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News and Analysis (8/31/19)

Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Contrary to popular (mis)perception American Muslims are well-integrated. A Rice University professor of Islamic history thinks Muslim Americans are “finding new ways of expressing their faith” without losing their religion:

The 19 year-old woman, “currently housed in … a shelter home for females in Lahore” “has filed a case in Lahore High Court accusing her family of giving her death threats,” that is, threatening an “honor killing”:

“My commitment is to freedom[,] … from patriarchy[,] … from racism[,] … from occupation and apartheid.” Noura Erakat explains why opposing deportation of African asylum seekers must be part of the struggle:

“They demolish our houses while we build theirs”:

“Abbas said that Palestinians are ready to negotiate a two-state solution within 1967 borders, but he” calls “for Europe to play a greater role in the Middle East peace process because he says the US is not neutral”:

Jerusalem “does not belong to any specific group because it belongs to all monotheists … [which] is how countless Muslim rulers treated the city, even when … their power could have allowed for that”:

His supporters say he was legally married to the woman in the video clip, which “a foreign intelligence agency … released when he refused to take part in a Canadian TV show critical of the Iranian regime”:

“Macron’s bet didn’t pay off… Zarif wasn’t senior enough…. Perhaps if President Hassan Rouhani had arrived in Biarritz, … Trump would have found a dramatic meeting irresistible”:

News and Analysis (8/29/19)

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

SIS invited a dangerous intervention of state authority into religious questions by asking the High Court to rule on the merit of a wrong-headed fatwa (nonbinding opinion) declaring “liberalism and pluralism” unIslamic:

The Palestinian student protests, “I shouldn’t be held responsible for what others post,” after an unwarranted search of his smart phone revealed he has acquaintances who oppose U.S. policy …

… while Israel raids even “areas under the full control of the Palestinian Authority … with no need for a search warrant, whenever and wherever the military chooses … with … sweeping arbitrary powers” …

“[T]he parliamentary bloc controlled by the PMF leadership, today called U.S. forces … [in the] fight against ISIS, to leave Iraq, [as] …it considered the [Israeli] drone attack a declaration of war on Iraq and its people” …

… while in Israel there are “suspicions that the prime minister’s political interests were behind the operation:

The judgment requires “authorities to introduce the options “unmarried, widower or divorced” for [both the bride and] the groom on the certificate” to respect gender equity in the right to privacy:

The two Muslim women who created Marvel Comics’ Kamala Khan “gave the character’s experiences and struggles a raw honesty [t]hat will continue with the screen … series’ writer and showrunner” Bisha Ali:

“Suleiman has received $150,000 in donations. Now he’s using the money to pay the bail for ten detainees who have children. … Many, but not all contributors are Muslim”:

China parades “students” who say they are “grateful” for their incarceration. “‘If not for the [Chinese] government, I would someday become a terrorist,’ said one detainee while wiping tears from his eyes”:

“Prominent Muslim scholars have released a whitepaper certifying that Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, ether,  is, in fact, Shari’ah compliant” unless used for haram purposes:

There are hawks at other think tanks, but none “has made an institutional specialty of recommending hard-line Iran policies and offering detailed proposals for how to implement them the way the FDD has done”:

News and Analysis (8/26/19)

Monday, August 26th, 2019

Expansion of foreigner tribunals, plans for “huge new detention camps,” arrest of hundreds “on suspicion of being a foreign migrant — including a Muslim veteran of the Indian Army,” have driven dozens to suicide”:

Iran said that “the owner and purchaser of this oil will decide the destination of the cargo” and separately “announced that it had deployed a naval destroyer with cruise missiles to help secure Iranian ships”:

While they were in the Navy, a gag order prevented them from telling the truth about Israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty; now, the American Legion picks up where the Navy left off:

He defined an Arab Jew culturally as “a Jew who speaks Arabic and grew up in a Muslim environment'” but younger “Mizrahi intellectuals” use the term “to highlight … reluctance to be part of the Zionist existence of the state”:

“I’m tired of being branded a terrorist; tired that a human life lost in my country is no loss at all. It is our responsibility to do our utmost to acquire the answers, to dig them up with our bare hands if we must”:

“There is no legal ban (on the presence of women in stadiums] and we must activate the infrastructure, which is underway”– Jamshid Taghizadeh, the sports ministry’s deputy for legal and provincial affairs

Sauce for the gander? Iran calls U.S. sanctions on its citizens “economic terrorism” and when Iran likewise sanctions U.S. citizens, the U.S. accuses them of “directly or indirectly compromising the safety of” Americans:

Even to get an Internet connection just to file this story, the reporter had to go to Jammu:

Trump said that Macron’s meeting with Iran’s FM during the G7 was not “‘disrespectful at all, especially when he asked me for approval.’ Still, Trump said he felt it was too early for a meeting with Zarif himself”:

News and Analysis (8/24/19)

Saturday, August 24th, 2019

“He was sentenced to “ten months in prison and a 2,000 shekel ($570 U.S.) fine” for Facebook “posts, calling for an end to the occupation and end to the suffering” which Israel considers “incitement” …

… while Facebook and Twitter took paid ads intended “to convince Westerners that the camps in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region are not sites of human rights abuses”:

“Some U.S. cities have banned the use of facial recognition technology” that China has adopted “to track and target its Muslim Uighur minority” and Israel to track Palestinians …

… who “now live in a world of surveillance and police control” reflected in  microcosm in a film that “won the jury special mention and the Fipresci Critics’ Award” at Cannes this year:

“Macron offered on Wednesday to either soften sanctions on Iran or provide a compensation mechanism ‘to enable the Iranian people to live better’ in return for full compliance with the pact” …

… and Britain still believes “the 2015 deal remains the best way to ensure Tehran does not get nuclear weapons”:

“We are operating – not just if needed, we are operating in many areas …. I gave the security forces a free hand and instructed them to do anything necessary to thwart Iran’s plans”–Benjamin Netanyahu:

The “$5 million to $6 million a month” reportedly spent on “[f]reelance payments and remittances … dwarves the “tens of thousands of dollars” in illicit transactions reported earlier this week by the New York Times“:

“Women often report that gyms can be quite hostile spaces, and that they don’t always feel safe and confident. So it is no wonder that the women’s-only classes were an instant hit” …

… and “Muslim women are still fighting for their right to swim” being ” told that their bathing wear wasn’t suitable” or “to go back to their country. Some have called the police on them”:

“It’s not just Muslim people who observe hijab … [who] are wary of traveling. … [A]bout 48% Muslims said they had experienced at least one instance of discrimination between 2016 and 2017″:

The UAE understands that war is bad for business and for stability and “that the closer they are aligned with the U.S. president, the more vulnerable they would be to any political setbacks to him”:

News and Analysis (8/21/19)

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

“Both in Egypt and Turkey, Islamic movements have struggled to survive in authoritarian regimes that exert strong control over religious practice”:

“[T]he judges insist on building a case against Tariq Ramadan” despite the fact that the investigations commissioned by them concluded that the “two plaintiffs’ testimonies … are not reliable”:

What Ali Al-Arian attributes to a “colonised readings of the Islamic tradition that push for political quietism and obedience to state power” may be a product of a preference to cozy up to authority over grass-roots organizing:

If the pending agreement requires the Taliban deny terrorist groups use of “Afghanistan as a springboard to launch attacks around the world” it would fail because the Taliban lacks the ability to do that:

Omar condemned both police threats to suppress an LGBTQ demonstrations and any pretense that such threats undermine the “case for defending Palestinian rights”:

[P]eople know and like their [Muslim] neighbours and they don’t believe everything they see on TV”:

“NBCU-backed Working Title Television is making Lady Parts, a six-part comedy about an all female Muslim punk band”:

“[E]xtolling the alleged success stories of detainees at the camps and claiming that the detention centers were not meant to interfere with religious beliefs and practices” ads targeted the U.S. and other countries”:

“Riyadh is concerned about any US-Iranian dialogue tour that takes place outside its political radar. Riyadh seems at the same time terrified of any dialogue with Tehran about which Washington does not know in advance”:

News and Analysis (8/19/19)

Monday, August 19th, 2019

“Israel has expanded its scope of operations to attack targets in Iraq, whose coalition government is friendly to the United States. The predictable result: the Iraqi government is bailing on Trump’s policy”:

“In 2012, Maruf suggested Muslims should not wish people ‘Merry Christmas’. But on the campaign trail in 2018, video of him wishing people ‘Merry Christmas’ emerged”:

“[T]he image I had of Islam was these wild people that hijacked aircraft and were always blowing things up,” but then he met a Muslim and was “amazed” by his “patience” and calmness:

Under pressure from other Palestinians “‘not to give legitimization to the Israeli perspective’ of this brutal crime’” Tawfik Abu Wael took advice from the murdered boy’s father, “If your conscience is clear, then do it”:

“In Singapore’s plural society, [Islam] is practiced in a spirit of mutual respect, tolerance and inclusiveness”:

Such raids “take place also in areas under the full control of the Palestinian Authority … with no need for a search warrant, whenever and wherever the military chooses in keeping with its sweeping arbitrary powers”:

Mustatfa “Sway had just come from Friday prayers in his traditional garments … in solidarity with his Christian Palestinian brethren who have been excluded from their own church”:

“Lesson 1: When the missile is American, use the passive voice”:

The true story of a woman’s determination to “learn about her Iranian identity and culture despite resistance from the Dutch couple who adopted her …. has elicited praise and secured slots on the international fest circuit”:

News and Analysis (8/16/19)

Friday, August 16th, 2019

Has Trump inadvertently bullied Israel into admitting that–for once–it fears the U.S. Congress?

“Since a presidential decree abolished the state … the Internet has been shut down, cellular networks have been disabled, and even landlines went dead. Public assembly is banned, and citizens are under curfew” …

… “One Indian journalist put it to me bluntly. ‘Most Indians see Israel as kindred spirits – nationalists who hate Muslims. … ‘We have our own West Bank now, complete with settlements,’ one Indian friend said to me”‘:

An honest assessment of the “12 areas where the Trump administration sought Iranian concessions” shows that of “12 demands, none have been met”:

“A third defendant, Vincent Vetromile, 20, is scheduled to be sentenced to seven to 12 years in prison Aug. 29 after pleading guilty to weapons possession”:

“[T]he same playbook that has been employed against the Muslim and other immigrant communities, specifically refugees from the Middle East, has been employed against the immigrant community as a whole”:

The UAE “and Israel already share some security connections. … But including the United States … could signal … commitment to the Trump administration’s so-called maximum pressure campaign “:

Lies, distortions, and half-truths must be refuted, but absurdities such as “even before the deal’s existence, Iran was violating its terms” refute themselves:

“[H]e reportedly told a Muslim woman to ‘go back to your country’ and walked toward her with a knife”:

News and Analysis (8/14/19)

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

“We had to stick our arms out through a small opening in the door. We soon realized that after our injections that we didn’t get our periods anymore”:

“Many of the BJP’s aspirations and policy proposals for Kashmir are imitations of extant Israeli practices in Palestine” including building “Israeli-style Hindu-only settlements in Kashmir”:

Ashraf Ghani never followed through with his promises to Internally Displaced Persons “that if they were to vote for him, they would receive plots of land and support”:

Use of the IHRA working definition of antisemitism to prevent “a bike ride raising awareness of the plight of the Palestinian demonstrates the real threat to freedom of expression that it represents”:

“[F]eminism in Islam… emphasizes the inclusion of Muslim women in the religious sphere, with no conflict with their call for their political rights or their active participation in public life”:

“[I]ncome tax is considered an oppression in classical Islamic law. If the only tax we had to pay was 2.5% of whatever we own for a year, most, apart from the ultra-rich would find they’d pay a lot less tax”:

Beyond its bombings, demolitions and invasions of Palestinian schools, Israel creates a “Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare for any international scholar wishing to teach at a Palestinian university “:

“Although the petition focused on the blindfolding, it also argued that the Palestinian shepherds were generally detained … for punitive purposes … [contravening the] purpose of and procedures for detaining Palestinians” …

… “While most of the village’s inhabitants were sitting down to a festive meal, a large police force arrived, entering the Masri family’s parking lot and shooting point blank at a person’s leg”:

Only intervention by the Revolutionary Guard saved him from a death penalty after the ministry of Intelligence tortured him into a false confession:

News and Analysis (8/11/19)

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

The Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, warned that “Jews are strictly prohibited from entering Temple Mount according to Jewish law,” but police precipitated clashes with a last minute policy reversal:

India has not only stripped Kashmir of its limited autonomy; in an unprecedented move it has reduced it from a state to “union territory” (like demoting Texas to the status of Puerto Rico) …

… and the consequences won’t be good:

“Reporters … found, over seven days of traveling through the region, that the vast network of detention camps erected by the government of China’s authoritarian leader, Xi Jinping, continues to operate, and even expand”:

The hajj rites commemorate “the prophets Ibrahim and Ismail, or Abraham and Ishmael as they are named in the Bible … [and Abraham’s] wife, Hagar, who … ran between two hills … searching for water for her dying son”:

Abbas seeks “the repeal of the Israeli law that allows this confiscation of funds – theft, as defined by the Palestinians” on the assumption that Israel understands “the political dangers [posed by] the PA’s financial collapse”:

As the Saudis became more aggressive, Tehran began to see the Taliban as less of a threat than the Islamic State and opened up to “groups whose more-moderate positions made them decent candidates for cooperation”:

“Yes, we are racists, of course we are. … The fact that someone is your inferior is not a reason to deride him or eliminate him, but help him”–Rabbi Bnei Davi:

“The German Foreign Ministry said Friday that Bernd Erbel was not to assume the position as INSTEX chief ‘for personal reasons'” after he was criticized for saying, “The Palestinians are the victims of our victims”:

News and Analysis (8/8/19)

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

“India … sent tens of thousands of troops to its northern state of Jammu and Kashmir[,] … cut phone and Internet service and put Kashmiri politicians under house arrest … [revoking part] … of the Indian Constitution”:

The “[b]lunder … described as insulting to both Muslims and journalists” demonstrates that “newsrooms need to be diverse, & if you hire more diverse staff, this won’t happen”:

The court ruled that Fordham disapproved Students for Justice in Palestine for criticism “of Israel, rather than some other nation, in spite of the fact that SJP advocates only legal, nonviolent tactics [against] Israel’s policies”:

Rather than building a relationship with the Muslim community, the clumsy Canadian fishing expeditions are engendering “less trust for the government[,] … less … [feeling] that ‘This is my home'” :

A Christian, she experimented with fasting when a Muslim told her it increased empathy for the poor; it made her feel so good that by the end of Ramadan she was seriously studying Islam:

A Muslim woman “born and raised in West Philadelphia” says that while at a water park with her children, she “asked the woman in front of her to stop cursing” and was told “to “go back” to where she came from”:

“Official sources now admit that they were well aware that people were being killed when even the State did not claim that this is justified … [yet only now has the IDF] decided to change the open-fire regulations”:

Americans were asked “If you were expelled & resettled into a resource restricted area, would you fight to return or forfeit legal claims for a new life under a promised economic development plan?” 68% said “fight”:

“War is not our business, but negotiations and diplomacy are. War is not our purpose. Peace is our mission. Peace is our philosophy in life, and you are right, diplomacy is our art” —

… “This is idiotic. If Trump wants to talk, as he claims, he needs to talk to Iran’s chosen representative”– Jarrett Blanc, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: