Month: June 2022

  • News and Analysis 6/30/22

    The U.S. accuses Iran of raising resolved old issues and unrelated new ones, but Iran blames a weak Biden administration, unable to guarantee “economic benefits”: Fresh Round of Iran Nuclear Talks Ends with No Progress (Axios) Among the detainees in the wake of protests over the execution of a Palestinian teenager is a young man […]

  • News and Analysis 6/28/22

    A “fund allocated to … ‘create a better future’ for Palestinians … has been largely utilised to register land for illegal settlements and … to further Palestinian dispossession”: Israeli Move to Register Land Adjacent to al-Aqsa Mosque Raises Fears of Takeover (Middle East Eye) The Committee to Protect Journalists called for the fact-checker’s immediate, unconditional […]

  • News and Analysis 6/26/22

    Busy with its own murderous agenda … Israel Killed 4 More Palestinians over the Weekend (Israel-Palestine News) … the IDF couldn’t take time to protect a man from a stabbing, but made time to keep the victim from getting to the hospital before it was too late: Israeli Colonizer Fatally Stabs a Palestinian in the […]

  • News and Analysis 6/24/22

    “Let’s be clear, states are trading their citizens’ First Amendment rights for what looks like unconditional support for a foreign government” … Boycotts Aren’t Protected Speech, Rules Appeals Court (Reason) … while in Scotland “the UK Lawyers for Israel told the Council that the City Councilors faced prosecution by anti-Terrorism legislation if they supported twinning” […]

  • News and Analysis 6/23/22

    Will this Supreme Court ruling prevent the kind of anti-Muslim discrimination Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) faced in England? Supreme Court Issues Landmark School Choice Victory for Parents (Institute for Justice) The School Cat Stevens Built: How Conservative Politicians Opposed Funding for Muslim Schools in England (The Conversation) The U.S. government is buying the Iranian fuel […]

  • News and Analysis 6/20/22

    Don’t take our word for it. Joe Biden himself says his capitulation to the Saudis it has nothing “to do with energy. … [I]t has to do with national security … for Israelis”: In the Middle East, Biden Walks in Trump’s Footsteps and Will Repeat His Failure (MSNBC) The parents of a woman having reached […]

  • News and Analysis 6/17/22

    Experts say that the bullet that killed a Palestinian-American journalist was “the same [as] used by Israeli forces … designed and manufactured in the United States”: Al Jazeera Obtains Image of Bullet that Killed Its Journalist (Aljazeera) The Biden administration claimed diplomatic immunity for an IMF employee alleged to have tortured an American citizen in […]

  • News and Analysis 6/15/22

    For years Israel has been training Western police on how to apply military occupation tactics to domestic policing; now they openly participating in a London patrol: Israelis Policing Streets of London: Palestinian Residents Demand Answer (Palestine Chronicle) “There are many documented cases in which the FBI’s army of 15,000 informants played the seminal role in […]

  • News and Analysis 6/12/22

    Iran’s FM condemns “the silence of the international community and regional organization,” over Israeli missile strikes on sites south of the Syrian capital” … Iran Condemns Missile Attack on Damascus, Vows Support to Syria (Xinhau / MNA) … while Israel tries to blame Iran for its strike on an international airport in Syria: Israel Shut […]

  • News and Analysis 6/9/22

    A U.N. commission finds Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory and discrimination against Palestinians are the key root causes of the recurrent tensions, instability and protraction of conflict in the region”: Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Including East Jerusalem, and Israel, Issues First Report (United Nations) Israel Wants ‘Complete Control’ of Palestinian Land: […]

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