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Impeachment: Republicans Hate to See Trump Treated Like an African, Latino, or Muslim American

Monday, December 30th, 2019

Democrats say that Republicans focus on the process of the Trump impeachment because they are unable to defend him on the merits. Maybe. But neither major party seems to care about the fact that the procedural weaknesses of the impeachment process are the same challenges faced by blacks, Latinos, and Muslims every day by the grand jury system.

The impeachment process is the equivalent of a grand jury hearing.  The poor people who are indicted by grand juries also get to call no witnesses and their attorneys are denied access to the grand jury room. An article in the Cornell Law Review describes the grand jury process this way:

“By traditional trial standards, a grand jury is allowed to consider a surprising, even shocking, mix of evidence. The prosecutor is not required to inform the grand jury of evidence that favors the suspect, even if that evidence is exculpatory. Jurors are allowed to consider hearsay, illegally obtained evidence, tips, rumors, or their own knowledge of the alleged crime. The Rules of Evidence do not apply, so the prosecutor can ask leading questions and pursue matters that would be considered irrelevant if presented at trial. The decision of which evidence to present is also in the prosecutor’s hands: the suspect has no right to testify in his own defense, and if he does testify, is not allowed to bring counsel with him into the grand jury room. The suspect may not put on contrary evidence, is not given access to the testimony of his accusers until the trial begins, and indeed, may not even be told he is being investigated.  The result of these lax evidentiary standards, when combined with the prosecutor’s discretion over the presentation of the evidence, is that grand jurors hear only what the prosecution wants them to hear — the most inculpatory version of the facts possible, regardless of whether that version is based on evidence that will be considered at trial.”–Andrew D. Leipold, Why Grand Juries Do Not (and Cannot) Protect the Accused , 80 Cornell L. Rev. 260 (1995).

The process is even harsher than impeachment. Whereas some of the committee hearings were criticized by Republicans for being “secret” in that not all Republican representatives were invited to the hearings, the entire grand jury process is secret, whereas the deliberations and votes of the House were broadcast on live television.

To be fair, both the impeachment and grand jury processes are meant to be preliminary screenings and not trials. They are only meant to require that some shred of a case can be made against a defendant before an actual trial begins. I here take no side on whether they serve that job well or poorly.  I only ask where were the critics of the process used against Trump when the harsher version was used against Sami Al-Arian? Where are they as it is used right now against countless other Muslims, Latinos, Afro-Americans, and other disadvantaged groups?

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute

News and Analysis (12/30/19)

Monday, December 30th, 2019

Muslims express solidarity with Jews in the wake of Hanukkah stabbings:

Iran charges that “the United States has targeted the positions of forces that over the years have inflicted heavy blows to Daesh terrorists [i.e., ISIL/ISIS]” …

… while former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin urges Israel to coordinate future airstrikes with the U.S.:

Can parliamentary and presidential elections the Palestinian political parties agreed on in November resolve thirteen years of division between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority?

With his mix of reform and repression, the Saudi “crown prince proved successful only in undermining the kingdom’s credibility, and tarnishing its reputation beyond repair”:

Are Indian citizens paying the price for remaining silent when the Modi regime removed the special Constitutional provisions for Jammu and Kashmir (J&K)?

The hospital has caved in to fears of “religious leaders … that the plan could lead to breaches of Sharia law if two babies drank milk from the same mother and later married … [despite] strict safeguards for the scheme”:

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad challenged Muslim world for funding and political leadership to mobilize resources and pursue education and science to overcome their problems:

Palestinians condemned attempts by Israeli Defense Minister Natfali Bennett to challenge the International Criminal Court and allows Israeli citizens to register in Area C of West Bank:

Iran’s FM says Tehran would not submit to propaganda and refuses to release Australian academic detained for espionage:

News and Analysis (12/28/19)

Saturday, December 28th, 2019

As the European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran remain uncommitted, the EU Commission Chief said rescuing the nuclear deal with Iran is getting harder:

Deputy minister of Iran Industry, Khiabani, uncovers Iran’s export worth of 32.5 billion in2019 and stresses that removing obstacles to exports are among the government’s priorities…

… And Iran Transport Minister, Mohammad Eslami, was quoted in a local press that Iran has made a deal to receive three Airbus planes…

… Also, Russia defies US pressure to extend the 5 years Iran arms embargo of 2015 as it plans for multibillion-dollar deal:

India former Union Minister, P Chidambaram, speaks against the citizen ship Amendment Act (CAA) at the Maha Rally; criticizing the conflicting statement of the National Register of citizens aims to divide india based on religion:

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling Myanmar to stop institutionalized discrimination and human right abuses against Rohingya:

Pasco County lawyer, Donald McBath, who posted disparaging comments about Muslims and LGBT, disciplined:

News and Analysis (12/28/19)

Saturday, December 28th, 2019

Both within and outside of the Muslim world the plight of Muslims is bad:

“To date, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports that Israeli soldiers have shot 50 men, women, and children in the eye since the weekly demonstrations began last March, leaving many permanently blind”:

McBath denied that his belief that Muslims should never be trusted would prevent him from treating one fairly if one appeared before him in court:

Israel’s Army Chief said Iran is the main threat against Israel and that military friction between the two is possible …

… while Brom, Shlomo and Stein remark that conflict with Iran goes against Israeli interest, but Netanyahu is using the tension as a strategy to run his third election campaign:

Women in Iran are breaking boundaries as they took charge on both sides of the camera:

“China has separated nearly half a million children from their families in Xinjiang, aiming to instill loyalty to party and” state over religion:

Australia rejects the effort of the International Criminal Court to probe Israel for war crimes in Palestinian territories, while Berlin reiterates its support for the court:

While Palestinian Tourism authority aim to increase the number of tourists in the holy places, access to Palestine remains controlled by Israel, which restricts and obstructs any progress …

… and Palestinians reject a land registration scheme they see as “a step toward annexing the occupied territory known as Area C that makes over 60 percent of the area of the West Bank”:

Amid heightened tension between Iran and the United States, Iranian spokesman says Iran will hold a joint four-day drill with China and Russia in the northern part of the Indian Ocean …

… while Japan will do its own intelligence gathering in the Gulf rather than participate in the U.S.-led coalition:

News and Analysis (12/25/19)

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

As millions visit Bethlehem for Christmas, 92% of Bethlehem’s 210,000 Palestinians, Christians as well as Muslims, have restricted access and are confined to 13% of the total land with a devastated economy:

A letter to the editor highlights the commonality between Christians and Muslims and shows Prophet Jesus as the strong connection that bind the two Abrahamic faiths, while recognizing extremist elements on both sides:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal is “proud to have lived my life in two of the world’s great democracies” and won’t let the head of the world’s largest democracy dictate to the Congress of the world’s oldest democracy:

“For 776 days, Saudi Arabia has railroaded a US citizen and has confined him and his family to the country like hostages” — Mohamed Soltan, leader of the Freedom Initiative:

The born again Muslim millennial movement in Indonesia, showing much interest in religious studies, worries proponents of moderate tradition:

A Muslim woman who was arrested in Minnesota for failing to pay traffic violation is awarded $120,000 by the court for being forced to remove her headscarf for a mugshot:

Trump distracted global policy is pushing Russia, China, and Iran to form a new alliance in the region with the probability other countries like Pakistan to join:

As reports that Iran is expanding its Internet crackdown emerge, a spokesman for its Guardian Council insists that the country discriminate between legitimate dissent and “sabotage”:

“The Buddhist-majority state has been locked in a simmering conflict with Malay-Muslim militants in Thailand’s south for 15 years with rebels fighting for more autonomy “:

News and Analysis (12/22/19)

Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

Malaysia’s PM said at the end of the Islamic summit on Dec 19 that for Muslim countries to be self-reliant and able to face future economic embargoes, they consider trading in gold through a barter system:

India, Iran, and Afghanistan to open new ports in a new vision for prosperous and economically integrated region of Asia biggest countries:

After five years of a preliminary investigation, the ICC prosecutor announced on Friday the intention to lunch an investigation of war crimes in Palestine:

Six killed in Uttar Pradesh, the northern state of India in the latest anti-citizenship protest on Friday:

Israel’s “Ministry of Strategic Affairs … is really the Ministry of Delegitimization” spending millions of dollars on “dirty tricks” to smear anti-apartheid efforts as anti-Semitic:

She may be known as the Liverpool soccer player, Mohammed Salah’s wife, but the biotechnologist Magi is a mother and charity leader who defies the society stereotypical of Muslim women:

Altaweel, a Muslim citizen, is suing his Raleigh-based company for firing him for requesting time off on Eid, and other discriminatory practices:

Could Nabila Islam, backed by Occupy Democrats, flip Gwinnett-based district held previously by Republican?

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Dec. 19 UN cannot confirm weapons used in Saudi oil facilities attack were Iranian:

News and Analysis (12/20/19)

Friday, December 20th, 2019

On December 20, the united Nations general Assembly called for “permanent sovereignty of Palestinian people in the Occupied Territory, including east Jerusalem.”

Jayapal Pramila is targeted for sponsoring a Congressional resolution “urging India to lift its communications and internet restrictions in Indian-administered Kashmir and preserve religious freedom” …

… as India’s “Internet blackout has made it nearly impossible for journalists to do their jobs” …

… and Pakistan calls on the U.N. independently investigate its claims of India’s border threats:

“[E]ven as he sought a unified voice among Muslim-majority states … several countries – including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – were absent from the meeting”:

Biden tried to distance himself fro the American failures in Afghanistan, but his “reaction to an accurate pronunciation by a person of color” just underlines the problem:

The assailant’s attorney concedes that the perpetrator was intoxicated at the time:

“[A]n op-ed … in the official PA daily paper … [alleges] that IDF soldiers want Palestinian children to hold needles rather than books or pens … because ‘drug needles kill the soul and lead the users to a stage of helplessness'”:

News and Analysis (12/17/19)

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Students abandoned their protests to return to campus when locals joining in turned violent, but Delhi police attacked them on the university campus, beating students and damaging mosques:

According to Al Mayadeen TV, the draft keeps “existing Israeli settlements, as well as isolated settlements, … under Israeli sovereignty” and prohibits Jews and Arabs from buying each other’s homes”:

In the past “security experts have been finding ways around Iranian censors. … This time, though, U.S. sanctions may have inadvertently played into their hands”:

“Shutting down the Internet has become a regular feature of law enforcement in India, which has the distinction of imposing the most blackouts in the world.”:

“Khan said on Tuesday that millions of Muslims could flee India due to the curfew in the disputed territory of Kashmir and India’s new citizenship law, creating ‘a refugee crisis that would dwarf other crises'” …

… Previous SC resolutions include calls for “a plebiscite should be held to determine the future of mostly Muslim Kashmir” and for “Both sides to “refrain from making any statements” or acts to aggravate the situation:

“Announcement comes after Japan PM Shinzo Abe said Tokyo keen to play bigger role in resolving Tehran-Washington impasse.”:

The first conservative to be elected to represent Wakefield in Yorkshire in 78 years is a gay member of the Ahmadiyya movement:

“The Palestinian Archbishop of Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church” urges the world’s Christians to join him in opposing the Israeli occupation and supporting “the Palestinian people and cause”:

News and Analysis (12/14/19)

Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Charges against two Iranian students dropped after the jailed Iranian scientist, Soleimani, was freed in prisoner swap:

As President Trump is focusing on sanctions, Saudi Arabia is questioning U.S. military policy and seeking ways to end tensions with Iran:

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad suggested he may seek to stay in power beyond 2020″ and also declined to give assurance that Anwar Ibrahim would succeed him as prime minister:

Comedians like Ramy Youssef don’t share Dave Chappelle’s qualms about sharing his “religion publicly because I don’t want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing”:

The killers of the Israeli soldier believed that Israel was behind the kidnapping, torture, murder, and subsequent desecration of the bodies of four Iranian diplomats:

“The posts in these groups mostly called for killing Muslims in Sweden, torching mosques and spraying worshippers inside with bullets”:

Angry protesters held day-long hunger strike in northern India over the passing of citizenship law that excludes Muslim minority:

China controls and destroys sensitive data on Uighur Muslim Detention Camps:

“The UN resolution comes in response to the U.S. and Israeli pressures to terminate the operations of UNRWA”:

News and Analysis (12/12/19)

Thursday, December 12th, 2019

“Both women were co-defendants in the prosecution of … a renowned … stem-cell researcher who was arrested last year in the U.S. on charges of arranging the export of human growth factors to” Iran:

A new defense policy drops “a  bipartisan provision requiring the president to get explicit congressional authorization for military action against Tehran”:

UN’s Secretary-General is unable to confirm Saudi claim that Iran is behind the attack on key Saudi’s oil facilities in September:

Regardless of the fact that Islam exhibits a unique religious unity, Islam is practiced around the world with its specific culture, and college offerings ignore this huge global cultural diversity:

A new investigation revealed how elite American intelligence helped Gulf country to spy beyond suspected extremists to include human right activists, journalists, and FIFA personnel:

Muslim advocates warns Mark Zuckerberg about amplified anti-Muslim hate on Facebook:

Gehad El Haddad further remains subjected to extreme conditions after his acquittal and declared innocent by Egyptian court said his family:

The prospect of an Israeli-U.S. defense pact is outrageous especially given that “Israel is one of the most aggressive nations on earth” having aggressed against its neighbors as well as the Palestinians:

Nike vice president Martha Moore started a new and lucrative line of modest swimwear for Muslim women: