Month: October 2017

  • News and Analysis (10/29/17)

    While Saudi Arabia grants a robot “more rights than many humans in the country” … Saudi Arabia Grants Citizenship to a Robot for the First Time Ever (Independent) … Israel looks to cement its “definition as a state that belongs not to its citizens – as is the case in a liberal democracy – but to […]

  • News and Analysis (10/26/17)

    As with President El-Sisi, the phony “progressivism” of the new university president does not include “opening the public square, including campuses, to political organizing“: New Cairo University Leader Advocates for Progressive Islam (Al-Fanar) “Katie … wouldn’t want to sit next to a Muslim on a bus … [and] was fearful of women wearing the niqab. […]

  • News and Analysis (10/23/17)

    The State Department’s warning is reminiscent of how the U.S. eventually admitted that chemical weapons use it falsely attributed to Iran was actually the work of Saddam Hussein: US Admitting Syrian Militants Use Chemical Weapons ‘Welcome’ Overdue Corrective (Sputnik) Trump says his policy is to kill terrorists, but “since the Taliban kicked off their spring […]

  • News and Analysis (10/20/17)

    On Tuesday, a federal judge in Hawaii ruled it “plainly discriminates based on nationality,” and on Wednesday one “in Maryland … issued a second halt to portions of the ban”: Muslim Americans Rally Against Trump Travel Ban One Day After a Judge Blocked It (Washington Post) After what Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boyla called “four years […]

  • News and Analysis (10/17/17)

    He wasn’t Muslim, black, an immigrant, and “was not groomed by the FBI,” so old Michael Christopher Estes “narrowly foiled terror plot” got little media attention: Foiled NC Terrorist Plot Buried When It Didn’t Fit Counter-Terrorism Narrative (Mint Press) Corker proposes replacing presidential certification of compliance with “re-triggered” sanctions ‘should Iran be assessed within one year […]

  • News and Analysis (10/14/17)

    “The UK, France and Germany responded that the pact was ‘in our shared national security interest’…. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said the US was ‘more isolated than ever’” … Iran Nuclear Deal: Global Powers Stand by Pact Despite Trump Threat (BBC) “Trump decides to ‘decertify,’ but not scuttle, the … deal…. There are some issues that […]

  • News and Analysis (10/11/17)

    The war in Yemen strengthens Al-Qaeda’s deadliest branch, “yet there’s never been a public debate over the American role in deepening that threat to our own national security”: Stop the Unconstitutional War in Yemen (NY Times) “[A]s a Muslim[, y]ou commit your life to being a force for good, particularly in [places] that have struggled because […]

  • News and Analysis (10/8/17)

    Turkey’s arrest of U.S. consulate employee for alleged links to Gulen was “condemned by Washington as baseless and damaging to ties between the NATO allies”: U.S. Mission to Turkey Suspends Visa Services for Security Reasons (Reuters) “The words ‘sand n—–‘ are painted across a photo of [Zainab] Baloch’s face”: Racial Slur, ‘Trump’ Painted on Campaign […]

  • News and Analysis (10/5/17)

    41 states give official preference to Christianity, 30 to Islam, six to Buddhism, and one to Judaism, Ten are “are hostile to religious institutions of all faiths”: Islam Is the Most Popular Official Religion, but Even More Countries Give Christianity Preferential Treatment (Newsweek) “Antepli’s is the eighth Muslim prayer offered in the House since 2001, […]

  • News and Analysis (10/2/17)

    Whether or not he acted on behalf of ISIS, Stephen Paddock’s crime only adds to the statistics of that white American males are the main terrorist threat in the U.S.: Heavily-armed Gunman Kills at Least 58 in Las Vegas Concert Shooting (Reuters) White American Men Are a Bigger Domestic Terrorist Threat than Muslim Foreigners (Vox) In […]

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