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News and Analysis (1/29/17)

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

A federal judge has ruled against Trump’s “deportation refugees or visa holders who were detained at American airports” or in transit at the time, but “but refugees abroad remain in limbo” …

… and although Thom “Maker was able to leave Canada and is safely back in the U.S.[,] … what the halt of immigrants’ visas — even those with dual citizenship from other countries — will mean for players such as Maker still is unknown” …

… as demonstrated by the Iraqis who risked their lives to work for Americans fighting terrorism in their homeland …

… and the order came too late to prevent “chaos earlier in the day”:

Trump’s timing of a policy reminiscent of the 937 refugees turned away in 1939. 254 of whom were murdered in the Holocaust mocks the slogan “Never again!”:

“The ban does not cover all Muslim-majority countries or Muslims worldwide. The nations where the Sept. 11 hijackers hailed from — Saudi Arabia, Egypt the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon — are not included on the list” …

… and putting a crimp in CIA and U.S. military intelligence promises “of eventual resettlement in America to induce foreigners to … work secretly for the United States against terrorist groups or repressive governments” …

… and prompting retaliatory actions from targeted countries and a prediction from Iran that the ban will empower extremists, … and even a statement of disapproval from Theresa May, under pressure from her own party …

… and even some Trump advisers are uncomfortable with the idea of rolling back “an order safeguarding 750,000 people who were brought to the United States illegally as children” …

… but the PM of the country that leads the world in building divisive walls is delighted by the policy:

“There is a South African proverb, dating from the apartheid era, that goes like this: ‘How do you catch an elephant? You catch a mouse and keep beating it up until it admits it’s really an elephant'”:

Notwithstanding Trump’s doubts about foreign military intervention, only one week after “suspected U.S. drone strikes killed three other alleged al-Qaida operatives in Bayda province”, he has boots in the ground in Yemen:

News and Analysis (1/26/17)

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

With Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel boasting of “a direct line to Donald Trump” …

… and rumors of specific plans for “a harsh crackdown on immigrants” …

… which would not only be ineffective …

… counterproductive …

… and immoral …

… and has already provoked a backlash:

The “move that could risk escalation of U.S. military involvement in Syria’s civil war”:

“The mosque, which represents about one-tenth of France’s … mosques and Muslim associations, called on other Muslim groups to do the same and “reject all attempts of stewardship,” by French authorities”:

The “veteran, … small-business owner, … [and] Muslim youth leader … is traveling around the country with a sign that says, ‘I’m A Muslim U.S. Marine Ask Anything'”:

“T[o] prevent further hate crimes and cases of discrimination … we need to change the conversation … [by] giving the mic to Muslims in medicine, television,media and other fields beyond the political realm”:

“[P]rotesters … angry with President Trump for his proposed plan to harm and demonize immigrants and Muslims, … personally have a hand in destroying the livelihood of a Muslim immigrant”:
“[I]n speaking of the beloved [Rumi] was also speaking of the unspeakable, or approaching the unspeakable, as the essence of God is love”:
The caucus attempts to build on the coalition initiated to fight the attempt to ban the Muslim call to prayer …

“Once again, the Israeli government has proved that it is more committed to land theft and colonialism than to the two-state solution and the requirements for peace and stability” — Hanan Ashrawi:

News and Analysis (1/23/17)

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

“We believe in engagement to overcome [differences]…. The verses that Imam Magid chose were about how God created us as different nations and tribes so that we may get to know one another” — ADAMS Center Board Chair:

“After promising … that ‘America’s relationship with the Muslim community, the Muslim world, cannot, and will not, just be based on opposition to terrorism,’ Obama did just the opposite. In 2016 alone, the [U.S.] dropped 26,171 bombs”:

“Buenaventura’s Muslims say that they have found in Islam a refuge from the poverty and violence that racks the city, which has one of the highest murder rates in Colombia“:

“This is the America that took us in as political refugees,the America that gave us a new home, and the America that keeps my hope alive today”:

“The P.A.’s criminalization of any form of resistance to dispossession, discrimination, and Israel’s permanent military control have made it, in effect, a tool of collaboration with the occupation” …

… while “hawkish elements in [Netanyahu’s] coalition … are already calling for concrete action given Trump’s perceived acquiescence to Israeli settlement building” and to turn against Palestinian statehood:

News and Analysis (1/20/17)

Friday, January 20th, 2017

“When it comes to civil liberties, our country has a lot of problems, and I think it’s very hard for us to get involved in other countries…. We need allies. I don’t know that we have a right to lecture” — Donald J. Trump:

“[L]awyers and Obama administration officials are working down to the wire to get remaining detainees out of Guantánamo before Trump throws away the key, potentially for good”:

“President-elect Donald Trump‘s pick for ambassador to the United Nations, repudiated the idea … [saying], ‘His administration and I don’t think there should be any registry based on religion'” …

… but a pastor known “for bashing Muslims, Mormons, Catholics and homosexuals” says he will deliver a sermon entitled “‘When God Chooses a Leader’ for Trump/Pence private family service’ …

… so as Chief Justice Roberts swears in the next president, he might wonder what would happen if another 9/11 occurred on this … president’s watch and some of his subordinates … remembered his campaign rhetoric”:

“Trump … more than any candidate for public office I have ever seen showed the fragility of the human being…. Choosing to be strategic instead of reactionary because we recognise the delicateness of the situation we face”:

Although the court recognized “the religious significance” and “compelling sense of religious obligation,” it justified the headscarf ban on the basis of “overriding safety concerns,” potential contraband concealment and “uniform neutrality”:

The irony is that after deposing elected President Mohamed Morsi who had been accused “of plotting to give part of Sinai to the Palestinian group Hamas,” Sisi amended Egypt’s Constitution to prohibit ceding Egyptian territory”:

Prime Minister Najib Razak says “that the violence against Rohingya, which has galvanised Muslims in Southeast Asia, … has fueled an exodus of refugees that could destabilise the region”:

A “protest against a reform package that would give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office executive powers … sparked fighting between female legislators that reportedly resulted in two of them being hospitalized”:

“We support every woman’s right to worship as they wish and live in security and peace. We are by no means endorsing or aligning with any religious doctrine, but simply standing for freedom” — Kathy Najimy:

News and Analysis (1/17/17)

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Calling for an ironically fascistic ban on Islamic symbols the nationalists in their immigrant hating power grab want the state to take aid to immigrants away from independent NGOs such as Catholic Charities:

“If the Jewish students were not under the protection of their own school, there would be more Jewish families affected by fines in Basel than Muslims” –Johannes Czwalina, a theologian and business consultant from Basel:

United Nations seeks to draw world’s attention to ‘huge humanitarian cost’ of war that has also displaced 3 million people”:

“Growing up a Muslim in Rutland, Asima Silva was considered by her friends as exotic and she was celebrated for her individuality…. But for her children, much has changed, and sometimes the questions they pose come from fear”:

“[T]he music has echoed the wider story of the [Arab Jews], who … arrived to confront both racism and marginalisation, problems that have not disappeared despite … constituting roughly half of the total Israeli population”:

News and Analysis (1/14/17)

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

“Rex Tillerson’s testimony diverges substantially from Trump’s positions on several key issues. Will he have the autonomy to pursue his views, or will he be marginalized, as Colin Powell was under George W. Bush?” …

“Tillerson said that Americans should not be afraid of Muslims and that through his travel to Muslim countries, he has gained an ‘appreciation and recognition of this great faith'”:

… but “Tillerson hasn’t ruled out the return of … a [Muslim] registry,”according to CBS News, so Rep. Suzan DelBene (WA, 1st) seeks to reintroduce a bill, defeated only days after Trump’s election, to prohibit such a registry:

British government investigation last year determined that while the Muslim Brotherhood had ties to extremism, it was not a terrorist group, and in that respect it resembles Ted Cruz himself:

In #DontNormalizeHate Haru Kuromiya recalls how her father was “taken away by the FBI …[,] her family was put on a registry, given name tags and numbers they had to wear, [and then] put on a train” with a secret destination:

“An Egyptian court on Wednesday ruled to freeze the assets of three rights activists, including a prominent women’s rights campaigner, Mozn Hassan. It’s the latest chapter in a widening crackdown against civil society groups”:

“Copies of the letter sent by Morocco’s Ministry of Interior … and a high-ranking ministry official confirmed the ban to the local Moroccan news website Le360, saying ‘bandits have repeatedly used this garment to perpetrate their crime'”:

“Initially I thought I didn’t want to talk about it. But actually it makes me think if it can happen to me in the centre of London, it’s happening everywhere. People just don’t seem able to talk about it”:

“[C]ondensing a thousand years of Islamic history” into one book chapter omits the Muslim cultural influence on Spanish music and Italian architecture leaving only “‘Arab armies’ and the rise of early modern Muslim empires”:

News and Analysis (1/11/17)

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Two Trump appointees reject using religious affiliation as a criterion for discrimination:

Imprisoned and tortured for “passing by a protest for the opposition … Moustafa’s path to radicalization reveals the ease with which extremists capitalize on Sisi’s repressive policies to draw support from young Egyptians”:

Among the victims of Erdogan’s power grab are tens of thousands of students forced into the public schools when Erdogan shut down two thousand private schools …

… and he seeks consitutional changes that “scrap the office of prime minister and make the president the head of the executive branch, as well as allow him to appoint the government, dissolve Parliament, propose budgets and declare states of emergency” and allow him to remain president until 2029″:

“The ECHR acknowledged that religious freedom was being interfered with. But judges said it did not amount to a violation … [because] exemptions were available … for girls who had reached the age of puberty”:

“[F]aith does not preclude logic…. [I]t does not relieve us of the responsibility of choosing which [religious] teachings express that faith and dismissing those that do not” — Kareem :

“In high school history books, there is little mention of the intertwined histories of Europe, Asia and Africa in the middle ages and the Renaissance. There is even less mention of the flowering of art, literature and architecture during this time”:

“The meeting marks the end of a controversy that began in September when the board advised students they could only use one of six pre-written sermons [developed in collaboration with local imams] during Friday prayers”:

As a practicing Muslim believed to have descended from the Prophet’s (pbuh) Hashamite clan, King Abdullah II of Jordan is better placed to say, “These radical outlaw groups … are altogether outside of” Islam than Trump or Obama:

Under Arafat, the PLO recognized the state of Israel, but in response to moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem both Muslim and Christian Palestinians “might seriously consider canceling [the] mutual recognition deal”:

News and Analysis (1/8/17)

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

The fake news story that a Muslim mob set fire to Germany’s oldest church got a few facts wrong: the church isn’t Germany’s oldest, it wasn’t on fire, there was no mob, and a firework accident, not Muslims, ignited some netting:

According to his family, the National Guard veteran “developed psychological problems after returning in 2011 from a tour of duty in Iraq. ” Last August he told the FBI “that voices in his head were telling him to follow Isis”:

One of Obama’s last official acts will be to re-escalate the intervention in Afghanistan, increasing the number of troops there to about 8,700:

“Rafsanjani took a dim view of state control of the economy — even in the turbulent years after the Islamic Revolution — and encouraged private businesses, development of Tehran’s stock market and … Iranian exports”:

“[T]here is a question of how far this force would be a non-partisan force. At the moment it appears to be dominated by conservative Arab kingdoms so Iran, Iraq and Syria will not welcome it” — Pakistani defense analyst Hasan Askari Rizvi :

“Dozens of people, led by a handful of maroon-robed monks, marched to the YMCA in Myanmar’s commercial capital to shut down a service marking the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday”:

“Shouts of ‘No return, no freedom for savage (IS) bands’ or ‘No repenting, no pardon for terrorists rang out … [but] President Beji Caid Essebsi has said stopping their return would be unconstitutional”:

Lois Khalafalla is sad about having removed her headscarf out fear, saying, “It’s nice to blend in, but that dialogue has gone away, too”:

News and Analysis (1/6/17)

Friday, January 6th, 2017

“‘[S]piritual colonialism’ at work…: bypassing, erasing, and occupying a spiritual landscape that has been lived and breathed and internalized by Muslims from Bosnia and Istanbul to Konya and Iran to Central and South Asia”:

“‘You can’t tell people, ‘Here’s your prayer, read it word for word,’ and that’s your prayer for the day. We should not be interfering” — Trustee Nokha Dakroub:

“Rather than stamp out Islam, though, efforts to stifle Islam only radicalized believers. It’s a trend that’s played out again and again over the past century, and one that could have dire consequences in the war on terror”:

“Nine Democratic senators said Thursday that they have filed a bill blocking the executive branch from registering people based on religion, race, gender, age, national origin or nationality”:

“It was the first phase of Obama’s plan to move as many as 19 prisoners … to shrink Guantanamo’s inmate population as much as possible before the Republican president-elect is sworn in on Jan. 20”:

“I remember saying …, I would never go out with a Muslim man – I would never change my religion. But when I met my boyfriend, I read about it, and it was a totally different picture. Before it was bad and evil to me” — a convert:

Since Nigeria’s president declared the terrorists group “crushed” two weeks ago, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has declared that the war was just starting and urged his fighters to keep killing, bombing and abducting people”:

News and Analysis (1/2/17)

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Muslim jurists need to be self-consistent. If a Muslim woman is old enough to enter into a marriage contract (nikah) she’s old enough to sign other contracts as well:

“The report says seven victims were from Saudi Arabia; three each were from Lebanon and Iraq; two each were from Tunisia, India, Morocco and Jordan. Kuwait, Canada, Israel, Syria and Russia each lost one citizen”:

  • ISIS Claims New Year’s Attack on Istanbul Nightclub (AP / abc News)

NSEERS’s termination “will not change the US government’s authority to delve into public, and private, records for its purposes—some of which are outside judicial reviews such as orders in National Security Letters:

“Myanmar is to investigate police officers who were filmed beating Rohingya villagers, an unusual admission that security forces may have carried out abuses against the Muslim minority”:

Eight years after Churchill called Islam the most “retrograde force … in the world,” his sister-in-law feared the atheist would convert; then in 1940 he put aside £100,000 for a Regent’s Park mosque to win Muslim support for the war:

“[Y]oung women in Muslim countries today have an average of six years of education – only 1.1 years less than their male counterparts. And in [some] wealthy Gulf states” more young women have higher education than young men:


“[W]hile Abbas has to date been reluctant to sue Israel at the ICC for its crimes against his people, … given the duo of Netanyahu and Trump, he will be left with little choice but to do so,” or lose “what little credibility … he has left as a leader”: