Month: August 2020

  • News and Analysis (8/29/20)

    “If [madrassas] have proliferated across India, it is testimony to the abject failure of the Indian state and its parts in the task of universalising free public primary education”: Poor Advice on Kashmir (Indian Express) Fanatical Swedish Islamophobes kick and burn Qur’ans on the Muslim day of communal prayers and then riot after the banned […]

  • Hagia Sophia, Just War, the Inviolability of Awqaf, and the Meaning of “Prayer”

    I received many gratifying letters of appreciation for my blog “Sincere Advice for ErdoÄŸan on Hagia Sophia” published in July, in which I urged Mr. Erdogan to let Christians as well as Muslims pray in the Ayasofya now that it was to be reopened for prayer.  Only one person protested my suggestion. On the Sociology […]

  • News and Analysis (8/26/20)

    An Afghani refugee sometimes mocked as “terrorist” told the white supremacist mass murderer, “You took that name from me. Today, you are the terrorist” and “elicited spontaneous applause from other victims in the courtroom”: New Zealand Survivor to Mosque Gunman: ‘You Are the Loser’ (abc News) Notwithstanding Israeli Pressure on its European members, the UNSC […]

  • News and Analysis (8/23/20)

    “Palestinians … are forced to build without permit because getting one is almost impossible from a racist municipality that is ready to build thousands of housing units for Jews and not a single house for” them: Despite Heavy Costs, Palestinians in Occupied East Jerusalem Decide Not to Self-demolish Their Homes (Wafa) “[T]he social-media giant’s internal […]

  • News and Analysis (8/21/20)

    “Tehran called on Abu Dhabi to release the boats and its nationals, and to hand over the bodies of those killed”: Iran Seizes UAE Vessel and Crew After Fishermen Killed (Financial Times) “The city of Phoenix and the Phoenix police targeted my brother for his race, they mocked him for his religion and disability, and […]

  • News and Analysis (8/19/20)

    With Sudan as well as Saudi Arabia lined up to follow in the UAE’s footsteps, Palestinians and Muslim nations outside the Arab world know betrayal when they see it: Sudan and Israel Say Talks Underway for Deal to Normalize Ties (Times of Israel) Interpreting the UAE/Israel Agreement on Suspending Annexation (Just World Educational) Hussain: Arab […]

  • News and Analysis (8/17/20)

    “The U.S. claimed it seized Iranian petrol, but even though the cargo was sent from Iran, neither the ships nor the petrol were Iranian” — Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh: Iran: Fuel En Route to Venezuela Seized by US Wasn’t Iranian (AP / WTOP) “[I]t was primarily due to the endeavours of … active […]

  • News and Analysis (8/15/20)

    “Washington got support only from the Dominican Republic for its resolution to indefinitely extend the embargo, leaving it far short of the minimum nine ‘yes’ votes required for adoption” … UN Security Council Rejects US Bid to Extend Iran Arms Embargo (Aljazeera) … which suits the Trump administration’s plans for unlilateral sanctions and, if Pompeo […]

  • News and Analysis (8/13/20)

    “Israel got rewarded for not declaring openly what it’s been doing to Palestine illegally & persistently since the beginning of the occupation” — Hanan Ashrawi: Palestinians Slam Israel-UAE Peace Deal (Bendigo Advertiser) In the Delhi riots, “police failed to disperse the crowd initially and finally managed to assuage the mob by telling them that they […]

  • News and Analysis (8/10/20)

    The village was formally founded in the 1920s on lands occupied by Palestinians for centuries, but now that one settler has moved in, Israeli authorities have ordered its complete destruction”: Palestinian Village Farasin Defiant Despite Threats of Being Wiped Off the Map (Middle East Eye) “Israeli forces opened fire on the ambulance that was trying […]

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