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News and Analysis (10/29/17)

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

While Saudi Arabia grants a robot “more rights than many humans in the country” …

… Israel looks to cement its “definition as a state that belongs not to its citizens – as is the case in a liberal democracy – but to all Jews around the world, including those with no connection”:

Israel provides arms and Israeli companies “have even trained Myanmar’s special forces in Rakhine state where most of the violence against the Rohingya has taken place”:

Like theor elders “Muslim Millennials are more likely (21%) than Christian Millennials (7%) to express a preference for neither major U.S. political party”:

“[H]e hadn’t chosen Christianity … [or] the name Cassius Clay.” If he didn’t “have to keep those vestiges of slavery[, then] … what else could he change?”

The irony of a man dismissed form the Alabama  Supreme Court for trying to impose his religion on others falsely accusing Islam of the same thing:

“Officers arrested Beckham and found the bloody knife. While in the squad car police said Beckham vowed to go back and kill the family when he gets out of jail”:

Charging the suit is an infringement  of his right to criticize government actions, the builder demands the county “allow the innocent home buyers to move into their homes”:

News and Analysis (10/26/17)

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

As with President El-Sisi, the phony “progressivism” of the new university president does not include “opening the public square, including campuses, to political organizing“:

“Katie … wouldn’t want to sit next to a Muslim on a bus … [and] was fearful of women wearing the niqab. But she … had a genuine desire to have her preconceptions challenged”:

Records released in response to FOI reveal little beyond confusion in the government:

One woman said her group joined the protest because “the NGO would provide education about gender-based violence, hygiene and sanitation to Muslims”:

Muslim ban 4.0?

“I love that Zari is just as American as she is Muslim” — actress Tala Ashe:

“[T[he demise of ISIS as a physical entity in Iraq and Syria does not spell the end of this jihadist network”:

“[T]he declaration might have more to do with boosting the kingdom’s economy rather than reversing decades-old practices”:

“[T]he Iraqi government stipulates that the vote’s outcome be canceled before any talks commence”:

News and Analysis (10/23/17)

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The State Department’s warning is reminiscent of how the U.S. eventually admitted that chemical weapons use it falsely attributed to Iran was actually the work of Saddam Hussein:

Trump says his policy is to kill terrorists, but “since the Taliban kicked off their spring offensive … [i]nsurgents disguised as soldiers took the lives of up to 250 recruits“:

Muslim women say, “Men dictating or debating how women should, can or cannot dress can be viewed as oppressive… there is no compulsion in religion, according to Islam” …

… in agreement with feminists who say, “Telling a woman how to dress—whether she’s wearing a bikini or a burqa—is the opposite of feminism”:

“Islam does not allow them (ulemas) to issue any order or impose their views on anyone in religious matters….They have no authority to ‘bedakhal’ (oust) anyone from Islam”:

Prevented “from boarding an Emirates flight to the U.S., despite having a visa and an official invitation to a conference from … the chairman of the U.S joint chiefs of staff”:

“Texas banned any contractor who supports the BDS campaign from receiving state funds”:

“[P]rayer services for the victims of the Mogadishu bombing were held at more than 20 mosques across the U.S. and Canada”:

“As long as reconciliation deals only with humanitarian and environmental problems … it can succeed. But the moment it addresses major security and political matters, it will fail” …

… “Peace has been out of reach, because of the continued occupation that the Israeli leaders say is there to stay…. Will Palestinian unity change any of that?”

News and Analysis (10/20/17)

Friday, October 20th, 2017

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Hawaii ruled it “plainly discriminates based on nationality,” and on Wednesday one “in Maryland … issued a second halt to portions of the ban”:

After what Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boyla called “four years of “illegal imprisonment,” the Muslim Irish citizen is finally released a month after acquittal on all charges:

As 47 Christian refugees from Indonesia face deportation “in keeping with Trump’s campaign promise to deport millions of illegal immigrants”…

… the administration is reported to ponder placing even more obstacles in the way of women and children seeking refuge:

Researchers report that black or Muslim prisoners are twice as likely to endure “worse prison experiences … [such as] restraints used against them and being put into segregation”:

“Life if too short for negativity. I forgive them … I feel it comes from a lack of understanding”:

Iran rejects Macron’s suggestion that there are loopholes in the agreement and rules out negotiations over its presence in Iraq and Syria noting both states invited then in:

Arresting independent preachers is not a promising start for social liberalization nor is renting out two hotels for  the royal family on a visit to Moscow for balancing the budget:

Over 300 Somalis, over 3,000 Burmese Muslims, plus death in Yemen, Syria, etc., don’t get “the attention that is often given to deaths due to terror activities in Western” capitals:

“The speed with which Iraqi forces reached the centre of Kirkuk has led the two main armed Kurdish parties to accuse each other of ‘betrayal'”:

News and Analysis (10/17/17)

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

He wasn’t Muslim, black, an immigrant, and “was not groomed by the FBI,” so old Michael Christopher Estes “narrowly foiled terror plot” got little media attention:

Corker proposes replacing presidential certification of compliance with “re-triggered” sanctions ‘should Iran be assessed within one year of a nuclear weapons ‘breakout’:

“There isn’t any reason in my opinion to decertify it, except for narrow political advantage, or if you really want to have a war…. [T]his just seems like we’re reading Kafka”:

“Non-Muslim prisoners have been instructed to physically assault Muslim prisoners”, and once a guard unwittingly instructed “another Muslim to commit the assault”

A 24-year-old is imprisoned incommunicado in her parents house under a court order while the court decides whether or not she has a right to choose her religion or whom to marry:

Despite allegations of anti-Muslim discrimination the drill instructor “was still in charge of Siddiqui’s training. [He]  and a battalion commander face courts martial“:

“An already disturbing case about a 17-year-old Muslim girl killed as she walked to her mosque took another unsettling turn after an indictment alleged the victim was raped as well”:

In Syria, the SDF “alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias … fighting Islamic State inside Raqqa since June … said it would capture the last Islamic State areas in the city within hours” …

… while in Iraq, “Kurds consider [Kirkuk] the heart of their homeland[,] … cleansed of Kurds and settled with Arabs under Saddam to secure control of the oil that was the source of Iraq’s wealth”:

News and Analysis (10/14/17)

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

“The UK, France and Germany responded that the pact was ‘in our shared national security interest’…. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said the US was ‘more isolated than ever'” …

“Trump decides to ‘decertify,’ but not scuttle, the … deal…. There are some issues that unite [Trump’s] advisers, and one is not blowing up the Iran deal altogether” …

… and “readings of shifts in Iranian society suggest Americans should support the nuclear pact even as the United States and its allies keep Iran in check on other issues”:

With only 65 yearly visitors to the U.S. from North Korea and with Venezuelans not in government exempt from the ban, including those countries “doesn’t even qualify as a fig leaf”:

“Christians know that their tradition is internally diverse. There’s a lot of diversity within any religion, but that’s also true within Islam”:

“Angered by the Paris terror attacks in 2015, a former US Marine fired dozens of shots at a mosque near his … home. Filled with regret, he tried to make amends”:

“[T]hese clothes weren’t plundered; they’re typical Viking-age clothing that shows the influence of [Islam] on these wide-ranging travelers”:

UNESCO promotes girl’s education, understanding “the Holocaust’s horrors, and [defends] media freedom” but the US & Israel won’t forgive it for defending Palestinian’s rights:

“The greatest threat to [freedom comes not] from immigrants and refugees but from” exploiting fear of them to “chip away at the values and institutions that make our societies liberal”:

There is a “kernel of untruth demanded, of selfhood corroded, that is the burden of passing” as non-Muslim that weighs  upon those who feel the necessity:

This “version of Romeo and Juliet was easy to politicize … [by] those who consider themselves to be the self-appointed guardians of culture and society”:

News and Analysis (10/11/17)

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

The war in Yemen strengthens Al-Qaeda’s deadliest branch, “yet there’s never been a public debate over the American role in deepening that threat to our own national security”:

“[A]s a Muslim[, y]ou commit your life to being a force for good, particularly in [places] that have struggled because of historical injustices, because of profound disparities”:

There is no “First Amendment” in Malaysia where the “sedition law prohibits discourse that sparks hostility towards other races, the rulers or the government”:

“[T]here’s a ‘rift’ on generational lines. Young Jews see a ‘gaping exception’ to the Jewish values of standing with the marginalized: the treatment of Palestinians”:

Rather than opposing forced marriage, the aim is to deprive women under fifteen of the right to decide whether to marry or not:

News and Analysis (10/8/17)

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Turkey’s arrest of U.S. consulate employee for alleged links to Gulen was “condemned by Washington as baseless and damaging to ties between the NATO allies”:

“The words ‘sand n—–‘ are painted across a photo of [Zainab] Baloch’s face”:

Turkey claims “its focus has moved from ousting [Asad] to securing its own border” but eye-witnesses blame the incident on a “Turkish bulldozer removing sections of a border wall”:

“[A]nti-Islamic propaganda posted by the ‘Heart of Texas’ actually originated in … a so-called ‘troll factory’ called the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg”:

Iran warns U.S. against “designating its Revolutionary Guards Corp as a terrorist group and said U.S. regional military bases would be at risk if further sanctions were passed”:

News and Analysis (10/5/17)

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

41 states give official preference to Christianity, 30 to Islam, six to Buddhism, and one to Judaism, Ten are “are hostile to religious institutions of all faiths”:

“Antepli’s is the eighth Muslim prayer offered in the House since 2001, and the first in three years”:

“[T]he Times … appeared to give supremacy to a white Christian girl over a backward Muslim family, and … [ignored] more than 1,500 young Muslim children … [put into] non-Muslim homes”:

A study suggests that whether a perpetrator is a Muslim is a factor in whether people perceive violence as an act of terrorism:

“Mahmood said he now feels uncomfortable about leaving his family at home alone when he goes out to work”:

“Armed with a tiny bit of capital and lots of courage, businessmen are slowly returning to the decimated town [that had been] home to Iraq’s largest Christian community”:

“Once the surrounding area falls, IS will be left controlling only a stretch of land along the border with Syria”:

News and Analysis (10/2/17)

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Whether or not he acted on behalf of ISIS, Stephen Paddock’s crime only adds to the statistics of that white American males are the main terrorist threat in the U.S.:

In England officials are open-minded as to whether the stabbing of a 15-year old was racially or religiously motivated:

The story of Singapore’s new president “is a breakthrough for both Muslims and women, two minority populations. Yacob is Singapore’s first ethnic Malay president in nearly fifty years”:

After “China and Russia supported [Myanmar’s] government while the United States, Britain, and France demanded an end to ‘ethnic cleansing’ of its Rohingya Muslim minority” …

… Bangladesh reports “a ‘working group’ to plan the repatriation of more than half a million Rohingya Muslim refugees who have fled to Bangladesh”:

Muslim Ban 3.0 violates the Supreme Court’s June 26 order by barring even those with a bona fide relationship,” and further “is being weaponized in odd but predictable ways”:

“Polls suggest that Hamas would win in both Gaza and the West Bank. Nonetheless, the move is being hailed by PA officials as a victory for Abbas”: