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News and Analysis (6/30/11)

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

“Clinton, speaking during a visit to Budapest, says it is in Washington’s interests to deal with Egyptian parties committed to non-violent political participation” and Reuters “quotes a Brotherhood spokesman as saying it would welcome contacts with the United States”:

No other designated terrorist organization would dare “holding fundraisers in DC, lobbying Congress, or holding press conferences at the National Press Club” but one “with the blood of Americans and Iranians alike on its hands, freely does all of these things” and may soon “succeed in getting removed from the terrorist list”:

Picked “up from her home in the capital Tehran by security officers who refused to show a warrant for her arrest and was taken to Evin prison” and, according to her attorney, kept incommunicado, “denied access to her family or proper legal representation”:

The French admission “renews debate on the legality and wisdom of arming rebels in conflicts whose outcome is unpredictable”:

Drones didn’t get bin Ladin, yet the controversial CIA run program will be expanded :

Female weightlifter calls the compromise “a great victory” and expresses “hope other sporting organizations will follow this example to allow greater inclusion and participation in their respective sport” naming “FIFA’s disqualification of the Iranian women’s team” as an example:

Security services used to violently suppressing dissent remain on the streets and some Egyptians are furious at the history of state torture and violence” as justice is delayed again in the case of the “young businessman whose murder last June planted the seeds for the nation’s revolution”:

Hezbollah and its political allies, roughly half the country’s Druze and Christians,” now form a bloc that “has a slim majority in government, which it will likely use to” contest the tribunal:

A rocket attack in Iraq killing three U.S. soldiers reminds us that “this month has been the deadliest for US troops in Iraq in two years” and “the worst month [in Afghnaistan] since May 2009, when 25 were killed”:

News and Analysis (6/29/11)

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Like 275,000 other nonprofits that were careless about timely filing of 990 forms, CAIR has lost its tax exemption, but as a Muslim organization in a heated propaganda battle with Islamophobic website WorldNetDaily, more is at stake than the detectability of donations:

The “latest — and by far the most dramatic — in a series of attacks that have underscored the insurgents’ ability to penetrate even Kabul’s most heavily guarded installations, raising troubling new questions about the Afghan forces’ ability to take over responsibility for safeguarding the country”:

The new peace plan falls “short of calling for a cease-fire in the border state of South Kordofan … but it does lay out a framework for shared governance of tumultuous border areas”:

Desperate to stop the new Gaza humanitarian aid effort, Israeli supporters resort to video hoaxes and sabotage while Israel accuses the organizers of the peaceful resistance project of plotting to defend themselves against Israeli attack:

Assigned to work with the poorly trained and ill equipped Frontier Corps paramilitary “”front line” against Al Qaeda and the Taliban” at the Afghani border, the team is “the most recent casualty of extremely strained US-Pakistan relations”:

“Women’s groups have campaigned for stricter laws to deter men from frivolously entering polygamous marriages,” but others say suppression only leads to secret marriages without the knowledge or consent of the parties while openness will “deter adultery and improve the marriage prospects of single mothers and reformed prostitutes”:

“Sheikh Salah is one of the leading figures in the Arab Israeli community. He traveled to the UK legitimately, and he had no knowledge of any ban on his entering the UK, so we are surprised and disappointed by this illegitimate procedure” — Ibrahim Sarsur, a United Arab List member of the Knesset:

“The detentions mark the first major backlash by authorities since a campaign was launched by Saudi women nearly two weeks ago to challenge the driving restrictions”:

“Cadets at Egypt’s police academy say they face disdain from a society that sees them as remnants of Mubarak’s regime, while the public sees them as both ineffective and overbearing” after new clashes at Tahrir Square:

News and Analysis (6/28/11)

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

So far the Israeli blockade is succeeding in keeping “Arabic translations of a book about Martin Luther King Jr.” out of the hands of Palestinians …

… but Netanyahu has rescinded a threat to journalists covering the new flotilla, offering to “embed” them into the Israeli perspective:

“As soon as we got there, the officers told us not to shoot at the men carrying guns. They said they [the gunmen] were with us. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It had all been lies”:

Don’t taze the animals, Bro! Is stunning really more humane than the swift death of halal/kosher slaughter?

How about if Minnie just wore a headscarf rather than a niqab? Humorless “Salafis” offended by implication that they would force cartoon rodents to adopt conservative Islamic dress:

Palestinian Christians refute the Archbishop of Canterbury’s allegations that anti-Christian Muslim extremism is responsible for the Christian exodus from the holy Land rather than “Jewish and Western Christian Zionists” who “have more military power and clout to uproot all Palestinian presence both Christian and Muslim from our homeland”:

When a missile with a range of only 2,000 kilometers can hit a target of country thousands of miles away, that suggests the latter country is overextending its military:

With Benghazi hospitals focused on emergency cases–usually militants suffering gunshot wounds, there are no resources for the suffering civilian population; parents are sent to Egypt to obtain drugs for their children:


News and Analysis (6/24/11)

Friday, June 24th, 2011

“After first rejecting a measure in support of US military participation in the NATO-led operation, the House went on to defeat a cutoff of funding for US involvement in the Libya war that Republican leaders had considered a sure thing”:

Does a lapse to authoritarianism threaten the Muslim Brotherhood’s professed tolerance?

There is anew freedom in Egyptian media, but criticizing the military is still out of bounds:

As Syria Protesters ‘Shot Outside Mosque’, there is a reversal of the expulsion of Western journalists:

The developers’ “hesitancy on bank branches meshed with the policies of their financial partners, who adhere to the restrictions of Shariah, or Islamic law, including the ban on collecting interest. Restaurants will be able to serve liquor, but retailers whose primary business involves selling alcohol will not be allowed”:

According to the FBI, one of the accused “referred to war crimes charges against five soldiers accused of killing Afghan civilians for sport last year, saying ‘he was not comfortable with letting the legal system deal with these matters'”:

“Amnesty International, which has documented rape inside Iran’s prisons and interviewed victims for a 2010 report, called on Iran to launch an investigation into the recent allegations”:

The latest revelations on Bin Laden indicate that a militant ISI resource was part of his support network and that he sought a name change for al-Qaeda because its record of killing Muslims was giving it a bad reputation:

News and Analysis (6/23/11)

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Unconditional aid is reserved for Israel:

Plaintiffs argue “that California law bars local governments from restricting medical procedures;” it would “infringe upon my rights as a Muslim to practice here,” and “also take away my rights as a parent to choose what’s a good procedure for my child” — plaintiff Leticia Preza, 31, mother of a 4-year-old boy and a baby girl:

Ghanouchi says  the Socialists “have no confidence in their ability to compete with al-Nahda. Hence they seek one postponement after another” but together with “the leading liberal faction … have made compromises to keep the electoral process on track in the hope that the democratic transition was more important that the result”:

Two “days after members of the family of a close aide were killed in an air strike,” Libya denies claims the target was control and command center:

The judge says Wilders’ incendiery speech is permissible because of the context; unfortunately, the context is that  “Dutch voters … have reconsidered their famous tolerance amid fears their culture is being eroded by immigrants who don’t share their values”:

As vulnerable to Islamophobia as he is to kryptonite?

“If the Netherlands outlaws procedures that make meat kosher for Jews or halal for Muslims, it will be the first country outside New Zealand to do so in recent years. It will join the Scandinavian, Baltic countries and Switzerland, whose bans are mostly traceable to pre-World War II anti-Semitism”:

The suit charges an executive director “asked several child care attendants including Huri to hold hands while she prayed out loud in the name of Jesus Christ, and told another child care attendant who requested to work with Huri that she should work with a ‘good Christian,’ not with Huri who was ‘evil'”:

Parsing the babbling of a neocon “Islam expert” suggests that either the Secretary of State “arranged for Huma Abedin to be married to a Jewish guy from New York who needed to convert to Islam in order” to suppress lesbianism rumors, or else “the whole marriage is … a ‘charade from the outset,’ that all parties agreed to for — some reason”:

News and Analysis (6/22/11)

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

As Amr Moussa continues to have second thoughts over the Arab League’s call for the Libyan intervention, the rebels turn on the reporters they had been cultivating:

With Ahmadinejad under threat of impeachment and the U.S. hikers facing trial on July 31, a collaborator of a book with an advocate of Iranian women’s sports says “she has not heard from her since Friday when the photographer was scheduled to arrive in Düsseldorf”:

Two Muslim women brought to the U.S. to see America is not really anti-Muslim, instead saw “what witnesses describe as an American man berating two [American] women for practicing their Muslim faith. Fortunately they also got to witness dozens of other Americans defending, and protecting, the two women from the man” who was subsequently arrested for “disorderly conduct”:

If the king wanted to cool the atmosphere in anticipation of talks, this is not the way to do it:

In Egypt, the liberals attempted “end run around the [overwhelmingly] passed referendum” seem undemocratic, while the Muslim Brotherhood’s repeated assurances in both word and deed that “‘The new constitution has to be written by all Egyptians’ …  makes the Islamists look responsible and conciliatory” …

… while the Christian co-founder of the MB’s new political party defends himself against accusations of treason from his co-religionists with  the observation “joining the party is for the benefit of Christians in Egypt. If we don’t overcome the gap between Christians and Islamist movements, especially moderate ones, we have a problem” …

… meanwhile, defining ““the relationship between Islam and the state in this difficult phase”:

While the Dutch debate imposing vegetarianism on Muslims and Jews by banning ritual slaughter,  Australians upset by a court ruling that a Muslim woman has a “right to question a police officer who had asked her to remove her burqa during a routine car stop and breath test, consider demanding a fingerprint from women who won’t show their face:

Even as the Muslim Brotherhood plays down division in its ranks, the generational rift is demonstrated:



Dutch lawmakers to debate ritual slaughter ban

News and Analysis (6/16/11)

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

The new head of al-Qaeda lacks bin Laden’s charisma, but surpasses his predecessor in the scope of his violent vision, having been the one to convince bin Laden to adopt suicide bombings and to expand their targets to include both the U.S. and Muslims who disagreed with them (whom they branded as apostates) among their targets:

The newsest round of the King hearings “lasted only a few hours—possibly because other than the back-and-forth of ‘are they or aren’t they bad?’—there was almost no empirical evidence to prove that prison radicalization is a credible threat,” and what scraps of evidence were presented are refuted by written testimony to the committee:

“Gaddafi is willing to hold elections and step aside if he lost,” but “Libya has never held elections under Gaddafi and has no elected institutions, so it was not clear what form the proposed vote would take”:

Iran has “said it aims to put a man into orbit within 10 years, despite the expense and technological challenge”:

“The judges ruled Thursday that he had provided support to set up the camp, though he was acquitted of funding terrorism.”  Bashir, who accuses “the US and Australia of  seeking to persecute him” will appeal:

News and Analysis (6/15/11)

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Furious over the U.S. violation of Pakistani sovereignty in the bin Ladin assassination the Pakistani “military rank and file … wants its leaders to break with the U.S.”:

Eleven more parties have joined the list of the liberal Wafd and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party to “implement the values of the January 25 revolution, freedom, justice, democracy and equal citizenship”:

The U.S. “is building a ‘secret’ CIA air base somewhere in the Gulf region” in preparation “for a ‘worst case scenario’ if groups opposed to US foreign policy in the region win the current power struggle raging between Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s president, and his opponents”:

“In I Speak for Myself, we talk about our faith, our children, our husbands and our careers, and ultimately our stories reflect the richness and diversity of Islam in America” — Asma T. Uddin:

“What matters to me is that I did the right thing by my book. I refused to go to Afghanistan because it was against my Islamic conditions and I will refuse to accept these charges because I’m a man of truth, I’m a Muslim, I’m a soldier and I’m a human being” — Nasir Abdo

“Some officials in the U.S. argue that Pakistani leaders are lax in tackling the problem because of the suspected link between the country’s intelligence agencies and militant groups” but among the “60% of Pakistani Muslims [who] regard themselves as Sufi followers” some chalk the poor security up to “government incompetence”:

Obama calls on “both the north and south to ‘live up to their responsibilities’ to prevent a return to civil war”:

News and Analysis (6/14/11)

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Those who have been subpoenaed, most of them non-Muslim, include clerical workers, educators and in one case a stay-at-home dad…. All 23 of the activists invoked their right not to testify before a grand jury”:

Lawyer says investigators demonstrated gross incompetence by failing to follow guidelines and managing to interview only one of the 140 alleged victims of “sexual abuse, deprivation of food, water and sleep, prolonged solitary confinement and mock executions” despite a budget of £7.5m:

By shifting the intervention from the military to the CIA, attacks like the assassination attempts against Anwar al-Awlaki could proceed “even if Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, now receiving medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, reverses his past approval of military strikes or cedes power to a government opposed to them”:

Hamas rejects the appointment of Israeli favorite Salam Fayyad as interim PM “because he has drowned the Palestinian people in billions of dollars of debt and made its economy and political decision-making dependent on foreign donors”:

Amid the controversy over Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson, an Afghani social entrepreneur runs “schools, women’s learning centers, day care centers and clinics across seven of the 34 Afghan provinces” on only $1.5 million per year …

… while the athlete-entrepreneur developer of the “ResportOn athletic hijab” intended to allow Mulsim athletes to meet Western discriminatory dress codes finds “demand has poured in from all over the world, from both Muslim and non-Muslim women”:

A coalition of civil rights, religious and interfaith groups met Tuesday on New York’s Long Island to decry the stereotyping of both Muslims and prisoners:

Facing rising violence due to the radical Boko Haram sect, “the spiritual leader of Nigeria’s Muslim population,” “heir to the 200-year-old throne of West Africa’s 19th-century Caliphate Empire,” and “one of the most influential traditional rulers in the region” seeks “a check to those atrocities that these people commit in the name of religion”:

Israel claims the veteran of the 2006 invasion of Lebanon is just a student (like the Israeli “art students” who celebrated the WTC attacks?), but  the Egyptian media reports that Grapel falsely posed as a reporter and “met with six people linked to an espionage ring in Egypt”:

News and Analysis (6/13/11)

Monday, June 13th, 2011

With his stunning electoral success, Erdogan has come under attack from rival parties, but his pro-market  policies have “brought Turkey through the global financial crisis unscathed” with “one of the world’s top growth rates” and historically low inflation and interest rates …

… Is Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood signalling a willingness to follow in its footsteps?

“The fact that Hezbollah and its allies have 18 seats in the 30-member cabinet does not mean that the country will join the radical camp in terms of its relations with the international community” — Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati:

Almost a quarter of a million inmates have converted to Islam in the past decade, and observers have split over whether “the Muslim faith offers prisoners a viable path to rehabilitation” or “Islamic prisoners are a threat to U.S. security”:

The admission that the alleged Syrian lesbian blogger is really a heterosexual American male exacerbates concerns over the gullibility of the mainstream media over events in the Middle East …

… while the the Washington Times has deleted an article by the founder of “an outfit that handled PR for” neocons “from Richard Perle to James Woolsey to Frank Gaffney” alleging “that Rep. Anthony Weiner may have converted from Judaism to Islam to marry Huma Abedin as part of a secret socialist political agenda”:

“Mostly, Ahmed wants to show men, women and children of the Middle East smiling and cracking up in laughter to counter the image of the serious, sullen or even furious Arab who inhabits the American consciousness,” but how did he score that gig in Riyadh?

The man who “has discovered 150 wrecks and recovered loot that totals several million dollars” is now hunting for bin Laden’s body:

Caught lying to pageant officials about her drinking, the first “Muslim” Miss USA offers the lame defense, “I wasn’t doing anything illegal”: