Month: September 2019

  • News and Analysis (9/30/19)

    Serb separatist hate speech includes mocking the SDA’s embrace of liberal reforms and sparks a rise in hate crimes: ‘Large Increase in Anti-Bosnian, Anti-Muslim Bigotry’: Report (Al-Jazeera) “A 60-year old woman and 13-year old boy were killed and three wounded in shelling over the Line of Control (LOC), near the informal border with India, on […]

  • News and Analysis (9/27/19)

    “India is being governed today by Hindu ethno-nationalists who seem to regard the country’s minorities—Muslims, Christians and other non-Hindus—as inferior, anti-national, and not deserving of protection” … Gandhi’s Legacy Was Betrayed By Modi—But It Can Still Be Reclaimed by Kashmiri Peaceful Resistance (Newsweek) … “I am disappointed by the international community. If eight million Europeans, […]

  • News and Analysis (9/24/19)

    “Kashmiris’ rights were at the forefront … [and] intricately linked to the fear many Muslims continue to have under the current US administration, given the leaders of both countries are known for their anti-Muslim stances”: Kashmir in Focus at Muslim Day Parade in New York (Al-Jazeera) “Researchers found that, of 549 collected cases, 26% were […]

  • News and Analysis (9/20/19)

    It would be wrong to go to war without certainty as to who launched the attack, a treaty obligation to interfere, well-defined goals and plans, a national interest, and, above all, a declaration of war by the U.S. Congress … Seven Questions that Need Answers Before Any Attack on Iran (The Atlantic) … “Holding Iran […]

  • News and Analysis (9/17/19)

    Blaming Iran for a Houthi attack is “a pretext … to make war on Iran,” that ignores that MbS attacked Yemen “because Saudi Arabia had been used to having major influence on Yemen through dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh” … Pompeo Manipulatively Blames Iran as Saudi Arabia Loses 58% of Oil Production to Houthi Attack (Juan […]

  • News and Analysis (9/14/19)

    “[T]he peaceful handover of power, a rarity in the Arab world, belies the political instability and economic stagnation that have plagued the country” which still has no constitutional court to resolve ambiguities: Four Things to Know About Tunisia’s Presidential Election (Al-Jazeera) “The national security adviser departed abruptly after President Trump suggested he might lift some […]

  • News and Analysis (9/11/19)

    “The chapel’s most frequent users, according to chaplain Monica R. Lawson, are the Catholics who attend daily Mass there and the Muslims among the Pentagon’s massive workforce”: An Unsung Hero of the 9/11 Recovery: The Muslim Engineer Who Rebuilt the Pentagon Crash Site as a Chapel (Washington Post) The U.S. “was born out of a […]

  • News and Analysis (9/8/19)

    The federal judge ruled that “the standard for inclusion in the database was too vague” to prevent “erroneous deprivation of plaintiffs’ travel-related and reputational liberty”: Judge Rules Terrorism Watchlist Violates Constitutional Rights (NY Times) “Yesterday you killed our children in Gaza. Today our heroes responded in Qalqilya, and then our resistance sent a pilotless drone […]

  • News and Analysis (9/5/19)

    A “student … organized … petition supporting him … garnered more than 7,000 signatures” and his plight “elicited … support from … organizations including … the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education”: Freshman Previously Denied Entry to the United States Arrives at Harvard (Harvard Crimson) The true purpose of the movement to equate any criticism […]

  • Islam and African Americans

    [A student interviewed me on Islam in the African-American community. Here are his questions and my responses.] Q. Who are some African American Muslims that you’ve heard of, what did you learn. A. Warith Deen Mohammed (one of the handful of powerful people in history to voluntarily give up power for the sake of his […]

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