Month: February 2020

  • News and Analysis (2/29/20)

    A lawsuit filed against Netanyahu and Trump and key members his administration equates their crimes against Palestinian to the U.S. treatment of the Indigenous Americans and African slaves in America: Netanyahu, Trump, and Kushner Named in ‘War Crimes’ Lawsuit Filed by Palestinians in US Court (Common Dreams) The now cancelled course “was not only racist […]

  • News And Analysis (2/26/20)

    In his visit to India, Trump defended Modi and made no mention of the Hindu-Muslim violence around them or of the discriminatory citizenship law that sparked it: Trump Praises India’s Religious Freedom While Muslim-Hindu Violence Erupts ( As President Trump Left India’s Capital, Hindu-Muslim Riots Flared (NPR) In a statement approved by all fifteen council […]

  • News and Analysis (2/24/20)

    “US officials have also threatened to impose sanctions or seek to criminally prosecute officials at the International Criminal Court if they pursue investigations into alleged war crimes committed by Israel”: US Bars Entry to Researcher Who Exposes Israeli Rights Abuses (Electronic Intifada) The Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine campaign drew more than 2000 attendees, calling […]

  • New and Analysis (2/22/20)

    Given that the Constitution gives Congress the sole power to declare war, it is counter-intuitive to think the President can veto a bill preventing him in engaging in acts of war: The Coming Constitutional Crisis Over Iran (American Prospect) The common wisdom is that Donald Trump prefers to be surrounded by lackeys, but when it […]

  • News and Analysis (2/19/20)

    Bloomberg’s apologies for his stop-and-frisk program ring hollow absent apologies for his Stazi-style surveillance on Muslims: Mike Bloomberg Ran Stasi-Style Police and Surveillance Operations Against Muslim Americans (The Intercept) Bloomberg Apologized for Stop-and-Frisk. Why Won’t He Say Sorry to Muslims for Spying on Them? (The Intercept) India cracks down on Virtual Private Networks and journalists: […]

  • News and Analysis (2/16/20)

    The appeals court refused to buy the lower court’s ruling that the men, prevented from flying because they refused to become spies, had no standing to sue because they were taken off the list after filing suit: Muslim Men Sue FBI Agents Over No-Fly List (Citizen Truth) “AIPAC is the main instrument of such Israeli […]

  • News and Analysis (2/14/20)

    “Palestinian leader Mustafa Barghouti said the report provides critical information that shows these companies are willfully operating their businesses in violation of international laws: Palestinians Hail UN List of Firms Linked to Israeli Settlements (Al-Jazeera) The UAE Foreign Minister, urges on Tuesday reaching a political solution and de-escalation with Iran: UAE Supports Calls for De-escalation […]

  • News and Analysis (2/11/20)

    Kamal’s latest book sheds light on the problem of imitative traditions opposed to deriving Islamic rulings from divine sources to address our contemporary realities: The ILN Post: Hudood Laws Need a New Theory: Probably Hashim Kamali Has Produced One! (Islam & Liberty) The number of casualties keeps rising: 109 U.S. Troops Suffered Brain Injuries in […]

  • News and Analysis (2/9/20)

    In a serious escalation in the West Bank, two teens and a Palestinian Authority policeman were killed by Israeli soldier on the last 24 hours: Three Palestinians Killed in Clashes with Israeli Forces in 24 Hours (Haaretz) Two convicted Killers of the Palestinian activist Alexander Odeh in 1985 in California are living free in Israel […]

  • News and Analysis (2/7/20)

    “Iraqi military and intelligence officials … believe it is unlikely that the militia the United States blamed for the attack, Khataib Hezbollah, carried it out.” They blame ISIS: Was U.S. Wrong About Attack That Nearly Started a War With Iran? (NY Times) Use of the law that “allows detention without trial for up to two […]

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