eastern District of New York […]

  • News and Analysis 1/17/22

    “Despite the fact that many of the Bedouins are living on the ancestral homelands, while others were internally displaced after 1940, Israel views them as ‘trespassers’ on their land and does not recognize their ownership’”: What’s Happening in the Naqab? Israel Uproots Palestinians to Plant Trees (Mondoweiss) “[A]n American military presence in Iraq and Syria […]

  • The Two State Solution Is Dead: What Next?

    [On January 13, 2022, Jonathan Kuttab moderated a Nonviolence International discussion of what comes next in Israel/Palestine now that the two-state solution is dead. Discussants were Jeff Halper, author of Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine: Zionism, Settler Colonialism, and the Case for One Democratic State, and Noura Erakat. author of Justice for Some: Law and the […]

  • News and Analysis 1/15/22

    The disgraceful prison at Guantanamo still holds 18 prisoners whose release has been ordered, more continue to be held without charge … Guantánamo Turns 20: Ex-Prisoner Moazzam Begg Calls on Biden to Close Site & End Legacy of Torture (Democracy Now) … and now that the war under which they were taken prisoner has ended […]

  • News and Analysis 1/13/22

    The U.S. Department of State is calling for an investigation into the death of a man witnesses say “was stopped by Israeli forces while driving home, then dragged out of the car, gagged and handcuffed, and left to die”: Israeli Forces Kill 80-Year-Old Palestinian American Man in Violent Arrest (Democracy Now) The whistleblower came to […]

  • News and Analysis 1/11/22

    “One attendee from the resistance side said the atmosphere at the talks, held Saturday and Sunday, indicated ‘flexibility’ on the part of Taliban officials” … Taliban Meets with Opposition Militia Representatives in Iran (Washington Post) … “but Iran is still ‘not at the point of officially recognising Taliban’”: Iran Says Won’t Officially Recognise Taliban After […]

  • News and Analysis 1/8/22

    “I’ve observed trial proceedings in person at Guantánamo. The chipper ‘secrecy’ imposed by the military is insulting, anti-democratic, and cowardly” — Michael Bronner, producer of the 2021 film The Mauritanian: ‘Anti-Democratic and Cowardly’: US Building New Secret Courtroom at Guantánamo (Common Dreams) “Radicalised groups openly calling for genocide of Muslims are roaming free [in India] […]

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