Month: July 2016

  • News & Analysis (7/30/16)

    “Constitutional law expert Nawfel Saied said the no confidence vote, although unprecedented in the country’s short history with democracy, was a positive point. Similar mechanisms exist in other parliamentary democracies”: Tunisia Elections: Veteran Politician Beji Caid Essebsi Wins Run-off Vote (AP / Guardian) In missing the point of the strict scrutiny principle, Johnson adopts the […]

  • News & Analysis (7/27/16)

    Bill Clinton’s invitation for Muslims to join his cause assumes that they are not American and that many of them do not “hate terror”: Bill Clinton Insulted Muslim Americans During his 2016 DNC Speech with this One Sentence (Mic) Gulen maintains that he is innocent and that the coup is contrary to his dearest principles […]

  • Organ Donation in Islam

    [These are my notes on the International Institute of Islamic Thought on-the-record fiqh forum on Organ Donation held in Herndon, VA on July 20, 2016. These notes are NOT a transcript, but a lightly edited presentation of  my perception of the discussion. Responsibility for any errors in the notes is mine alone.] Organ Donation in Islam Ms. […]

  • News & Analysis (7/25/16)

    The latest terror attack in was carried out by an asylum seeker whose application was rejected last year. He has a history of suicide attempts: Ansbach Explosion: Bomber Pledged Allegiance to IS (BBC) Muslim-American votes will impact the 2016 Presidential elections … Muslim American Voters Could Swing Battleground States (Voice of America) … though only Libertarian […]

  • News & Analysis (07/23/16)

    Although the motives of the Munich attacker are still unknown, Munich’s police chief thinks a “link between the new attack and Friday’s fifth anniversary of [Anders] Breivik’s attacks in Norway is ‘obvious’”: Munich Gunman “Obsessed with Mass Shootings” (BBC) Though scores of civilians were killed, the US believes its bombing of ISIS targets to be worth […]

  • News & Analysis (7/21/16)

    At the Republican National Convention, Rudy Giuliani stands by his disastrous surveillance of Mosques in the New York area, and fails to name any leads the surveillance produced: Rudy Giuliani Brags About Treating All Muslims like Criminal Suspects (Intercept) The United States wants Turkey to provide proof that Gulen was involved in the Coup … […]

  • El Mercurio Interview on the Failed Coup in Turkey

    [I was recently interviewed by Javier Méndez about the failed coup in Turkey for an article in Santiago’s  El Mercurio newspaper. Here are my answers to his questions.] Q. After the military coup attemp, Erdogan government has launched an intense repression in Turkey. Has Erdogan the political power to do that? A. In the aftermath of […]

  • News & Analysis (7/18/16)

    The investigation is still going on into the motives and background of the attacker in Nice. However, people in his community argue he was a bad example … Nice, France Muslim Leaders Are Heartsick and Furious (Daily Beast) … But seeking to malign Islam as a whole is still falling right into ISIS’ trap… After […]

  • News & Analysis (7/16/16)

    After an attempted coup by a faction of the military, the Erdogan government seems back in control, but, blaming the highly secretive but heretofore peaceful Gulen (“Hizmet”) movement for the coup, they will not be dealing with the alleged perpetrators lightly … Turkish Forces Thwart Coup Against Erdogan After Crowds Rally (Reuters) … with Turkish PM Binali Yildirim […]

  • News & Analysis (7/14/16)

    Sissi asked earlier this week for a “religious revolution.” It seems his idea of that entails everyone conforming to his ideas, and thereby erasing religious freedom: Egyptian Government Orders Muslim Preachers to Give Identical, Pre-Written Weekly Sermons (Washington Post) The author realizes the Muslims and Hindus in India “have lived in a state of un-institutionalized […]

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