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News and Analysis (10/29/10)

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Farooque Ahmed said wanted to kill soldiers abroad, but the FBI persuaded him to target DC METRO stations instead …

… with unexpected consequences for the local Muslim community …

… “I wish I could just be myself. We have freedom of speech in this country, but we’re not always free to say what we think. We have to watch who we talk to and what we say. It’s not cool. ” — Miriam Abdrahmaan, Muslim funeral service operator:

“If Malaysia truly wants to take the global leadership in promoting moderation in Islam, then the first steps must be taken at home to protect the democratic space for debate and differences of opinion.” — Ratna Osman, program manager for Sister in Islam:

A week after canceling a trip to the Sikh Golden Temple, in part due to concerns that the Sikh practice of covering the head would be construed as Islamic, Obama schedules a speech at a mosque in Indonesia:

“Any person of any faith will identify himself as a believer first, and a patriot second. When I wear my modest attire, including a scarf on my head, I am saying “God and Country” — in that order”:

“ Al Wafd would boycott the elections if the government’s obstinacy towards the party and the refusal of its right to air its political advertisements continues.” Al Wafd Spokesman Mohamed Sherdi:

News and Analysis (10/28/10)

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Prince Alwaleed coming out against the construction of the mosque shows that the debate is not Muslim v. Christian America, but a conversation about the values of tolerance and liberty:

“Mary Brereton, 55, a personal trainer who lives in nearby Alexandria, Va., said she was more worried about the safety record of Metro’s subway trains than the potential for a terrorist attack”:

F-15 fighter jets and bunker buster bombs are a poor way to deescalate the situation with Iran; they rather give Iran the incentive to maintain balance by further arming themselves:

The Islamic Movement’s ideological differences with the Muslim Brotherhood can be explained by the former’s operational environment, a country that “treats the indigenous Palestinians” as immigrants:

“The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedom in Yemen says at least 20 foreign-born Muslims have been deported from Yemen in 2010. No evidence suggests any of them had joined Al Qaeda”:

The “line towards what protesters describe as fascism was … crossed … at the beginnings of the Zionist project, which was built on a conquest of land and exclusively Jewish identity”:

News and Analysis (10/27/10)

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

“I wasn’t sure just how serious Aziz was with his offer – although having spent time with the former head of the Unscom weapons inspections team, Scott Ritter, I was pretty sure that Aziz was telling the truth about WMD”:

“While striking down the proof-of-citizenship requirement, the court let stand the other key provision of the law which requires people to provide identification before being allowed to cast a ballot”:

Although prohibited by Islamic law, forced marriages are problem among Muslims in Germany that proposed legislation will seek to solve with a five year prison sentence:

Despite the disruptions of “airstrikes and special operations,” “Taliban commanders who are captured or killed are often replaced in a matter of days” and their forces “appear confident that they can outlast an American troop buildup set to subside beginning next July”:

“As you kill, you will be killed. As you capture, you will be captured. And as you threaten our security, your security will be threatened. The way to safeguard your security is to cease your oppression…”:

News and Analysis (10/26/10)

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

The unarmed Afghan mullah “seemed friendly. He didn’t seem to have any sort of animosity towards us,” but he was murdered and his body mutilated and evidence planted to make it appear that he was hostile:

Saddam’s Christian foreign minister refused to testify against his former boss and now will be executed on charges “related to a crackdown on an uprising led by Shia Muslim parties in the early 1990s”:

“Tuesday’s arrests bring the number of Brotherhood members arrested to about 250 since the group announced on Oct. 9 its decision to participate in the elections. Police say they have detained 160 in the past week alone”:

Even if there is little new in the WikiLeaks Iraq war files, they emphasize the “great irony of the US war in Iraq; that the invasion … did more to inspire al-Qaeda activity in Iraq than it did to undermine it”:

Alma Adan, a 32-year-old Somali immigrant and youth counselor argues that it is up to Muslims to convince Swedes that their “[f]ear that their country is being taken away from them” is not justified:

“NPR missed a prime opportunity to use Williams’ political gaffe as a teachable moment for the entire country”:

“[Imam Rauf] called on all Muslims in the United States and the world to work to eliminate prejudices against Islam, while noting that the real Islam portrayed by Islamic figures such as Yunus Emre and Ahmet Yesevi should be introduced to other people”:

News and Analysis (10/25/10)

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Just one day after the NY Times reported Karzai gets “slush funds” fro Iran, the Afghan president reveals that the USA and the UAE also contribute to “official presidential expenses”:

As Tony Blair says that the threat of militant Islam echoes that of fascism, his sister-in-law converts to Islam, hoping “her conversion would help Blair change his presumptions about Islam”:

The “Vatican summit … criticized Israel and urged the Jewish state to end its occupation of Palestinian territories”:

An August poll “found that 75 percent of New Yorkers had never visited a mosque, and that those who had, or who had a close Muslim friend, were more likely to support the Muslim center planned in Lower Manhattan”:

Harrassment affects “women whether or not they wear the conservative Muslim headscarf and reaching the point were women avoid the streets”:

Anti-jihadi activists like the blogger Pamela Geller, the author Robert Spencer, the investigator Stephen Emerson, and the “think tank denizen” Frank Gaffney make their living professionally by hyping up the threat of Muslims:

News and Analysis (10/22/10)

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

As Israel Ramps Up Settlement Building, Rachel Corrie’s parent sue “the state of Israel, for a nominal one dollar, for allowing, and at some points encouraging, its soldiers to act with impunity”:

“[T]he foundation of [journalists’] greater freedoms – the millionaire businessmen who opened up a generation of private media, full of criticism of authority – are just as vulnerable to government pressure as their predecessors:

“[T]he best way to support a negotiated settlement would be to leave Iraq”:

“The aid does not include any building materials [which is what is needed most], which the Egyptian authorities did not allow, as part of the agreement permitting the activists to enter Gaza for three days”:

An imam invites fired NPR host “Juan Williams to to meet with Muslims to have a serious and honest dialogue”:

Wilders’ motion “to dismiss the judges because one said that Wilders appeared to be dodging debate by remaining silent in court … was rejected,” but:

A movie fictionalizing the Islamic punk-rock scene, following a book by the same author, works to make Muslim-American youth culture comfortable in the orbit of American counterculture:

Dutch retrial ordered for Wilders hate speech case

Read more:

News and Analysis (10/21/10)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

“Federal Judge Milan Smith said it was ‘repugnant to the Constitution’ for the government to say it ‘has the power to arrest and detain or restrict American citizens for months on end … merely because the government wants to investigate them for possible wrongdoing’ “:

New developments on the story of Anwar al-Awlaki raise questions as whether the US intelligence community really knows who the terrorists and radicals are:

“Only successful comprehensive negotiations can provide both Israel and Iran with the confidence to get off a course that could lead to mutual destruction…. Why, in God’s name, should comprehensive negotiations be a last resort rather than a first step?”:

Cindy Sheehan criticizes the Obama administration for abuse of power, lies, and disrespect for civil liberties:

Et tu, Juan? Juan Williams shares his fears of Muslims on airplanes with Bill O’Reilly:

In his call for an election boycott, ElBaradei “charges that the conditions for a free vote have deteriorated since the last elections in 2005”:

News and Analysis (10/20/10)

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

A report that the CIA overlooked a critical intelligence source from the Jordanian General Intelligence Department (GID) as an “internal power play within Jordanian intelligence” turns up the heat:

The resistance of the Taliban to the idea that it has began talks with the Karzai regime suggests that the US and Afghani regime should have pursued peace talks long before the US sought to pull out:

The cancellation of Obama’s visit to the Sikh Golden Temple over “the thorny question of how Mr. Obama would cover his head, as Sikh tradition requires” shows how ignorance and prejudice can not only lead to problems for Muslims, but can spillover to other minorities as well:

US pressure for Iran’s largest trading partner to freeze Iranian assets is not only economically destabilizing for the Gulf cosmopolitan state, but politically destabilizing for Iran as well, cutting the Islamic Republic off from one of the most economically liberal states in the Middle East:

Russian nationalists try to sell their protest the building of the fifth mosque in Moscow as pro-green, as apposed to xenophobic, bringing an interesting twist on the “not in my backyard” mosque protests in NYC:

Activists say the move will stifle efforts to mobilize voters ahead of the upcoming elections:

“There are signs … that enforcement and respect for the university head scarf ban are slipping”:

News and Analysis (10/19/10)

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Leadership Council member says Muslims are not doing enough in “educating the public and allaying their fears of Muslims in the mosque, what goes on in the mosque”:

Ratings of the ruling Christian Democratic (CDU) and Free Democratic parties “have slumped so badly this year because of economic problems that their opponents accuse them of using Islam as a scapegoat”:

Turkey’s “Higher Education Board has instructed Istanbul University that it can no longer expel students for violating the dress code”:

Are the abuses of the Suharto days over? “”I promise you, if it does turn out these abuses were carried out recently, we’ll find out who was responsible and we’ll come down hard” — Lt. Col. Susilo, provincial military spokesman:

A soldier’s testimony “that he was ordered to erase two cell phone videos of the massacre scene” has many wondering:

Late in the game, Sudan’s defense minister objects to a secession vote before deciding what are the borders or how oil revenues will be decided:

A violent daylight assault on Chechnya’s parliament …  has shattered the Kremlin narrative that peace and order are being restored” under Ramzan Kadyrov’s leadership:

News and Analysis (10/18/10)

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Exploitation of Islamophobic hysteria is not limited to media figures like Bill O’Reilly and paranoid bloggers who see terrorists hiding in soup cans; “socialist millionaire professor’’ Martin “Peretz has the social and economic guns to … to be defended by even those who acknowledge his bigotry, and finally be honored at the highest levels of American academia:’

Dr Larbi Sadiki argues the good will generated by international collaboration on Arab-designed projects “may constitute the basis for a pluralist and liberal vision,” shifting emphasis away “from selfish statism and conflict to communal interests and co-operation”:

“The government’s poor record on this front is one of the main obstacles in Karzai’s bid to get insurgents to reconcile and join the political process,” said Sayed Sharif Yousofy, of the Afghani reconciliation office:

“A creative synthesis that is seen by Islamists as ‘Islamic’, and by secularists as ‘secular’, is very possible” since “the Islamic ideal was never the self-absorbed asceticism, but the practical ethicality”:

Attorney says holding of football hero was a “gross abuse of the government’s narrow power” of a statute that “allows prosecutors to hold citizens without charging them to ensure that they are available to testify against others”:

As “Zeitoun’s wife had taken the children to safety” from Hurricane Katrina, “he remained to look after their property, paddled about the flooded area in his canoe, rescued several people, fed some abandoned dogs, then – without provocation – was arrested and held incommunicado for many days”:

The presence of OIC and about a dozen Muslim counties “shows we are on a common path. We are not alone,” according to Michael Steiner, Germany’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan: