Month: March 2016

  • News and Analysis (3/30/16)

    “America” is the ideal of “liberty and justice for all.’” “Americans” often fail to live “up to that ideal…. Because of expedience. Because of bigotry. Because of cowardice. Truth to tell, sometimes, they don’t even try. But the failure of the people is not the failure of the ideal”: Opinion: Why a MuslimShould Love America (Lawrence […]

  • News and Analysis (3/27/16)

    “In a pointed message to the United States, which has led a separate Western and Arab coalition against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq since 2014, the military command said its gains showed that the army “and its friends” were the only force able to uproot terrorism”: Islamic State Driven Out of Syria’s Ancient Palmyra […]

  • News and Analysis (3/23/16)

    Annoyed by a question about political prisoners, Castro asked, “What political prisoners? Give me a list of the political prisoners and I will release them immediately.” He wanted to know when the U.S. will return  Guantanamo Bay where it holds uncharged and untried prisoners: Castro Demands Return of Guantánamo Bay During Historic Obama Visit (Guardian) […]

  • News and Analysis (3/20/16)

    “There are approximately two dozen quotations on display in the art installation created by the Law School. The three most prominently displayed at the entrance of the art installation, are quotes from St. Augustine, the Holy Qur’an and the Magna Carta”: Harvard Recognises Quranic Verse as One of the Greatest Expressions of Justice (The Deen […]

  • News and Analysis (3/15/16)

    “Prophet Muhammad made it clear that freedom of religion is an inherent right for Christians living in a Muslim nation. His cordial relations with Christians were not due merely to political expediency or personal aspirations”: Freedom of Religion, Civic Rights Were Important Components of a ‘Muslim Nation’ ( Erdogan “said there was no difference between […]

  • News and Analysis (3/12/16)

    “Congress has never declared war on Somalia, nor has it authorized the use of military force there…. What legal authority does Obama even possess to bomb this country?” Further, “the U.S. government presumptively regards all adult males it kills as “militants”: Nobody Knows Identity of 150 People Killed by US in Somalia, but Most Are […]

  • News and Analysis (3/9/16)

    “[P]roposed new powers to criminalize extremist views that stop short of advocating violence. The plans have been criticized by religious and civil liberties groups” as “trying to define extremist speech would be all but impossible and might ‘do more harm than good’”: Terror Watchdogs Express Concern About UK Extremism Plans (AP / abc News) “[T]here […]

  • News and Analysis (3/7/16)

    “This specific blasphemy law was not instituted by [the] Prophet [(pbuh), but r]ather, in an attempt to keep occupied communities separate and docile, … by … [the] British …, in 1860…. [Y]ou’re hailing as a martyr, a man who died defending a British colonial law”: Obscene Praise for the Pakistani Muslim Who Murdered a ‘Blasphemer’ (Daily Beast) “Allegations of abuses […]

  • News and Analysis (3/5/16)

    “Turkish authorities have seized control of the country’s largest newspaper in a widening crackdown against supporters of the US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, an influential foe of the president, Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan“: Turkish Police Fire Teargas During Raid on Top-selling Newspaper (Guardian) In an attempt to “more clarifying conversations for those who want to help,” […]

  • News and Analysis (3/2/16)

    The mayoral candidate has linked to “‘extremists’ – despite the Labour MP having in fact dedicated years to fighting radicalisation” because he has appeared on “‘Islam Channel’ on LBC” (as has David Cameron) and long-since renounced views of an ex-brother-in-law: Tories Using ‘Smears and Insinuation’ About Sadiq Khan’s Muslim Faith, Muslim Council of Britain Warns […]

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