Month: February 2010

  • News and Analysis (2/28/10)

    After clashes in Hebron and four Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers near Bethlehem: Violence Flares at Jerusalem Holy Site (Reuters) “Tens of millions of Iranians are calling for a halt to censorship, restrictions, repression, adventurism and ambivalence in foreign diplomacy, ruinous economic polices and the expansion of corruption and lies… Our people very well understand […]

  • News and Analysis (2/26/10)

    In what has become the most dangerous country  in the world for journalists, the government has recently implemented legislation described as “an alarming return to authoritarianism”: Iraqi Journalist Sees Threats to Press Freedom (Washington Post) 80% of imports arrive through the tunnels creating a powerful mafia in Gaza leading some dreamers to hope that closure […]

  • News and Analysis (2/25/10)

    With four coups since 1960, the arrests indicate that civilian rule has deepened enough to challenge the military for ultimate authority in Turkey: Turkey Coup Plot: 12 Officers Charged as Government Takes on Military (Christian Science Monitor) Records “show that Afghan passengers took more than $180 million to Dubai during a two-month period starting in […]

  • News and Analysis (2/24/10)

    A law that makes it illegal for American groups to give lawful advice to terrorist groups on how to pursue peaceful means to ending conflict” is not just unconstitutional; it’s stupid: Supreme Court Weighs Free Speech Against Aid to Terrorists (Washington Post) As Obama pushes for increased European commitment, does withdrawal of the first NATO […]

  • News and Analysis (2/23/10)

    Examining the legality of the CIA’s decision to destroy videotapes of harsh interrogation methods, which included wall-slamming and waterboarding: Destroying C.I.A. Tapes Wasn’t Opposed, Memos Say (NY Times) Unimpressed by promises of government services not provided by the Taliban, locals counter the Taliban didn’t bother them, while “Your government drops bombs on us;” two years […]

  • Updates Jan. 30 – Feb. 21

    [2/12/10] Our activities page announces the launch of series of Encounter Islam program to introduce American Christians to Islam and their local Muslim community. [2/11/10] Dr. Ahmad answers Farspress’s questions about the U.S. Missile Umbrella Over the Persian Gulf on our blog. [2/7/10] Our articles page has been updated to include Dr. Ahmad‘s lecture on […]

  • News and Analysis (2/22/10)

    Marja is much less important than Kandahar, but McChrystal needs a win soon to shore up domestic support for the war and “to show Afghans that U.S. forces and the Afghan government can protect them from the Taliban” … Battle for Marja Not Only Militarily Significant (Washington Post) … But actions contradict promises, leaving at […]

  • News and Analysis (2/20-21/10)

    Like Christians who turned to home schooling, Muslims are attracted by the higher educational standards, the integration of religious education, and the avoiding the drawbacks of government and Islamic schools: Muslims Turning to Home Schooling in Increasing Numbers (Washington Post) A repeat of the lethal aftermath of the boycott if the first post-Saddam election would […]

  • News and Analysis (2/19/10)

    “Details are emerging that Pakistan feared losing influence within peace overtures between the United States and the Afghan Taliban:” Pakistan Arrests More Afghan Taliban. Why the About-Face? (Christian Science Monitor) New details emerge illustrating the scope of Iran’s nuclear quest: IAEA Fears Iran Working on Warhead (Al Jazeera) Pork-free Quick burger outlets are now the […]

  • News and Analysis (2/18/10)

    Nahro Massoud, a Hamas security official, was detained and interrogated over his involvement in the murder of al-Mabhouh Hamas Official Accused of Helping Mossad Hit Squad (Guardian) “This is inexplicable. Pakistan has destroyed its own credentials as a mediator between Taliban and Americans….’ — Rustam Shah Mohmand, former Pakistani ambassador to Kabul: Why Arrest of […]

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