Month: February 2019

  • News and Analysis (2/26/19)

    Most see Macron’s plan to create “a French Islam … as either a patronizing intrusion into their personal lives or a surreptitious expansion of the police state”: Liberté for Whom (The Intercept) MbS, “keen to refurbish his personal image and standing, now found himself in the quagmire of India-Pakistan disputes…. Never have two joint statements […]

  • News and Analysis (2/24/19)

    Iranian funds designated for “hostages and their families” are diverted to “relatives of 9/11 victims … despite the fact that the official report on the 2001 attacks ‘found no evidence that Iran . . . was aware of the planning’”: Americans Held in Iran Waited Decades for Relief. Now They Face a New Challenge (Washington Post) “Murad […]

  • News and Analysis (2/21/19)

    A database “tracking the movements of more than 2.5 million people in a region where authorities have waged a crackdown on Muslim minorities … was left unprotected for months” … Chinese ‘Muslim Tracker’ Surveillance System Monitoring Movements of 2.5m People in Xinjiang (Independent) … while in the U.S. “a federal official recently acknowledged in a […]

  • News and Analysis (2/19/19)

    Dr. Merkel’s “uncharacteristically passionate speech … received a standing ovation … in sharp contrast to the polite near-silence that greeted Mr Pence’s address “: Angela Merkel Rejects US Demand to Quit Iran Deal (Irish Times) “[T]he commander sat in the same vehicle with his soldiers, watching them, without telling them to stop, as they beat […]

  • Anwar Ibrahim on Conscientious Governance

    [This is a summary of Anwar Ibrahim’s remarks on Conscientious Governance at the International Institute of Islamic Thought. It is not a transcript, but a summary of my impressions of his presentation and the discussion.] Hisham Altalib (Introduction). Anwar Ibrahim was chairman of ABIM when UNMO asked him to join in 1982. He rose to […]

  • News and Analysis (2/16/19)

    The man who happens also to be the personal attorney of the President of the USA, suggested that peace in the Middle East “would only come when Iran was ruled instead by his clients,… an exile group of former terrorists”: As Giuliani Calls for Regime Change in Iran, Netanyahu Raises the Specter of “War” (The […]

  • News and Analysis (2/13/19)

    “Although the Trump v. Hawaii decision was a setback, the Supreme Court did not settle the question of whether the ban violates the Establishment Clause in that decision”: A New Muslim Ban Challenge Seeks to Answer the Questions the Supreme Court Didn’t Settle (Slate) “[C]ontributions from AIPAC members [have] often constituted roughly ten to fifteen […]

  • News and Analysis (2/10/19)

    In a 5-4 vote the Supreme Court denied a Circuit Court’s wish to  hear the condemned Muslim’s plea for religious equality “with little briefing and no argument — just so the State can meet its preferred execution date”: Alabama Executes Domineque Ray for 1995 Selma Murder (Montgomery Advertiser) Musawwsah, a global movement for equality and […]

  • News and Analysis (2/7/19)

    “[H]alfway through writing an anti-Islam book[, t]he work ‘became a refutation of objections non-Muslims have’ against the religion”: Dutch Far-right Leader Geert Wilders’ Ex-ally Converts to Islam (Al-Jazeera) “American weapons sold to the Saudi-led coalition are in the hands of hardline militias, al Qaeda-linked groups, Iranian proxies and numerous other unchecked factions in Yemen’s civil […]

  • News and Analysis (2/4/19)

    “Iran hopes to develop and implement the free circulation of fiat-backed crypto, which could be used by ordinary citizens and banks in financial operations”: Iran Launches Gold-Backed Stablecoin Amidst US Sanctions (Ethereum World News) Omar, “one of only two members of Congress to openly support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, serves as a member […]

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