Month: October 2016

  • News and Analysis (10/30/16)

    From 1944-1968 the Democrats were the war party. They take back the title now with the score of countries bombed “Obama 7 – Bush 4” by adding Yemen, Libya and Syria to Bush’s list of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia … Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate, Correct About U.S. Bombing Seven Countries (Politifact) … and […]

  • News and Analysis (10/27/16)

    The placement of American drone bases in threatens to undermine the most promising democratic reform movement in the Arab world … U.S. Has Secretly Expanded Its Global Network of Drone Bases to North Africa (Washington Post) … adding to the horrors inflicted by drones not only on he victims of American military intervention abroad, but our […]

  • News and Analysis (10/24/16)

    The Togolese soccer player explains how his conversion enables him to more truly follow Christ: 13 Main Reasons Emmanuel Adebayor Converted to Muslim ( “[A] bill to strengthen legislation on violence against women … [c]hampioned by Ennahdha, a conservative reformist party with Islamic roots and a clutch of dynamic female MPs and officials … is expected […]

  • News and Analysis (10/21/16)

    “60 prisoners remain in Guantánamo, 19 of whom have been cleared for release. With time running out, President Obama must double down and … end the unlawful and unjust practice of indefinite detention”: Finally Free: ‘Guantánamo Diary’ Author Released After 14 Years Without Charge (Portside) From their viewpoint, “critics of collective responsibility claim that Muslims should […]

  • The Middle East and the Next Administration: Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations

    [These are selected highlights excerpted from Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr.’s address to the Middle East Policy Council’s 86th Capitol Hill Conference. The complete video and transcript of the entire conference are available at:] The Middle East and the Next Administration: challenges, opportunities and recommendations [Excerpts selected by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D., Minaret of Freedom Institute] […]

  • News and Analysis (10/19/16)

    After years of pretending that Asad had a monopoly on chemical weapons in Syria, the U.S. finally admits to (some of the) evidence that his opponents have used them: U.S. Expects Islamic State to Wield Chemical Weapons in Mosul Fight (Reuters) Unless the Sunni population’s antipathy to Iraq’s “Shia-dominated government … changes, the military defeat of […]

  • News and Analysis (10/16/16)

    Unsatisfied with the mass murder of Muslims, the home-grown terrorists planned to target “churches that had supported refugees … [and] allegedly plotted attacking city and county commission meetings and even landlords who rented to Muslim refugees” as well … Right-Wing ‘Crusaders’ Militia Group Plotted Terror Attack On Muslim Immigrants, FBI Charges (Huffington Post) … but […]

  • News and Analysis (10/14/16)

    “This is a clear sign that the terrorist organization has started to lose support not only from the population, but even from its own members” — Iraqi Counter-terrorism Service spokesman Sabah al-Numani: Islamic State Crushes Rebellion Plot in Mosul as Army Closes In (Reuters) “With this direct US involvement in Yemen’s civil war, the US […]

  • News and Analysis (10/10/16)

    “[T]wo days after an apparent Saudi-led air strike killed 140 mourners at a funeral attended by powerful tribal leaders” … Yemen’s Houthis Respond to Air Strike with Missile Attack (Reuters) … “diplomatic neglect as well as US and UK arms sales have fueled Saudi-Iranian proxy war that could blow up in west’s face”: Why Yemen […]

  • News and Analysis (10/7/16)

    When it comes to recognizing women’s achievement, architecture historian Mary Woods thinks that the Pritzker committee has much to learn from the precedent set by the Muslims’ Aga Khan Award for Architecture: Women Won the Biggest Cash Prize in Architecture for Designing Remarkable Muslim Spaces (Quartz) Since coming to America this Ahmadiyya Muslim met many Muslims who “sympathize with […]

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