Month: June 2017

  • News and Analysis (6/29/17)

    For Trump, you have no bona fide relationship to your “fiancées, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and other extended family”: Revised Version of Trump’s Travel Ban Is Set to Take Effect, but a Supreme Court Decision in the Case Raises ‘More Questions than Answers’ (Business Insider) His economic reform plans are welcome, but […]

  • Told to Come Alone: Souad Mekhennet’s Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad

    At New America in Washington DC on Thursday, June 22nd, Souad Mekhennet, author of I Was Told to Come Alone: My Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad, shared her experiences as a journalist interviewing terrorist operatives face to face and getting to the root of why these people were joining these organizations: Recruiters are successful […]

  • News and Analysis (6/28/17)

    Do refugee victims of U.S. foreign policy have a  “bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States”? How Trump Can Get His Muslim Ban (Slate) Seymour Hersch learned that “President Donald Trump ignored important intelligence reports when he decided to attack Syria after he saw pictures of dying children” … Trump‘s […]

  • News and Analysis (6/25/17)

    The first White House iftar was in 1805, but Donald Trump is no Thomas Jefferson, nor even a George W. Bush: Donald Trump Ends Decades-long White House Tradition of Celebrating Ramadan with Iftar Dinner (Independent) “Francis Boyle … asserts that the recent U.S. shoot-down of a Syrian government jet inside Syria … was not only […]

  • News and Analysis (6/23/17)

    No, says the Court, you can’t strip someone of his citizenship because he didn’t tell you that he once broke the speed limit without getting a ticket: Supreme Court Limits Government’s Power to Revoke Citizenship (The Hill) “[W]ithin the past nine years, right-wing extremists plotted or carried out nearly twice as many terrorist attacks as Islamist […]

  • News and Analysis (6/21/17)

    Although Israel continues to build new settlement illegally and clearly violate international law, the U.S. stands by them: Israel’s Settlements Have No Legal Validity, Constitute Flagrant Violation of International Law, Security Council Reaffirms (United Nations) New researcher find what we’ve all already known, Muslims are in fact the most likely victims of terrorism worldwide: Muslims […]

  • News and Analysis (6/20/17)

    Westerners have selective memories that forget the far more frequent terrorism of non-Muslims (and anti-Islamist Muslims): The Numbers Don’t Lie: Even in the Middle East, Most Terrorism Is Not ‘Islamic’ (Middle East Eye) Sen. Rand Paul says the other senators are “more concerned about the jobs the weapons manufacturers could generate than the lives of […]

  • News and Analysis (6/19/17)

    “Washington said the jet had dropped bombs near US-backed forces but Damascus said the plane was downed while flying a mission against Isis militants”: Russia to Treat US Jets in Syria as ‘Targets’ After America Guns Down First Regime Warplane (Independent) Islamic Finance Industry shaken after the UAE claimed Dana Gas Sukuk were non-compliant with […]

  • News and Analysis (6/17/17)

    Yet another Afghan “insider attack” occurs in the face of more U.S. troops being sent to train Afghan soldiers   … Afghan Soldier Attacks US Troops at Camp Sheheen (BBC) … and an Afghan lawmaker warns, “The security situation continues to deteriorate in Afghanistan and the foreign troops who are here are not making it […]

  • News and Analysis (6/15/17)

    An airline tells an American citizen that “he couldn’t board because the U.S. wouldn’t accept him” … Muslim Utahn — and U.S. Citizen — Prevented from Boarding Plane by Kenyan Officials (Salt Lake Tribune) … while Trump deports Christians back to Iraq to face religious persecution, if not a death: Chaldean Christians in Detroit Terrified […]

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