Month: November 2022

  • Blasphemy Laws in Islam and in Muslim-majority Countries

    [On September 24, 2022, the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy hosted a panel discussion on “Blasphemy Laws in Islam and in Muslim-majority Countries” moderated by Sahar Aziz. This our summary of highlights of the discussion and is not a transcript.  The use of the first person is for convenience only. The event […]

  • Public Freedoms in the Islamic State

    [On October 27 the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy and the Center for Christian-Muslim Understanding co-hosted a book launch for the English translation of Rached Ghannouchi’s book Public Freedoms in the Islamic State, co-moderated by Radwan Masmoudi and John  Esposito.  This is a summery of highlights of and is not intended to […]

  • News and Analysis 11/28/22

    To date Israeli soldiers have killed 77 children, Palestinian fighters killed one: Invading Israeli Soldiers Kill Another Teen in Jenin (Israel-Palestine News) Invading Israeli Forces Kill 16-year-old Protester, Injure 32 in Nablus (Israel-Palestine News) “[T]he ‘Hindutva’ (Hindu supremacist) project in India is adding diversity and objectivity to its anti-minority hatred”: Why India Is Witnessing Spike […]

  • News and Analysis 11/26/22

    As appalling as Israel’s violence against education, trade, and fishermen may be … Palestine: Children Flee as Israeli Forces Demolish West Bank Elementary School (Middle East Eye) Israel Imposes Closure on Jenin, Blocks Movement of Goods (Palestine Chronicle) Israel Navy Opens Fires at Palestine Fishermen (Middle East Memo) … things are about to get worse: […]

  • News and Analysis 11/24/22

    Israeli demonstrators shout “I’m proud to be a racist” and “You should all be in camps,” and a former Israeli police chief says suspicion of Ethiopians is only “natural”: This Is How Black People Are Treated in Israel (Mint Press) Somali-American Muslims withdrew their request in deference to their neighbors, but still do not know […]

  • News and Analysis 11/21/22

    Understanding Israel’s cruel response to a nonviolent protestor … A Palestinian ‘Lioness’ Sets Her Record Straight (972 Magazine) … can help explain why it won’t join “80 states, including the US, UK and France” opposing attacks on civilians … Israel Refuses to Sign Deal on Preventing Attacks on Residential Areas (Middle East Monitor) … and […]

  • News and Analysis 11/18/22

    Neither schools nor the autistic are safe from Israel’s war on children: Israel’s Relentless War Against the Children of Palestine (Palestine Chronicle) Israel to Demolish Palestine School in Masafer Yatta (Middle East Monitor) Autistic Palestinian Teen’s Killing Casts Spotlight on Israel Tactics (BBC) A mother complains “Plainclothes forces shot my child. That is it” … […]

  • News and Analysis 11/17/22

    Shouldn’t Elon Musk’s “free speech absolutism” apply to on-the-ground reports of Israeli crimes? Twitter Suspends Palestine Online Account (Middle East Monitor) Twenty-one “detainees have been charged with security-related offenses that are punishable by death” … More Protesters in Iran Have Been Sentenced to Death as Political Unrest Continues (CNBC) … but propaganda that thousands of […]

  • News and Analysis 11/14/22

    As the UN asks the ICJ for an opinion on Israeli human rights abuses, the occupier state is angered by Ukraine’s lack of hypocrisy on illegal occupation: ‘A Breakthrough’: UN Committee Votes to Request ICJ Opinion on Israeli Occupation (Middle East Eye) Israel Angered as Ukraine Backs UN Resolution Seeking ICJ Opinion on Occupation (Palestine […]

  • News and Analysis 11/12/22

    As the U.S. and Israel object to a U.N. request for an ICJ opinion on Israeli human rights practices … Fourth Committee Hears Support for Referring Question of Palestine to International Court of Justice for Advisory Opinion (Reliefweb) … the settler/soldier onslaught continues: Israeli Forces Arrest Dozens of Palestinians in Attack on Jenin (Tasnim) Israeli […]

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