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News and Analysis (11/30/10)

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

5,000 “young Yemenis have so far volunteered to contribute to the country’s media campaign, two hundred of which will work with [Amr] Khaled and his U.K.-based organization to … confront extremism”:

“We have a choice. Peace, nonintervention, and low government expenditures? Or perpetual war and out-of-control government? Knowing the legal consequences of his brave action, Bradley Manning made an apparently difficult choice. For us, it’s not a hard choice at all” …

… yet Israel, miraculously spared evidence of any hypocrisy between public and private positions apparent with the Arab and other states in the leaked material, draws an opposite conclusion calling for an attack on Iran

… although it is the West that has turned its back on Iran’s  agreement “to exchange its low-enriched uranium in Turkey for nuclear fuel processed abroad”:

The FBI sought to avoid suspicion of entrapment in its sting operation against Mohamed Mohamud:

Human rights groups echo the Muslim Brotherhood’s allegations that “its lawmakers may be almost entirely swept out of parliament by what it said was rampant rigging, intimidation and vote-buying”:

Sometimes a Sting Operation Isn’t Entrapment

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

In the past government sting operations have too often seemed like cases of entrapment, in which hapless dupes are tricked into illegal acts that they would never take of their own volition. In the recent case of the Somali youth Mohamed Mohamud accused of trying to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, however, the FBI seems to haven taken steps to protect itself from such charges. Nonetheless some Muslims have expressed fears that this is just another case of entrapment.

There is a bright line between sting operations and entrapment. I don’t want to pre-judge a case that has yet to go to trial, but before we jump to conclusions it should be noted that in this particular case the prosecution claims it is the defendant who initiated a search for someone he could work with. Further, and again I am not saying the assertion has been proven, it is their claim that the defendant showed no concern or even hesitation over the fact that the victims of the FBI plan were just civilian holiday-goers. If the FBI claims are true, then this case is very different, for example, from real cases of entrapment where the victim has no intention or desire to harm innocents until seduced into it by the entrappers.

In this case the accusation is that the defendant pursued the general path of his own volition and the FBI only provided (fake) means to do what he himself yearned to do. If this charge is false he should be acquitted and those who entrapped him punished for promoting terrorism; but if it is true he deserves what he is about to get.

That said, I agree with the critics that naive young people must be warned against entrapment. We must  not do or say anything to mislead any young Muslims into thinking it is permissible to engage in haram actions (Islamically prohibited acts, including terrorism) as long as you are assisted by self-professed “jihadists” who may or may not be FBI agents.  The only effective means to do that is to teach them that Islam violence against the innocent is haram whether you are invited to engage in it by al-Qaeda, Mossad, the FBI, or a perfect stranger you met on the Internet.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute

News and Analysis (11/29/10)

Monday, November 29th, 2010

“The surgeon in the holy city of Medina knows her father, also her male guardian, is violating Islamic law by forcibly keeping her single”:

Wikileaks brings to light some pretty icky stuff, reminding us “that sunshine is the best disinfectant” …

… among the most important points is the extent in which “Muslim governments engage in policies of which they know their citizens will not approve”:

Arson provokes Muslim leaders to call for more protection “days after a Somali-American man was accused of trying to blow up a van full of explosives during Portland’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony”:

The first chief of operations of the CIA’s Counter Proliferation Division asserts that if “US is to enjoy any credibility on non-proliferation in the Middle East, it will either have to change its policy toward Israel, or change its broader non-proliferation policy”:

Along with the grant of citizenship to church leaders that paves the way for returning other property, the return of the orphanage illustrates the AKP’s efforts to reform Turkey’s  record on human rights:

Islamic law prohibits denying the lineage of a child; “[o]pen adoption, which keeps contact between the adoptee and his biological family may be the answer”:

“Senft said that despite bouts with depression, his son was still deployed to Afghanistan even though he didn’t want to go and believed his military records would have indicated his mental instability”:

“If you ask MC Kash, he’s just speaking the truth. But Kashmir’s breakout rapper’s songs court rebellion and could land him in jail”:

News and Analysis (11/24/10)

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Egypt’s denial of a license to for Coptic Christian house of worship leads to around 93 arrested, thirty injured, and hundreds protesting in the streets:

A sign that “fissures that developed between the Ahmadinejad government and conservatives in Parliament during last year’s wave of protests have yet to be closed,” the complaint could be a step to impeachment:

It is neither illegal nor unusual, but Sharif El-Gamal’s request for taxpayer dollars to fund the Manhattan Islamic Center is asking for bad public relations:

The allegations shock “the tens of thousands of Somalis in the Minneapolis area, who fled civil war and famine to build new lives in the United States and now wonder how some of their youths could have strayed so far”:

Israel’s referendum law makes for a sad day for those who saw the Two-State Solution as the road to peace and freedom; an analysis by realist and author of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy Stephen Walt:

His assertion that he “he had no plans to consummate the marriage until the girl reached puberty” didn’t help, “especially when he went on to say he also intended to marry two other girls, aged 7 and 9”:

News and Analysis (11/23/10)

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Potentially assisted by the Pakistani regime, who the U.S. gives billions in aid every year, a representative of the Taliban turns out to be pulling our leg, after we butter him up with “a lot of money”:

“Ironically, this toxic cocktail of enmity serves the ultra-Jewish nationalists. So lurid and bloodthirsty is much of the anti-Israel/Jewish rhetoric pouring from the Muslim world that it is easy to convince Jewish public opinion that ‘Arabs don’t want peace’ “:

Escaping political-economic situations in Africa, dozens of “economic refugees” have been shot by Egyptian border guards on their way into Israel, now Israel is building more walls:

A Muslim lawmaker agrees “to consider a resolution to better protect Christians to keep them in Iraq” as his Christian colleague lambasts “nations that have offered asylum to the minority as meddling in Iraq’s problems”:

News and Analysis (11/22/10)

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Both Jewish and Catholic law can, and are, brought to secular courts on civil cases concerning marriage, divorce and contract law, and herein lies the objection to the OK law on the basis of religious discrimination:

With perpetrators sentenced to only “15 and six years each in prison for the wartime torture and killing of 700 Muslims in eastern Bosnia”:

Animal rights activist Amina Abaza makes an Islamic case for humane slaughtering, or no slaughtering at all on Id al-Adha, on the premise of the compassion of Islam:

Women score “Pakistan’s first Asian Games gold medal in eight years”:

“The Brotherhood alleged the government was rigging the polls in different ways, including moving polling stations from their original locations and removing Brotherhood candidates without giving a reason”:

She has appealed her conviction, but a provincial official delivering her petition for clemency is optimistic about her release one way or another:

News and Analysis (11/19/10)

Friday, November 19th, 2010

The commemoration of  Hajjar (Haggar)’s trials in the hajj teaches an American feminist that “God not only hears my prayers and answers them, but that He makes no distinction between the prayers of men and women”:

Egypt takes billions in foreign aid from the U.S., but rejects “Washington’s call for foreign monitors to observe the country’s coming parliamentary elections, describing it as meddling in its internal affairs”:

An al-Qaeda spokesman demands the French negotiate with bin Ladin “according to his conditions”:

“The United Nations says that in 2010, 55 Palestinians, including 22 civilians, have been killed by Israeli military action in Gaza”:

Analysis of the Ghalani case by six legal experts, policymakers, and human rights activists:

“Human Rights Watch urged Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait to do more to protect domestic workers in their countries, saying a string of allegations point to a ‘broader pattern of abuse’ “:

News and Analysis (11/18/10)

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

The verdict demonstrates the necessity of civilian trials to insure justice in the face of lynch mobs draw the opposite conclusion “that terrorism suspects …  get too many rights and protections in civilian court.”:

“The fight against al Qaeda is in Pakistan, not Afghanistan….” Then why are we still in Afghanistan? …

… Habib-ur-Rahman, son of Hezb-e-Islami head Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, says, “All Afghan groups agree that war is not the solution. But the Americans are sending 30,000 more troops in …” which he calls counter-productive:

Arguing that interest is prohibited, but apparently believing  fraud is not, a member of the Shariah Board of America turns out to be a Muslim Bernie Madoff:

The “plaintiffs’ attorney Joe Brandon Jr. … [challenged] whether Islam qualified as a religion” and “pushed his theory that American Muslims want to replace the Constitution with extremist Islamic law”:

Allegations are that ” that the airline discriminated against them by removing them from a Jan. 1, 2009, flight out of Reagan National Airport and refusing to rebook them”:

News and Analysis (11/17/10)

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Blogger Kareem Amer jailed for calling Mubarak a “symbol of tyranny” and Prophet Muhammad (saws) “a spiller of blood” is freed ten days after the end of his sentence:

“… the ACLU argues that the Obama administration is violating the constitutional” prohibitions of unreasonable seizures deprivation of citizens’  life or liberty without receiving the due process of law”:

Unintended consequences of 30 years of sanctions meant for the Iranian regime, but affecting the Persian people:

After 18 years of Israeli military “occupation of southern Lebanon in 2000, U.N. surveyors split Ghajar between Lebanon and the Israeli-controlled Golan, but Israel reoccupied the northern half in the 2006 war”:

The recent attacks on the Coptic Christian community remind us how important the freedom of worship is to a tolerant and diverse society:

News and Analysis (11/16/10)

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Arrest of human right attorneys spreads; Iran should release Nasrin Sotoudeh (as well as Houtan Kian), and the U.S. should release Lynn Stewart:

On “Monday,  Mullah Mohammad Omar reiterated that negotiations would not be possible until all foreign troops — now at about 150,000 — leave Afghanistan, labeling talk of negotiations ‘mere propaganda’ “:

“We want to peacefully coexist with everyone else,” said Naim Elghandour, Muslim Association of Greece, noting that “Athens is the only capital city in the European Union without a mosque”:

Gen. David Richards thinks that “victory is ‘unnecessary'” but that containing al-Qaeda will insure that “our children’s lives are led securely”:

“Islam flourishes, but so do other faiths.  Development is strengthened by an emerging democracy.  Ancient traditions endure, even as a rising power is on the move,”– Pres. Obama in his University of Indonesia speech:

Photo montage of the Hajj by FP magazine: