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News and Analysis 9/30/22

Friday, September 30th, 2022

After being chased by Israeli soldiers a 7-year-old boy vomited blood and was pronounced dead at the hospital:

“The detention of citizens of Germany, Poland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries is likely to ratchet up tensions between Iran and Western countries over the death of Mahsa Amini”:

Amnesty International says that the French citizen and human rights lawyer “has been harassed by the Israeli authorities for more than twenty years”:

The Iranian authorities knowingly decided to harm or kill people who took to the streets to express their anger at decades of repression and injustice” — Agnes Callamard, Amnesty International:

Collective punishment, and funerals damage “the PA’s image because of its ongoing security coordination with Israel, and [increase] risk of disaffection among its own security personnel”:

“Daily demand for virtual private network (VPN) services in Iran is up over 3,000% compared to before the protests” — Simon Migliano, head of research at

News and Analysis 9/28/22

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

As “Raisi, who had ordered an investigation into Amini’s death, said ‘forensics will present report on her death in the coming days'” …

… there are signs spreading support…

… among high-profile Iranians for protests gripping the country and the government’s intent to end them”:

“750 Palestinians [expelled] from 15 villages and hamlets … later … got a court decision to come back to their village, but it remained a firing zone”:

If authentic, the “letter shows that … officials knew Amini had received head injuries during her arrest but have been insinuating that she had a brain problem previously and might have died from an illness, unrelated to her arrest”:

You know that Israel murdered two journalists this year. Did you know that they hold twenty more in prison?

Convicted of trafficking, the defendants say they only tried to help gay people leave a country in which homosexuality is banned:

An agreement that “security forces would cease to arrest those wanted by Israel in Nablus, release those who were arrested … and refrain from prosecuting anyone who took part in them” lacks guarantees:

The ban includes nine groups that together make “up about 200mn of India’s almost 1.4bn people”:

The system, “which includes the capacity to fire stun grenades, tear gas and sponge-tipped bullets … was placed in the center of a heavily populated area, with hundreds of people passing by”:

European diplomats claim that final negotiations focused on technical issues were set back when “the Iranians for the first time made closing the IAEA investigations a precondition of the deal”:

In response to Israel’s crackdown on human rights groups, four such groups have united “to voice their support for Palestinian civil society and fight against abusive and prolonged occupation, annexation, impunity, and apartheid”:

American Religious Leaders Meeting with Raisi

Sunday, September 25th, 2022

When Ebrahim Raisi came to the United Nations last week to address the General Assembly, he also revived the traditional annual meeting between Iran’s president and American religious leaders of the Abrahamic faiths. The meeting this year was entitled “The Role of Religious Leaders in the World Crisis.”

Three invited speakers were given eight minutes to open the roundtable. A rabbi told the story of a king who asked his wise men who was more powerful: the king or God? The wise men were uncomfortable with the question, but one dared to answer.  The king was more powerful he explained because the king could expel a subject from his country, but no one could ever be outside the domain of God. A Christian pastor emphasized the importance of interfaith dialog and cooperation. The Muslim speaker, Prof. Abdulaziz Sachedina of George Mason University, pointed out that when, in the Qur’an, God promises Abraham that he will make leaders of his offspring, He emphasizes that His promise does not extent to the unjust.

Before President Raisi spoke there was an opportunity for many of us present to put forward questions. Many of those were directed to international issues such as Iran’s support for Palestine and Syria and the efforts to revive the JCPOA. When I was called upon to speak, I mentioned the serious problem in America of people who die while in custody of the authorities. I said that investigations have concluded that this is not merely a matter of some bad actors, but there are serious systemic problems that need to be addressed. I thanked Mr. Raisi for his earlier announcement that he intended to launch an investigation of the death of Mahsa Amini while in custody of the morality police for mandatory religious education. I urged him to make sure that this investigation goes beyond searching for possible bad actors and seriously investigate the possibility of systemic problems.

In his response, Mr. Raisi did not directly address my question. However, he did strongly stress the necessity for leaders to be just and insure justice for their people. He stated that any human being can become a better human being through cultivation of four aspects of daily life: his relationship to himself, to God, to other people, and to nature itself. Religious leaders should demand that political leaders fight suffering, injustice, and unfairness. He mentioned the instructions of Imam Ali to the governor of Egypt that he must be just to all under his jurisdiction, not just Muslims. Conflicts between faith, he said, only promotes Godlessness. Instead there should be dialog between between the practitioners of different faiths and customs, facilitating constructive collaboration. He warned against changing religion under the flag of religion as ISIS (a/k/a Daesh) has done (e.g., calling for the murder of noncombatants under the flag of a religion that strictly prohibits killing noncombatants).

He also alluded to the verse in the Qur’an that may be translated, “Let there be a group among you who call others to goodness, encourage what is good, and forbid what is evil—it is they who will be successful” (3:104). Just as American leaders fund the police to defend domestic peace, Iranian leaders fund the Gasht-e Ershad to defend social decorum; but as the rest of President Raisi’s remarks suggest, neither of these goals can excuse injustice.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute

News and Analysis 9/25/22

Sunday, September 25th, 2022

Watch your language! “Meta policy and practice, combined with broader external dynamics, does lead to different human rights impacts on Palestinian and Arabic speaking users”:

“To some bystanders, the solitary piece of construction equipment was no more than an oddity…. But to those who understood its symbolism, it was … likened to a noose or a burning cross at a Ku Klux Klan rally”:

“[N]ew forensic analysis shows she was “deliberately and repeatedly targeted” by an Israeli military sniper taking ‘precise and careful aim’:”

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson said Ukraine should “refrain from being influenced by third parties who seek to destroy relations between the two countries”:

Not content with blinding children, Israel makes sure they get no follow-up care …

… but like their threat to saw off the arms of a small boy, it’s all part what Community Peacemaker teams calls an attempt to “traumatize a generation”:

The satirical “premise centres on an Englishman and his Israeli partner, a wealthy couple, … stranded in Israel” during a pandemic whose “only hope of escape is to smuggle themselves into the Gaza Strip, which, owing to the separation wall, is known as ‘the safest place in the world'”:

This funny blind hospital telephone operator is looking to expand her targets from “Palestinian wedding culture, Arab doctors, overbearing parents”to “Israeli checkpoint searches, restrictions on movement, violence, poverty and politics”:

Is “Jihad Rehab” another example of a white savoir film on “jihad and Islam” or an “introspective and intelligent” portrait of four former Guantanamo detainees confined to a Saudi rehabilitation center?

News and Analysis 9/23/22

Friday, September 23rd, 2022

In Twitter’s twisted worldview denouncing Zionists chants of “death to Arabs” constitutes “hate speech” and “incitement to9 violence”:

The school textbook takeover furthers the Jerusalem municipality’s master plan to impose Jewish supremacy on the city:

“Al Manthari’s case highlights the seldom seen devastation to the lives of drone strike survivors and their families” and who will never see a dime of the “millions of dollars earmarked for civilian victims of US attacks”:

“Mahsa Amini’s killing could become a sort of lightning rod for attacking some of the core tenets of the state, as opposed to just be about the hijab;” Christiane Amanpour refuses to don hijab for Raisi interview:

PA venture to arrest Hamas operatives at Israel’s request gives Israel yet another opportunity to gloat “Arabs kill Arabs and Jews get blamed”:

Victim’s son details settler brutality under protection of IDF :

Plant a tree, hide an atrocity:

News and Analysis 9/20/22

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

“Iran’s president … [and o]ther state organisations including the judiciary and the majlis (parliament) have also vowed to look into the cause of death”:

“[I]f the killing was intentional, and Israel does not hold anyone accountable, ‘then the Leahy Law must be applied.” That law bars military aid to countries that commit human rights violations with impunity”:

“After Iran filed two claims based on the 1955 treaty – which accords the ICJ jurisdiction – Washington formally withdrew from the accord in 2018”:

“Britain’s new head of state is a loud admirer of Islam, a critic of Western interventionism and a champion of multiculturalism who will win his country new friends — and some populist enemies — across the world”:

“The SCO is, at its best, a framework for members to expand their bilateral relations. It does not represent any effective institutional solution to Iran’s international isolation”:

“[T]he Baltimore City state’s attorney’s office … wanted the conviction tossed and Syed released [after finding] new evidence of potential suspects” and material withheld from defense attorneys:

Iran is open to discussing the JCOPA revival at the UN but Borrell doesn’t see the point:

News and Analysis 9/17/22

Saturday, September 17th, 2022

He was working his land with his son “when a group of armed Israeli settlers from the nearby Havat Ma’on outpost attacked them”:

“[A]rrested by Tehran’s ‘morality police’ on September 14” for “improper hijab,” she “was transferred to a hospital that same day in a coma, and died on September 16”:

“Members of the artistic direction committee … condemn the advisory group’s decision” as lacking “scientific proof, academic references, rigorous argumentation and integrity”:

“It has been a breath of fresh air to finally see an unapologetically Palestinian character not portrayed as a terrorist on a mainstream American network”:

In Islam, “abortion is decided on a case-by-case basis, … [b]ut after 120 days, when the soul is believed to enter the fetus, most scholars will consider abortion to be the ending of a human life”:

“Marvel has decided to trot out this blatantly racist character, at a time when the country she represents is being exposed more and more every day as the apartheid state it is” …

… “according to current Marvel comic lore, the mutants of earth are rallying around an ideology that cooperation with humanity is futile and solution … is to gather together in” their own island nation”:

A senior Israel Defense Forces officer credits Israeli strikes with forcing “Hezbollah and other Iran-backed militia groups … [to withdraw] from areas in Syria that have been targeted by Israel”:

News and Analysis 9/15/22

Thursday, September 15th, 2022

As armed resistance spreads “beyond the Jenin refugee camp and the old city of Nablus” Israel reportedly considers “a large-scale invasion of the northern West Bank” …

… and Israelis increasingly believe the PA is incompetent to keep the people subdued:

“Beyond … esoteric matters, the King has been quite public about his admiration for Islam as a religion, and Muslim communities, both in Britain and abroad”:

Iraq’s system “was modeled on Lebanon’s dysfunctional arrangement, which … [aims] to  guarantee the rights of religious minorities but … [creates] endemic corruption, political instability, and economic collapse”:

Malaysia’s “adoption of tasamuh [tolerance or open-mindedness] is highly questionable especially given his decision to place the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia” under a political party:

The statement presses “Iran to explain why uranium traces were found at three undeclared sites”:

The prohibition of the inequitable divorce practice is proving unenforceable:

“The crown prince holds himself out as a modernizer, enabling women’s rights. But behind the curtain, he destroys individuals over the slightest trifle”:

“The cyberattacks were not directed by the Iranian government … [and] the men tried to extort ransom from Iranian businesses” as well:

News and Analysis 9/11/22

Sunday, September 11th, 2022

The Israelis shot down the man using his smartphone to record them terrorizing unarmed civilians protesting the illegal destruction of a Jenin home:

Surviving on the meager food provided by private charities in the flooded areas is hard, but the government aid in the highlands comes with a side order of brutality:

Palestinian journalists are facing both “increased harm … [and an] international unwillingness to either protect journalists or demand justice and accountability … should they be murdered“:

“Iran’s maximalist aim remains to ensure a united Shi’a front inside Iraq. But the Sadr ‘rebellion’ is a challenge it is finding difficult to contain”:

“In her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth crisscrossed the globe, but purposely skipped Israel”:

“The … legislative consultative body established … to create one integrated government, … has … called for national elections, except when such elections were actually imminent”:

“At the time of the confrontation, the 16-year-old girl was indignant over news that an Israeli soldier had shot her younger cousin Mohammad in the head with a rubber-coated bullet”:

NATO’s Secretary General “has said a cyberattack could trigger NATO’s collective defense clause…. But that principle has never been tested in practice”:

News and Analysis 9/9/22

Friday, September 9th, 2022

Even as Israel belatedly admits “a high possibility” that its troops killed Shireen Abu Akleh it still seeks to avoid responsibility in the face of the evidence…

… so there is no chance it will ever accept responsibility for the many other journalists killed by unknown assailants:

“The Queen became the first British monarch to enter a mosque in the UK during her Golden Jubilee tour”:

Students understandably want to be true to both their love and their religion, but a “secret traditional Islamic marriage” is not a traditional Islamic marriage:

“India’s domestic workers in general face caste-based discrimination and violence, but Muslims are further marginalised” …

… and “the democratic credentials of ‘the largest democracy on Earth’ have taken a simultaneous nosedive“:

The court’s decision effectively tells parliament that “that this is their mess to sort out and resolve“:

“All of the evidence in Mohammed Halabi’s six-year trial was either ‘secret’ or implausible. That didn’t stop Israel sentencing him to 12 years in prison”:

Under the impression that the Jewish man in “‘a yarmulke [who] had ordered a kosher meal’ … was a Muslim,” Giuliani said “I’m sorry to have tell you this, but the founder of your religion is a murderer”:

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