Month: September 2016

  • News and Analysis (9/30/16)

    Al-Ghazali accused the jurists of preferring “the management of religious endowments … and appointment to judicial and government positions through which one exalts himself above his fellow men and fastens his yoke on his enemies” over other disciplines such as medicine: Removal of the Heart: how Islam became a matter of state in Iran (Guardian) “If […]

  • News and Analysis (9/27/16)

    The murder of Hattar is the tip of ugly iceberg; the context is the state’s disbanding organizations, blocking publications, and harassing, arresting, and imprisoning individuals for “merely engaging in critical debate”: Brief Reflections on Assassinations and Intolerance in Jordan (Jadaliyya) Tennessee’ State Board of Elections has decided their children are not ignorant enough: Plan Could […]

  • News and Analysis (9/25/16)

    “In seventh grade, where studies of Islam are concentrated in current standards, the whole section of ‘Islamic World, 400 A.D./C.E. – 1500s’ has been removed in the draft, which went online from the state Board of Education for public review”: Islam Removed from Draft Tenn. 7th Grade Social Studies Standards (Kingsport Times News) “They arrested […]

  • News and Analysis (9/22/16)

    There are similarities between the Islamic economic vision and Adam Smith’s vision of markets in which participants governed by divine rules of behavior mandating “self-control, sympathy for others and just behavior limit greed” but neither is reflected in current capitalist practice”: Economic and Political Reform in Muslim Countries (Huffingon Post) The Islamic Action Front’s current priorities […]

  • News and Analysis (9/19/16)

    “One of the more surprising aspects of Elizabethan England is that its foreign and economic policy was driven by a close alliance with the Islamic world, a fact conveniently ignored today by those pushing the populist rhetoric of national sovereignty”: England’s Forgotten Muslim History (NY Times) Minnesota police are not prepared to confirm ISIS claim […]

  • News and Analysis (9/16/16)

    If there were no Muslims in America, would a shortage of cabs and a tripling of  Uber prices be a regular part of American life? That’s what happened to NYC when Muslims took a day off: Drivers Take Off for Muslim Holiday, and New York Is in Short Supply of Yellow (NY Times) What would […]

  • News and Analysis (9/12/16)

    EID MUBARAK! The perpetrator, who bears an Albanian Muslim name “didn’t even care for the well-being of a baby — that’s how serious this hate crime is,”charged the assistant district attorney: Muslim Women ‘Punched in Face as Suspect Tried to Pull Off Their Hijabs’ (Telegraph) “Diplomatic relations between the two Middle East powers disintegrated earlier […]

  • News and Analysis (9/8/16)

    The first Muslim to be appointed as a District Court judge received “the ‘Champions of Justice’ Award in 2012 by the National Law Journal’s Legal Times for upholding the profession’s core values through public service, pro bono work, and advocacy for civil liberties” … Muslim Advocates Heralds President Obama’s Historic Judicial Nomination (Muslim Advocates) … […]

  • News and Analysis (9/5/16)

    Allegations of the child abuse “became a major issue after a teenage boy who worked for the chief — and allegedly was abused by him — opened fire on a U.S. base Aug. 10, 2012, killing three Marines and badly wounding a fourth”: Navy Analysis Found that a Marine’s Case Would Draw Attention to Afghan […]

  • News and Analysis (9/2/16)

    To civil rights activist Yasser Louati, appointing a non-believing former defence minister to reform Islam in France shows that France treats “Muslims as if they are foreign people who need to be disciplined”  : France’s Choice of a Non-Muslim to Head French Islam Foundation Ruffles Feathers (France24) Islam “inspired many works … considered part of the roots […]

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